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Hi! Crossovers are my #1 most favorite thing, so this letter got even more out of control than usual. You can write any of my fandoms with any other of my fandoms (only exception is Penny Dreadful, which I only want if paired with David Blaize or Psmith). Gen fic, ship fic, and all ratings are welcome.

**I tried to make this as mix and matchable as possible. You can write about one of my favorite duos from Fandom A dealing with a concept from Fandom B. Or any two individual characters I love become friends + a general like. Or… you get the idea. Basically, don't think of the scenario prompts as the "main" prompts. I’m actually more than happy to think of the scenario prompts as assumed backstory, not as the main focus of the story. Tell me what happens AFTER the premise that allowed them to meet!

This is a long letter, so here are some anchor links: David Blaize, Psmith, Game of Thrones, MCU, Narnia, Lost, Atlantis

General Crossover Likes
• assume that characters have a past together (ex. cousins, pen pals, childhood neighbors, etc) and start the story when they reunite in the present
• magic in one canon originates from another
• reconciling differences in how a concept manifests across canons (ex. immortality, shapeshifting, realm hopping, time shenanigans, etc.)
• characters coming up with logical but incorrect theories before discovering the truth

Crossover-Specific Do Not Wants
• fics where the story's main characters never find out about one another's backgrounds or canons (the reveal doesn’t have to happen onscreen, but please don't end it with everyone thinking everyone else is normal!)
• letting real-world release dates dictate ages (I generally like to shift the timelines so that requested duos are around the same age)
• fourth wall breakage (exception for Atlantis, where people from our world knowing Greek myths is canon)
• tragic Steve/Peggy-style age mismatches
• crossovers of more than two canons at a time
• same actor crossovers (please just pretend the resemblance doesn't exist; exception for MCU/Lost Alan Dale)

Other Notes
I'm most interested in how characters work together, not so much how they meet or how they got to another realm. Feel free to start with, "Woah, where am I?", or even after that. I would much much rather get 1000 words of in media res crossover friendship/plot than a fic that ends soon after the introductions.

David Blaize – E.F. Benson
Favorite Character: I am 100% here for Frank

Do Not Want: het romances for Frank (exception for Vanessa)

Extra Notes: While his anguished repression is super compelling, Frank/happiness is my ultimate OTP. Using the crossover to facilitate Frank/David getting together is a lovely option, but I also desperately want to see Frank get over David, have his own adventures, and find some happiness and self-acceptance in a crossover relationship (without bashing David!). David doesn’t have to appear at all.

• I have detailed pairing prompts here for Frank with Edmund, Tirian, Loki, Thor, Bucky, Pythagoras, Icarus, Richard Alpert, Frankenstein, Vanessa Ives, Ethan Chandler, or Juliet (gen only for Juliet); there’s also an option crossing these books with Psmith
• You can also write any of the above prompts as Frank and David experiencing this adventure together, resulting in Frank/David instead of a crossover romance
• Or use the other fandom's prompts, characters or concepts to come up with something else entirely (but still about Frank, please!)

Psmith – PG Wodehouse
Favorite Individual Characters: Psmith, Mike
Favorite Duos/Groups: Psmith/Mike

Extra Notes: As long as there’s a happy ending and it retains a sense of humour, I’m cool with anything, even stuff that’s darker or angstier than canon. If you don't ship it, I’ll also be happy with their canonical friendship, or even fic containing only one of them.

Do Not Want: the canon het ending (while gen really is fine, I don't want to read about them ending up with anyone else, so please set the fic before they met their wives and/or pretend they never did)

• Psmith and Mike blunder into some other place and have an adventure that shows off how well they work together (and maybe gets them together?). Survival on The Island? Mike as a Candidate? Canon divergence that saved the Tyrells? The fleece quest? Outwitting Calormene spies?
• I adore when Psmith and Mike physically kick ass, as well as when they outsmart people. Anything where they help the other canon’s protagonists solve a problem would be amazing (ex. versus White Walkers, Pasiphae, 1940s Hydra, former slave masters...)
• A team-up or contest of wits and/or silvertonguedness between Psmith and a canonically clever character from another fandom. Who prevails or, if a team-up, how do their brains complement one another?
• MCU-specific: Maybe Thor and/or Loki was banished to Edwardian England or visited on a lark? What are Psmith and Mike's reactions to finding out they are alien Norse gods? What mischief do they get up to? A visit to the clubs? A trip to Asgard?
• Narnia-specific: Maybe Tirian has often astrally projected to Mike or Psmith the way he did to the Friends of Narnia that time; they've each thought they had an imaginary friend (or are going crazy), but the story starts when one day they meet, either here or there.
• Narnia-specific: Edmund at Sedleigh or Cambridge with the boys; how do they find out his secret (please let them find out!) and what do they think? and/or Psmith and Mike visiting Golden Age Narnia and helping Ed (and his siblings?) with a problem. Or Psmith gets his hands on the rings (or catches Ed in act of burgling for them) and they go on adventures, instead of Ed dying? I really want them to be friends!

