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Hi there! Thank you for signing up and writing for me. This is my most favorite fandom and I love all the wonderful explorations I have read in it. As long as you're having fun writing, I'm positive I'll love whatever you come up with. Thank you so much in advance! :)

I love stories about people talking and doing new things and being awesome and caring about each other. I love sending characters on adventures they didn't get to have in canon, or extending or reimagining canonical adventures. I love explorations of the neat concepts Lewis introduced but didn't fully explore. Tonally, almost anything goes; make me giggle, cry, shiver, think, cheer, swoon, gasp, etc. Canon divergences and handwaving are totally welcome!

My favorite characters are Edmund and Tirian. I’m really hoping for a story where one of them is the driving protagonist. I love that being redeemed and growing into a badass warrior king didn't entirely cure Edmund of being a cranky, sarcastic little shit. And Tirian has his flaws, but he's such a great guy, and quite resourceful and clever when you rouse him out of his decadence. I love stories that show an alternate path to his personal growth, without the world ending.

My favorite groupings are Edmund&Lucy, the whole Pevensie foursome, as well as Edmund+Dawn Treader ensemble. I love Tirian's friendships with Eustace and Jill, have always wanted him to spend more time with the Friends (in real life!), and I ship Tirian/Emeth. Peter and Susan are great as part of the foursome, but I'd prefer something that isn't super focused on them (I'm a little burned out on Susan-centric fic).

I love everyone's competency, earnestness and courage when it counts, but also their flaws and sassiness. Where they are understandably frightened or make mistakes or get cranky because camping sucks. Something that keeps that balance would be amazing, as opposed to stories where everyone is preternaturally wise, even-tempered and badass. I love the same balance for Narnia itself—a land that's beautiful but rough around the edges in a way that's real, full of flawed people/creatures, and with magic that isn't always neat and cheerful.

I also REALLY love crossovers. I have a whole crossover prompt masterlist here. Feel free to ignore the prompts below and write one of my crossover prompts instead (even if it’s not about Edmund or Tirian).I'd especially love to see Narnia crossed with Psmith, Lost, Atlantis (BBC), Game of Thrones (TV only), David Blaize (I ship Edmund/Frank so hard), and MCU (though, these days, I'm only really interested in fic that focuses on at least one of Steve, Bucky, Loki and Thor).

I'm less fond of plotless character studies, wholly quotidian stories set in our world, world-building focused on characters I don't know, and missing scenes (the Golden Age and things like that don't count as missing scenes to me). I don't care about the religious allegories. I'm mostly interested in The Magician's Nephew for the cool concepts that were introduced, like the Wood, the rings, the lamppost creation, dying worlds; less so for the featured characters.

Things I Love
Banter: literary, snarky, courtly, fondly exasperated, flirty, people with wildly different speech patterns
Friendship: hanging out and enjoying one another's company; having one another's backs; odd couples; happy and/or unexpected reunions
Badassery: competence and resourcefulness; characters using Narnian skills in our world; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity
Adventures: exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; reluctant allies; sea voyages; realm-hopping; time travel; the pen is mightier than the sword; fish out of water; stranded together
— dry humour
— angst with a happy or hopeful ending

Do Not Wants
— The afterlife and major character death are my biggest DNWs. I don't even enjoy things like Caspian at the end of Silver Chair. Please ignore the ending of the Last Battle!
— goofy crack and alternate setting AUs
— Problem of Susan issue fic. Feel free to simply ignore the idea that there was any rift between her and the others.
— underage/overage; incest; pregnancy & babies; Caspian/Susan; non-con; slash pairings I haven't explicitly said I like

Request 1: Edmund + Golden Age
I love King Edmund dealing with ridiculous situations, either with all his siblings or with other friends. I have a weakness for playing dumb tropes completely seriously (ex. amnesia, Edmund & Lucy undercover as a couple, Groundhog Day, vacations gone awry, etc.), especially when it allows for some kind of serious or thoughtful exploration of worldbuilding ramifications or character growth. Or maybe some non-tropey but still surprising sort of thing that rulers of Narnia have to deal with, learning something new about their country every day.

Request 2: Edmund + Dimension Travel
What if people lived and Edmund (plus Lucy?) used the rings to go on non-Narnia adventures? Or maybe there are portals directly from Narnia to other worlds the way there are from England to Narnia and they went during the Golden Age or VotDT? Or maybe it's an exploration of the wood? You could even use Edmund's adventure as a vehicle to do some world-building about the mechanics of dimension travel and portal creation. How do the ponds decide where and when to spit you out? What if the time passage stuff varies depending on the type of portal you use? It could even be a crossover (see options here or here).

