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Thank you so much for offering one of my favorite characters! The prompts can be written as tricks or treats, as you like. But pleased don't feel constrained by them. You can twist them around, or just do part of one, or ignore the prompts entirely and go off one of the general likes. It's also okay if your fic doesn't fit the Halloween themes. I'm aurilly on AO3 as well.

General Notes
— I don't need set up, especially in such a low wordcount exchange. You could even exposit in passing that they first kissed yesterday or arrived here this morning or were captured last week, and focus on what happens next. I'm usually just as--if not more!--interested in watching characters deal with what comes after a prompted premise than I am in the premise itself.
— I LOVE canon divergences. The wilder the better, with no need to explain what's different or tie it back to a single point of divergence.

Do Not Want:
— fusions and alternate setting AUs
— romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested (please pretend any conflicting canon ships amicably ended before the fic started, or were never interested in each other, or never even met)
Sex & Relationship Stuff: noncon, soulmates/bonds, pregnancy, Dom/sub dynamics, adultery
Sappiness: pet names, "I love you" declarations, marriage proposals
Meddling Friends: matchmaking, yentas, therapist friends, shovel talks
Writing Things: 1st and 2nd person POV (exception for 1st person Bertie Wooster), phonetically spelled dialogue
Things That Upset Me: dark versions of my pairings, bleak endings, major character death, the afterlife, embarrassment/humiliation, "it was all a dream"

General Prompts for Treats:
Devoted Friendships: laughing at each other; fond exasperation; quietly self-sacrificing gestures; falling in love
Holidays: real ones; fantasy world ones; annual traditions characters have made up
Getting Together: stories that start just after the first kiss/declaration and are about the transition from friends to more; friends with benefits that becomes more
Dorks Doing It: passionate, sloppy make-outs; awkward and imperfect sex where everyone's enjoying it and maybe laughing a bit; inexperienced characters who are enthusiastic (no passive, frightened, clueless virgins, please!)
Sleeping Curses Gone Awry: "One True Love" played straight is not at all my thing, but I enjoy subversions, like where people try to deny or keep secret what happened, or it was an accident, or the kisser has no idea it worked, or the kissee thinks it was someone else, or it doesn't work even though the love is true, or the magic was confused...

General Prompts for Tricks:
— Ambiguous or bittersweet endings are fine, but nothing too dark, please!
Stock Folklore, Fantasy or Horror Tropes: I'll take anything that's not about the afterlife or the undead, but a few examples include: creepy changing paintings, "keeper of forbidden knowledge", mirror scares, "real after all", eldritch locations (ex. places that you can't always find/reach, "hour inside, year outside" locations; fairyland); character is descended from a supernatural species (ex. selkies!)
Other Ideas: Groundhog Day/time loops; supernatural mysteries (whether the elements are truly supernatural or more of a Scooby Doo style); magic gone awry; magic comes with a price

I love crossovers, but only the kind where characters from different fandoms interact. On the offchance that you know one of my ther fandoms, here are some general crossover likes/dislikes, as well as a zillion prompts crossing the below fandoms in all combinations, as well as with David Blaize and Lost. There are also some crossed with other fandoms, too. Most of the Wodehouse prompts could be written about Bertie instead of Psmith and Mike.

PG Wodehouse
Requested Characters: Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson, Bertie Wooster, Lord Emsworth, Uncle Fred

Ships: Psmith/Mike. Other than this pairing, I only want gen for Wodehouse characters.
Gen-only: I love Psmith&Mike's canonical friendship as well. I love Bertie with all his buddies, especially Tuppy, Bingo, Gussie, Catsmeat, and Aunt Dahlia. I love Uncle Fred & Pongo's dynamic. I love Emsworth's dynamics with all members of the Blandings ensemble (but I'm always rooting for him--and Psmith--to triumph!).

Notes: While Jeeves is obviously welcome, he isn't required in a Bertie fic. I actually love watching Bertie muddle through on his own or with his friends. There's no need to do a 1st person Bertie narration unless you really want to; it could be fun to get an outsider POV on him. I know the Psmith books were written earlier than most of the Bertie ones, but if you cross them, can you please pretend they are the same age?