Game of Thrones
Favorite Individual Characters: Margaery, Tyrion, Davos, Shireen, anyone named Mormont, Sam, Brienne, Gendry
Favorite Duos/Groups: the Tyrell family; Jon & his Night’s Watch buddies; Sam/Gilly; Tyrion&Varys; Tyrion&Bronn(&Podrick); Bran & Co; Brienne&Podrick; Jamie/Brienne; Gendry/Arya(+HotPie); Davos&Shireen; Tormund&Jon; Danaerys’s inner circle (any subset); Tyrion&Sansa; Danaerys/Jorah

Do Not Want: Ramsay Snow. I haven’t read the books, so please keep it to canon and characters that have been featured in the show. I love canon divergences, especially ones that pretend my faves are still alive.

Concepts: Children of the Forest; White Walkers and wights; weirwood trees; dragons; warging; the Wall; weird seasons; the Faceless Men; Stone Men; Valyria, its steel and the Doom

Extra Notes: The afterlife is a big general DNW, but the stuff with Jon and Beric doesn't bother me. They just feel fully alive! Mindless zombies that protagonists fight don't count as afterlife to me either.

• A canon divergence where THAT never happened to Shireen. Did she find a spell in the Castle Black library that whisked her to another realm before any of it happened? Helping young rulers of Narnia (any canon rulers) with a problem? Being found by Bucky, and navigating our 21st century together? Daedalus's latest assistant? ANYTHING!
• Crossover characters use their experiences/skills to stave off the zombie apocalypse or help characters I love in some other way
• Crossover characters come and help defeat the "meaner" GoT characters (or at least take them down a notch)
• Narnia-specific: Tormund or Bronn or the Hound in Narnia would be hilarious, esp. becoming Lucy's unlikely friend; OR Eustace helps Danaerys better understand her dragons; OR Edmund discovers a link between the White Walkers and the White Witch’s long winter; OR Bran in Narnia, literally talking to animals, or...

Favorite Individual Characters: Bucky, Steve, Loki, Thor
Favorite Duos/Groups: Any romantic or platonic combination of Steve, Bucky and Loki; Thor&Loki

Concepts/Themes That Fascinate Me: the Bifrost and other kinds of realm travel; the Convergence; the Collector’s collection; the Nine Realms; the extent and possible applications for everyone’s powers; Loki and Frigga’s magic; Infinity Stones; the Mirror Dimension

Do Not Want: Darcy, Sharon, Steve/Sharon; canon or characters from the comics or TV shows (I’m unfamiliar with them)

Extra Notes: I see Loki as a complicated, chaotic neutral type, not as crazy or completely evil. I’m way more interested in seeing how Bucky tries to move forward with his life than I am in the trauma itself or his painful recovery. I have a pet peeve about Bucky and Steve saying "ain't". Can they please speak as properly as they do in canon? Cursing’s fine, though.

• I long for fic where Bucky makes new friends and finds some peace, distraction, comfort, fulfillment, and/or self-help; this crossover experience ends up being exactly what he needed!
• Steve seems so stoically unhappy to me; see prompt above (maybe Bucky is with him? Or not)
• Loki is also so unhappy, though less stoic about it; see above (Thor, Steve or Bucky with him? Or not?)
• A different banishment location for Thor (or pretend he was banished to early 20th century England), and how he ended up learning similar lessons; if you want Loki to be banished with him and they work through some issues together, that’s great, too!
• What if when Loki fell off the Bifrost he landed in Edwardian England, Essos, Golden Age Narnia, Atlantis, or the Island, or…? Whom does he warily befriend and how can his magic or smarts help? Has Asgard had dealings with this place before? Or not?
• Someone has blundered through a portal and ended up on Bucky’s and/or Steve’s doorstep. How do they end up helping one another?
• A pre-Thor 1 adventure the brothers had in some other realm. Did they travel on a mission or for fun or were they stranded, or... Exploring their dynamic and how they worked together before everything went to shit in canon.
• I ship Thor with any man or woman I love from any canon (though I'd still like Mike/Psmith to eventually get over the fling and be endgame)
• The Convergence left a wounded Loki somewhere else, where he was maybe taken in by someone nice? Or not? What happens next?
• I'm usually perfectly happy to pretend CW (and really, any movie you want) never happened; however, what if you ignore the cryo scene and pretend Steve/Bucky ran away to have adventures and live happily ever after in some other world?
• Instead of crashing into the Arctic/falling into the ravine, Steve and/or Bucky found himself somewhere else, and when he gets back, it’s the present-day here, regardless of how long he was there for (for example, he experienced three years of life on the island instead of being frozen for 70 years)
• Lost characters are recruited by the Avengers or SHIELD to help on a mission
• Psmith or Frank or Edmund help Howling Commandoes during WWII
• Narnia-specific: Bucky/Rilian, Bucky/Tirian, and Edmund&Loki prompts here. You could also twist these to be about Steve, Loki or Thor instead (I'm open to ship or gen for all variations).