Request 3: Tirian + Setting:England and/or Canon Divergence: Everybody Lives
I love the scene where he half goes to our world. What if he actually went for real and spent some time here? Or he comes at a different time? It can be a whole ensemble or you can focus on Tirian with just one or two of the Friends of Narnia. What do they do with him, both logistically and activity-wise? What are his impressions of our world and these historical figures vs. what he expected? What does he learn? Does his visit help one of the other Friends with some problem or personal issue they were having? Or, what if he was astrally projecting to someone over the course of years, and thought he/she was imaginary, only to meet for real? Ship-wise, I’m open to Tirian/Jill (just please pretend she was ~17/18 and he was ~20/21 during TLB so the age difference isn't too big), but I like gen friendships with anyone just as much.

Request 4: Edmund/Bacchus
Lifespan incompatibilities depress me, but if you can solve it, I'd be all for happily ever afters! Otherwise, I mostly ship this in a revelrous, casual way, not as a long-term monogamous relationship. But I also don't want to see Edmund unhappy, so I'd prefer them to enjoy when they get to be together, but not be pining or heartbroken when they are apart. A touch of bittersweetness or wistfulness is fine, though. Nothing hot and heavy at points when Edmund is younger than 16, please; in these cases, PG13 kissing and cuddles and etc would be lovely. However, any rating is welcome for times when he's older!

Some Prompts:
— Bacchus comes to Narnia for festivities during the Golden Age. One time? Multiple times? And/or they meet again on Earth, when Edmund is grown up again; how does Bacchus appear in the 20th century?
— Narnian traditions involving young kings/queens going through some sort of coming of age ritual to bond with the land or whatever. Bacchus shows up (or even hosts). Maybe some sort of public (or private) sex ceremony?
— Aslan loves everyone, but Lucy is obviously his favorite. What if Edmund is this god's special favorite? How come? Showing up to protect or simply visit Ed, maybe sometimes even without Edmund realizing it, sometimes even in our world? IDK, I'm just thinking something romantic in that vein, with Bacchus keeping an eye out for Edmund, even though they aren't "together".
— In mythology, Bacchus is sometimes depicted as a youth and sometimes as an adult. What if he can decide at will (or something else causes him to shift?)? This lines up well with Edmund, who also goes back and forth in age. Aslan also once gave Lucy a line about how he looked older because she was older, which... huh. Is this true for Bacchus and his faves, too? Basically, a shippy fic that plays with concepts around gods and age/appearance would be cool!

Request 5: Emeth/Tirian + Canon Divergence
I would like something where they get together in real life. I think they’re perfect for one another—brave, noble warriors (and all-around lovely guys) who could come to respect and love one another despite their differences. I also have a love of language and contrasting speech patterns; the differences between their versions of courtly perfection are catnip to me. Enemies to lovers, culture clashes, reluctant allies fall in love, secret forbidden love across enemy lines, brothers in arms, agent falls for mark... I love it all! Any rating welcome.

I covered my deep love for Tirian in a different prompt. But Emeth should win a prize for the level of admiration and affection he was able to inspire in so few pages. I loved the conflict he faced between his reason, his duty, his devotion, and his desire to prove himself. I'd love something shippy, but if you aren't feeling it, or the story isn't organically going there, don't force it. I'll be thrilled with BFFs, too!

Some prompts:
— What if (instead of the apocalypse, ugh), Calormen had succeeded in the plot to take over Narnia? Tirian as war prisoner or trophy or slave or sacrifice to Tash, or... Dignity despite humiliation, hurt/comfort... anything! What makes Emeth decide to help? Or does something else happen? How do they fall in love? Maybe they work together to make at least a glimmer of okayness?
— What if they had met before? How might that change have affected the later plot? We know Tirian has been to Calormen. Was it an official trip, or did he go incognito, either for fun or for espionage? Did Emeth know who Tirian was? You could include the flashbacks, or you could assume the backstory and start the fic when they meet again later on—either way!
— What if they had met in Narnia while Emeth was undercover as a merchant, and their love changes the course of the story?
— Tirian in a Groundhog Day loop in which he slowly learns how to be a better king (and prevent the apocalypse), with Emeth's help (and ends up in a romantic relationship with him as a side result)?
— Do the two countries have different views about same-sex romance? It doesn't have to be "Calormen=repressed, Narnia=free love" (though it could); maybe Calormen has a complicated Ancient Greek-style undercurrent, or Narnia's never shaken its Victorian influences. Or some other approach? Or don't even tackle that at all; it's not a big deal.


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