— You know how Bertie stays the same age in books written from ~1925-1970? Well, what if there were a Watsonian reason for that, instead of a Doyleist one?
— Any of these characters in a Groundhog Day Loop. I don't care how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); I'm here to see how they deal with it and what they learn about themselves/others
— Any of these characters as the sleuth in some sort of Scooby Doo style mystery (that perhaps turns out to be actually supernatural?)
— Bertie finds out that the silly things Madeleine Basset says are true (ex. fairies and stars)
— Lord Emsworth gets possessed. Baxter suspects! Uncle Fred or Psmith finds the cure!
— The latest country house Bertie visits is off in some way
— One of the objects people are always trying to steal is magic (ex. policeman's helmet, cow creamer, old people's memoirs, something you make up)
— The Wodehouse world is the same world as Susanna Clarke's, but 100 years later
— Pre-canon shenanigans during Psmith and Bertie's Eton days, or else they reconnect as adults at the Drones. What is their dynamic like?
— Eldritch or urban fantasy tropes added to the Wodehouse universe, while keeping the humorous tone; characters working together to unravel the mystery or rescue themselves/others
— Dark Drones Club, either in a magical or more regular-world way. The latest inductee doesn't know what he's getting into.
— I loved how much Emsworth loved Psmith; what about an adventure or project they take on together for mutual gain?
— Yet another situation where Psmith falls on his sword to save Mike
— Honestly, anything where Mike and Psmith get together. Or they kissed or something shortly before the fic started but are still working through what comes next. Or they made out while wasted before the fic started but only one remembers, and it's a little angsty. Seriously, ANYTHING!

Requested Characters: Edmund, Tirian

Ships: Tirian/Jill, Tirian/Emeth, Tirian/random-crossover-people (I have many prompts for Tirian/Emeth and Tirian/Bucky Barnes here). Also, Edmund/Bacchus, but only as a revelrous one-night-stand, not a relationship with feelings.
Gen-only: Any of the above would be great written as gen, too! Also, Edmund&Lucy, Edmund&Susan, all four Pevensies, Edmund&the Dawn Treader crew... Edmund&anyone, really. I love Tirian's friendships with Eustace and Jill, and would love to see him hang with Edmund and/or Lucy. Or anyone else!

Extra Notes: The afterlife is my biggest DNW. Please set it before The Last Battle or pretend the end away so that everyone remains alive in both places. I love basically all the 'nice' characters in the Narnia books, so anyone is welcome to play a co-starring role. One exception: I like Peter as part of the foursome, but am less interested in him on his own or with just one person.

— Being king means that Edmund has to deal with ridiculous shit (I love cranky Pevensies); what is it today?
— Edmund or Tirian in a Groundhog Day loop. I don't care how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); I just like seeing what they learn about themselves/each other and how they deal with the situation.
— Instead of dying, Edmund and whoever you want use the rings to go on adventures. Do they go back to Narnia? To Charn? To a crossover realm I like? Exploring the Wood Between the Worlds? Is the adventure lovely, or does something go creepy/weird?
— Another island that the Dawn Treader stopped at, or else a canon divergence extending or twisting their time on one of the ones covered
— Something about Tirian's star heritage gets activated; how and to what end?
— Edmund and Lucy as spies together (possibly undercover as a couple)
— Creepy or fun or weird Narnian rites of passage for young rulers
— Tirian in England! Tirian in other worlds! Tirian anywhere! Whom does he befriend and how can he help?
— What if, instead of being a thing related to the end of days, the stable was a time travel portal, or a portal to other worlds? Where does Tirian go, whom does he meet, and what does he do?
— Canon divergence exploring what might have happened had the time shenanigans worked differently in some instance. What if they’d tumbled out of the wardrobe as adults, but no time had passed? Or they tumbled out as adults, but it was ~15 years later. Or something in that vein for the end of Prince Caspian or VotDT?
— So, in my General Notes, I said I don't want anything too dark. For some reason, Narnia is my one exception. For this exchange, go ahead and write something super fucked up, if you want (but NOT the afterlife, please).

Atlantis (UK TV)
Requested Characters: Pythagoras, Icarus, Medusa

Ships: Pythagoras/Icarus; Jason/Medusa
Gen-only: Either of the above would be great written as gen, too! I also love Pythagoras's friendships with Jason and Hercules. Also, Icarus&Daedalus, Medusa&Pythagoras, Icarus&Cassandra, Medusa&Icarus, and Korinna&any of my requested characters (just pretend neither she nor Medusa died!)

Notes: I would be equally happy with the goofy, hang-out, 'myth of the week' vibe of season one, or something that's a bit darker like season 2, or a blend. No weak, delicate, or purely saintly Pythagoras, please. I loved that he could be sarcastic and snappish, in addition to clever and kind. I listed unrequested pairings as a general DNW, but background Jason/Ariadne is fine (or you could also pretend they aren't a thing). No Medusa/Hercules, please! Feel free to handwavily assume that Medusa was never cursed or else was cured in a non-fraught way in order to place her in a story set in season 2 or post-series.

