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Hi dearest writer! I know I always write embarrassingly long letters, but I’m so in love with crossovers that this got even more out of control than usual. Sorry! I know this is a lot, but as I hope is clear, I’m interested in a million different things. Please have fun!

Prompts: I tried to make this as mix and matchable as possible. You can write about a concept from one fandom with a character from another. Or a requested crossover duo with one of my general likes. Or any two characters I love become friends. Or… you get the idea. Basically, please don’t think of the scenario prompts as the “main” prompts, or think I’m less interested in fandoms for which I have fewer of them. I’m actually more than happy to think of the scenario prompts (assuming you use one of them) as an assumed background premise, not as the main focus of the story. Tell me what happens after the premise prompt that gets them to meet!
Why I Love These Fandoms: I love things with a balance of angst, humor, heartwarming and action. I have a weakness for scifi/fantasy premises that lead to forced proximity between members of a sprawling cast of wildly different backgrounds. I love stories that involve people tramping through attractive scenery together. I love stories about broken people who get better via these forced proximity odd couple relationships, who learn to get over their baggage by owning who they are, not letting it keep them down, and moving past it. All of these fandoms have most of these things! :D

Things I Love
Canon Divergences: the wilder the better, with no need to explain the changes or track it back to a single point of divergence; as long as you keep the general setting(s) and character backstories, I don't care how much of the canon plot you ignore or change, or if you put plot elements in a blender; you are more than encouraged to pretend away any canon deaths you want!
Crossover-Related: fish out of water; magic in one canon originates from another; the differences in how a similar magical concept manifests across canons, why that is, and/or applications for how they could complement one another (ex. immortality, shapeshifting, realm hopping, time shenanigans, etc.); people trying to understand elements of the other canon through the lens of their own; assume that characters have a past together (ex. cousins, childhood neighbors, college roommates, once sat next to each other on a flight) and start the story when they reunite in the present to solve a problem; coming up with logical but incorrect theories before discovering the truth

Do Not Want
Crossover-Related: fics where none of the main characters ever find out about one another's backgrounds or canons (ie. please don't end it with everyone thinking everyone else is normal!); fourth wall breakage; tragic, Steve/Peggy-style age mismatches; crossovers of more than two canons at a time; same actor crossovers (please just pretend the resemblance doesn't exist); fics set entirely pre-canon for the main characters (ex. before they first went to the island or Narnia, pre-WWII, before GoT pilot episode; exceptions are Thor, Loki and Tirian, whom I’d be happy to read entirely pre-canon stories about)
• the rest of my DNWs are pretty much the same in all exchange letters (with a few tweaks if there's a fandom with an exception)

Crossover-Specific Notes
1. In a realm-hopping fic, it's more than fine to start with, "Woah, where am I?" so that the story is entirely about characters exploring the new realm or bonding with new characters. No explanation of how they got there needed. Or start even after that, when the person has been there for a while and has already made friends. If you have the time and inclination to explain the logistics of how they got there and met each other, too, then yay! But if not (that’s great, too!), I would much rather get 1000 words of in media res character interaction/plot than 1000 words of set-up that stops after the introductions.

2. I’m shallow and want everyone to be as young and pretty as they were at some point in canon. Please please pretend Lost and present-day MCU are all happening more or less at the same time, instead of aging Lost characters up (setting it a year or two post-series is fine, though). Ex. pretend the entire Lost canon happened later so that the finale takes place shortly before whatever point in MCU you’re dealing with. However, please don’t change canonical birthdates for people born in the early 20th century. Meaning, either keep it to crossover characters who were around in the 1940s/50s, or else use time travel to actively send people to another time.