Favorite Individual Characters: Edmund and Tirian, closely followed by Lucy, Eustace, Jill and Rilian
Favorite Duos/Groups: the Pevensie foursome; Emeth/Tirian; Lucy&Edmund; Jill&Eustace(+Puddleglum or Rilian or Tirian); Dawn Treader ensemble

Concepts: The Wood Between the Worlds; all the realm-hopping tools/portals (rings, horn, lamppost, painting, etc.); the Eastern Sea; all the different and very real gods; the stars; lore, legend and the transmutation of reality into the stuff of history books; the time and aging shenanigans involved in inter-realm travel; what "once a king or queen..." means;

Extra Notes: No train crash/end of Narnia!! I'm obsessed with all the concepts introduced in Magician's Nephew, but am not that invested in the featured characters. While I like Peter as part of the foursome, I’m not that interested in stories focused on him individually. I do love Susan, but am currently a little burned out on Susan-focused fic and the 'Problem of Susan'; feel free to pretend she and her siblings never had a rift at all.

• Someone in Narnia blows Susan’s horn (at any time in Narnian history), and characters from another world are summoned
• I ship Tirian or Rilian with any man or woman from any of my lists of favorite characters
• Crossover characters help Tirian defeat Calormen or otherwise avert the apocalypse
• Here are some Edmund ship ideas (no overage/underage, please): Gendry, Bran, Margaery Tyrell, Jon Snow, Shireen, new!Daario, Loki, Thor, Richard Alpert, Frank Maddox
• Tirian, Rilian, or Golden Age Pevensies, etc blunder through a portal that directly links Narnia to another place (Westeros, Earth, Asgard, Atlantis, the Island).
• Excise Jill and Eustace from The Last Battle (hell, excise that book entirely), and pretend Tirian’s reign lines up with the present day here so he can have totally other adventures, either here or in Narnia (or in some other world!). How can he help and how does the adventure teach him to be a better king?
• Crossover characters help Rilian get the country back together after Jill and Eustace leave
• Instead of crashing and dying, Edmund, Jill, Eustace and/or Lucy use the rings and help characters in another realm with a problem
• Canon divergence where Friends of Narnia returned from one of their canon trips to find that it’s the future here (did they tumble out of the wardrobe as kids, or are they still adults in this divergence?); whom do they meet and what happens?
• Tirian sort of astrally projected to the Friends of Narnia that one time. What about a story where he did that regularly with someone else instead? Maybe they each have always thought they had an imaginary friend, and then they meet in person one day and help each other with a problem.
• Something playing on different canons’ treatment of themes such as: funky aging, time passing, portals, kingship, loss, amnesia, treachery/redemption, magical eternal winters
• Lost-specific: a stop on the island was a missing chapter from VotDT
• MCU-specific: Reepicheep teaming up with Thor; Puddleglum&Thor on an adventure together; Thor&Tirian fighting together (and maybe also hooking up?) and learning how to be less rash/better kings? Rilian&Bucky (or Rilian/Bucky) as brainwashing chair buddies?

Favorite Individual Characters: Richard, Miles, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Desmond, Sayid, Shannon
Favorite Duos/Groups: Left-Behind in the 70s group; Miles&Sawyer; Miles/Richard; Miles&Richard&Sawyer(&Frank); Jacob/Richard; Desmond/Penny; Shannon/Sayid; Hurley&anyone; Kate/Sayid; Oceanic 6

Concepts: the Island protector and what magic he/she is allowed to do; Smokey’s shapeshifting; the lighthouse; the lamppost; candidates; The Constant; the donkey wheel; DHARMA experiments; all the different types of time travel; Miles’s superpower (but not Hurley’s talking to dead people thing, please)

Do Not Want: No sideways universe! I’d also really rather not get a rehash of season one with the names changed, or something that inserts a crossover character into the 815 survivor beach camp seasons. Also no Sayid/Nadia, Cassidy or Clementine (I like Sawyer and Sayid totally focused on their island friends). Jack and Ben are fine as part of the ensemble, but I'd prefer they not be a main focus.