— Canon divergence that imagines some totally other way Pythagoras/Icarus got together. Secret friends with benefits? Undercover as a couple for reasons, and it turned real?
— Icarus&Cassandra: Maybe Icarus once went to the Oracle and got the Oracle-In-Training instead? Did Cassandra ever sneak out of the temple to see what regular life was like, and met Icarus? Something set post-series? A mission where their skills complement one another?
— Medusa&friends: Medusa and anyone I mentioned above bonding and/or working on a project together? Divergence where she's with them post-series?
— Daedalus&Icarus: working on an invention together in a way that explores their dynamic
— Canon divergence where Pasiphae stayed dead and Jason/Ariadne became king and queen. What is Pythagoras's new life like as the king's BFF?
— We never got to see Pythagoras actually figure out the theorem! Tell me how it happened.
— Pythagoras/Icarus + sex pollen (or something with similar effects, but not A/B/O), preferably a canon divergence so that it's an awkward thing that happened before they got their feelings out in the open. I like it to feel fraught in the moment (no totally lucid discussions of consent, please!), and then they find out later that they were both into it. Or you could even start after the sex and focus on the awkward aftermath.
— Anything set post-series. Adventures on the high seas! Scenes from the fleece quest?
— Missing season 1 episode where characters deal with a Greek mythology element not covered by the show. Could be something monstrous like cetea, dracaenae, or something more fun like satyrs or Silenus. Or Pygmalion? Something else? I won't notice if your mythology references are 'off', so don't let that hold you back (wikipedia if my friend, too!).
— Medusa/Jason friends to lovers! They had such a lovely, easy-going, high-functioning dynamic. I loved the episodes where she saved the trio (or herself!) with non-action-girl smarts. There was an epic quality to them, what with him knowing her story in advance, him being the only one who could look at her and live, the destiny that linked them... What if he had been able to change fate? Season 1 bonding about being new in town? Does she figure out his realm-hopping secret? Slice of life or an adventure just for them? Some super tropey thing that gets them together?

Requested Characters: Loki, Bucky

Ships: Bucky/Loki, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Loki, Steve/Bucky/Loki, Thor/Loki, Pepper/Loki, Jane/Bucky, Pepper/Bucky
Gen-only: Any of the above would be great written as gen, too! Also, Frigga&Loki, Bucky&Scott, Loki&Scott, or Bucky&Thor.

Notes: I usually see Loki as Chaotic Neutral Type 4. But as long as he isn't completely insane or evil, I enjoy a lot of different takes on the character. That said, I do always want Loki and Thor to be adoptive brother princes. I don't enjoy PTSD recovery fic, so if you write Bucky, please write him as having or quickly regaining his memories and the personality he had in TFA and/or CW (ie., totally functional, badass, socialized, and in possession of a sense of humour). I have a pet peeve about Bucky and Steve saying "ain't"; can they please speak as properly as they do in the movies? Cursing's fine, though.

If it makes the pairings easier (or, honestly, if you just feel like it), go ahead and pretend Loki didn't do most of his canon villainy, or Bucky didn't kill the Starks, or that Civil War (or whichever movie(s) you want) never happened at all! No hate-sex, and nothing where one half of the duo is solely manipulating the other half. I want everyone to genuinely come to care about one another, even if it starts out wary or with a secret agenda. No Darcy or Sharon, please. I'm not familiar with the TV shows.

— Teaming up with someone to play a prank on someone else? Loki surprised to find out that Steve isn't such a boy scout after all? Maybe he means to play a semi-innocent prank and it spirals completely out of control?
— Assume Bucky knew an Asgardian before the war. What happens when they reconnect decades later?
— Journeys! Roadtrips, trains/ships/hotels, vacations gone awry, realm-hopping, etc.
— Anything where everyone is impressively competent, with energy left over to rib each other, while having a lot of repressed feelings (bonus points for resolving that UST)
— An adventure Thor and Loki had during their youth. Their secretly fond brotherly bickering in Thor 2 was the best, so anything that gives me more of that would be lovely.
— I yearn for Bucky, Steve, Scott and/or Pepper in Asgard, I don't care why. Start it with them already there! You could even skip past the meet-cute. What are their impressions? How do they bond with whomever I've requested them with?
— Arranged marriage, undercover as a couple or marriage of convenience (but not "fake boyfriend for the holidays"). I'm into this trope for the domesticity and getting to know each other that happens during the arrangement. I don't care about the set-up. You could even set it after the project ends and they're feeling wistful in a way that makes them want to make a move for real.
— I love AUs where Loki has been banished or fell from the Bifrost to Earth (you could pretend Thor 1 happened at any point from 1930s to a present-day canon divergence). What happens after Pepper, Steve, Bucky or Scott find and take him in?
— I love canon setting versions of tropes that are usually written as mundane. For example, they're still superheroes/aliens/whatever, but they met as Craigslist roommates or at a bar.
— Identity Porn: How does Loki find out that his nemesis Captain America=Steve who frequents his favorite coffee shop? How do Pepper, Steve, Bucky or Scott find out that Loki=shapeshifting trickster?
— Post-Avengers AU that assumes Loki and/or Bucky has been handwavily cured/forgiven so the story can be about them teaming up with someone I mentioned for a project (and possibly falling in love)
— Sex pollen or something with similar effects (but not A/B/O): I like it to feel fraught in the moment (no totally lucid discussions of consent, please!), and then they find out later that they were both into it. Or you could even start after the sex and focus on the awkward aftermath.
— I have a truckload more prompts over here.


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