Characters I Love: Edmund and Tirian, very closely followed by Lucy, Jill, Eustace, Puddleglum, Rilian, Reepicheep, Tumnus, Shasta… But honestly, I like pretty much all the ‘nice’ people and creatures who got a decent amount of development.
Favorite Duos/Groups: Lucy&Edmund; Jill&Eustace(+Puddleglum or Rilian or Tirian); Dawn Treader crew; the Pevensie foursome; Susan&Edmund; Shasta&Corin(&Aravis); Lucy&Tumnus; Shasta&Bree

Concepts/Themes That Fascinate Me: The Wood Between the Worlds; all the realm-hopping tools/portals (rings, horn, lamppost, painting, etc.); literally every place in Voyage of the Dawn Treader; all the different and very real gods; the logistics and mechanics of the long winter; all the Greek Mythology elements; the stars; lore, legend and the transmutation of reality into the stuff of history books; ideas around kingship, what makes a good ruler, “once a king or queen, always…”

Do Not Want: While I love Peter as part of the foursome, I’m not that interested in stories focused on him. I’m also not that into Polly, Jadis or Aslan as the main characters (they’re fine as cameos or plot drivers, though). I don’t want to stress about people mistreating marshwiggles or talking animals or whatever, so, if you send a Narnian character to another realm, please let it be a human. No Problem of Susan issue fic, please; feel free to pretend she and her siblings never had a rift at all. No major character death or afterlife, please.

General Prompts:
• Someone in Narnia blows Susan’s horn (at any time in Narnian history), and characters from another world are summoned
• Tirian, Shasta, Rilian, Golden Age Pevensies, etc blunder through a portal that directly links Narnia to another place (GoT, Earth, Asgard, the Island).
• Excise Jill and Eustace from The Last Battle (hell, excise that book entirely), and pretend Tirian’s reign lines up with the present day here so he can have totally other adventures with a variety of characters, whether in our world or in Narnia or GoT. How does the adventure teach him to be less rash and decadent?
• Instead of crashing and dying, any subset Friends of Narnia use the rings and help characters in other realms with a problem
• Canon divergence where Friends of Narnia returned from one of their canon trips to find that it’s the future here
• Tirian sort of astrally projected to the Friends of Narnia that one time. What about a story where he did that regularly with someone else instead? Maybe they each have always thought they had an imaginary friend, and then they meet in person one day and help each other with a problem.
• Instead of killing them, the train crash transports any subset of Friends of Narnia to another place, where they make new friends and live happily ever after (anyone else who doesn’t come, please just assume wasn’t on the train and also lived happily ever after in England)

Characters I Love : Bucky, Steve, Loki, Thor, Pepper
Favorite Duos/Groups: Any romantic or platonic combination of Steve, Bucky and Loki; Thor&Loki; Pepper with characters other than Tony (I like Tony/Pepper, but I’m always looking for fic where she has her own adventures and relationships); Bucky/Jane

Concepts/Themes That Fascinate Me: the Bifrost; the Convergence; all the stuff in Odin’s treasure vault; the Collector’s collection; side-effects of the supersoldier serum or Extremis; the Nine Realms; the extent of and possible applications for everyone’s powers; Loki and Frigga’s magic; head skeletons big enough to build a city in; Infinity Stones

Do Not Want: Darcy, Sharon, Steve/Sharon; canon or characters from the comics or TV shows (I’m unfamiliar with them)

Extra Notes: My big thing about Bucky is that I want him to have the personality he had in CA:TFA and/or CA:CW, meaning, fully functional, socialized, and has a sense of humour. I’m way more interested in seeing what he does once he’s mostly recovered than I am in the trauma itself or painful recovery. I see Loki as a complicated, chaotic neutral type, not as crazy or completely evil. I have a pet peeve about Bucky and Steve saying "ain't". Can they please speak as properly as they do in canon? Cursing’s fine, though.

General Prompts:
• What if Loki fell off the Bifrost and landed in GoT, or Golden Age Narnia, or on the Island (post series or ending up in the hatch, or in the 70s) or…?
• What if Thor and/or Loki were banished to some other scenario (see list from prompt above)
• Someone touches the Tesseract (or gets sucked into the Convergence) and it transports them to another world. I don’t care about how they got to touching it; what I care about is whom they meet and what they do in the other place.
• Thor&Loki or Steve&Bucky working through a lot of issues whilst on an adventure in another place
• As CEO of Stark Industries, people come to Pepper for help with a secret, complicated issue that needs science (ex. time traveling consciousness)
• Random people from other words blunder through a portal and end up in Pepper’s backyard and she takes them in; how do they end up helping one another?
• Instead of crashing into the Arctic, Steve found himself somewhere else (ex. the island, Westeros, Narnia) and when he gets back, it’s the present-day here, regardless of how long he was there for (for example, he experienced three years of life on the island instead of being frozen for 70 years)
• Crossover characters with a special skill are recruited by SHIELD/Avengers/whatever for a mission