Extra Notes: I’d love something set in the 70s DHARMA commune, or during Oceanic 6 days (on or off island), or post-series (on or off island), or pre-815 crash during Richard’s time on the island, or during Desmond’s time in the hatch. I like most of the canon pairings fine, but am not wedded to them. Feel free to pretend canon pairings never existed, or everyone’s over it before the fic started, so you can ship people with crossover characters. Feel free to pretend people didn’t die so they can show up in later season plots (ex. Shannon in the 70s DHARMA commune or as part of a divergent Oceanic 7).

• A crossover character is/was a Candidate
• The island drifts between worlds the same way it canonically drifts through time and space, thus allowing characters from other worlds to sail there. You can line up any locations and time periods you want; no need to send people to the Pacific for it to work.
• The time travel allows characters from any time period to experience the island during any of its time periods; no need to limit yourself! (ex. Frank Maddox washed ashore in 1920--white flash!--the story starts with him joining the 70s commune)
• Lost characters turned the wheel, but instead of coming out in Tunisia, they came out in a different world and help with a problem there
• Crossover character(s) end up getting taken in by Miles, Richard and/or Sawyer post-series, and they all try to build new lives together
• When Juliet detonated the bomb, it sent her somewhere/sometime else, where she recovers with nice people and lives happily ever after, or maybe eventually reunites with the guys who escaped in the finale
• Does the island heal a crossover character the way it healed Locke? Healed him/her of what? Does it wear off when they leave? Or not?
• Crossover character(s) on the island post-series! The image of Hurley and any of them on the beach (or in the foot, or in the lighthouse, or playing golf) makes me smile so hard. Hurley could jolly anyone into a better headspace, and Rose and Bernard could back him up. Does the crossover character(s) help Hurley settle into his new role and fix things? Have some of Hurley’s friends come back for a visit?
Here are prompts for characters on the island post-series with Hurley, followed by prompts about characters in the 70s DHARMA commune and/or post-series with the guys who escaped. It's written for Bucky Barnes, but sums up ALL of my Lost crossover feelings (it's long, I'm sorry), and could be applied to many characters.

Favorite Individual Characters: Pythagoras, Icarus, Medusa, Jason
Favorite Duos/Groups: Pythagoras/Icarus; Pythagoras&Jason; Pythagoras&Jason&Hercules; Icarus&Daedalus; Jason/Medusa; Icarus&Cassandra; Team Argonauts(+Medusa, if you want to pretend she never died)

Do Not Want: Hercules/Medusa (can you pretend it was never a thing, or that Hercules got over his crush early in S1?)

Concepts: pretty much any Greek Myth you want to explore (I'm no Classics expert, and won't notice if the references are 'off'); all manifestations of magic and “the gods”

• We never got to see how Pythagoras figured out the theorem! Is it the result of a crossover adventure? My one ask is for him to figure it out himself, not have someone tell him.
• Crossover characters blunder into the Atlantis world and help with the fleece quest or a missing myth of the week from season 1
• A fix-it divergence where the crossover results in Medusa being cured in a non-fraught, happy ending way (I ship her with any man from any canon, except Hercules)
• Are recently arrived and confused crossover characters taken in by the main trio, or by Daedalus&Icarus? Is Jason confused because these people are from his world, but maybe born 100 years earlier?
• It was weird how Jason just… never mentioned his previous life. Has he forgotten our world the way the Pevensies forgot it during the Golden Age? Do visitors remind him? Or is he keeping it secret? If so, how do they figure each other out?
• What reactions do characters from our world have upon meeting fabled characters and seeing the stories go down differently? Is everyone quietly stressed out about what might happen to Icarus?
• Something exploring concepts of prophesy/fate, or what it means to be “touched by the gods” in different worlds
• Does a mythological element in one world actually originate in Atlantis, or vice versa? Or contrasting interpretations of the same mythological element in both worlds. (ex. why are the maenads in Narnia a fun crowd, while the ones in Atlantis are not?)
• Narnia-specific: Edmund and Icarus as friends, bonding about betrayal and redemption
• As long as you set the fic before Icarus’s introduction, or play it as a brief fling that amicably ends when the person goes home again, I could happily ship either Pythagoras or Icarus with: Frank Maddox, Tirian, Loki, Steve Rogers, Bucky, Thor, Psmith
• MCU-specific: Prompts for Pythagoras with Loki or Bucky here; however, I feel like the prompts could be generally applied to any character, from any fandom
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