Characters I Love : Richard, Miles, Sawyer, Desmond, Hurley, Juliet, Sayid, Shannon, Penny
Favorite Duos/Groups: Left-Behind in the 70s; Oceanic 6; Miles&Sawyer; Miles/Richard; Miles&Richard&Sawyer(&Frank); Jacob/Richard; Desmond/Penny; Shannon/Sayid; Hurley&Sayid; Hurley&anyone; Kate/Sayid

Concepts/Themes That Fascinate Me: the Island protector and what magic he/she is allowed to do; Smokey’s shapeshifting; the lighthouse; the lamppost; candidates; The Constant; Ancient Egyptian imagery; DHARMA experiments; the electromagnetic whatsit; all the different types of time travel (Desmond’s thing, the white flashes, the way the wheel spits you out in Tunisia at random times, the way the doctor washed ashore before he died on the freighter); Miles’s superpower (but not Hurley’s, please)

Do Not Want: No sideways universe, please! Also no Cassidy, Clementine, or Sayid/Nadia. Jack, Ben, Ana Lucia, Eloise, and non-Walt children are okay as part of the ensemble, but I'd really prefer they not be a main focus. Same goes for Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer, and Shannon/Boone. I’d really rather not get a copy of season one with the names changed, or something that inserts a crossover character into the 815 survivor beach camp seasons. But you can set it in the 70s, or during Oceanic 6 days (on or off island), or post-series (on or off island), or pre-815 crash during Richard’s time on the island, or during Desmond’s time in the hatch, or…

Extra Notes: I love all the ships I’ve listed above (I also like background Juliet/Sawyer and Sun/Jin), but Desmond/Penny is the only one where I can't bear to think about either of them paired with anyone else. Feel free to pretend any other canon pairings never existed, or everyone’s over it before the fic started, so you can ship them with crossover characters, if you want.

General Prompts:
• A crossover character is/was a Candidate
• The island drifts between worlds the same way it canonically drifts through time and space, thus allowing characters from other worlds to sail there (or maybe people sailing away from the island accidentally took the wrong compass bearing and ended up in another world?). You can line up any locations and time periods you want; no need to send people to the Pacific for it to work.
• Lost characters find and turn the wheel, but instead of coming out in Tunisia, they come out in a different world and help with a problem there
• Crossover characters somehow ending up in the 70s and becoming part of the Left-Behinder group. The jumpsuits! The nicknames! What jobs do they have with the DHARMA? With whom do they share a little yellow house?
• Jacob once sent Richard to visit a crossover character; the story starts years later when they meet again in entirely different circumstances, and maybe with some of Richard’s new friends in tow
• Crossover characters end up getting taken in by the Lostaway guys who escaped post-series, and they all try to build new lives together
• Does the island heal a crossover character the way it healed Locke? Healed him/her of what? Does it wear off when they leave? Or not?
• Characters on the island post-series! The image of Hurley and any of them on the beach (or in the foot, or in the lighthouse, or playing golf) makes me smile so hard. Hurley could jolly anyone into a better headspace, and Rose and Bernard could back him up. Does the crossover character(s) help Hurley settle into his new role and fix things? Have some of Hurley’s friends come back for a visit?

Game of Thrones
Characters I Love : Bran, Margaery, Tyrion, Davos, Shireen, all the Mormonts, Sam, Jon, Bronn, Brienne, Podrick, Missandei, Olenna, Gendry, Varys
Favorite Duos/Groups: the Tyrell family; Jon & his Night’s Watch buddies; Sam/Gilly; Tyrion&Varys; Tyrion&Bronn(&Podrick); Bran & Hodor & Co; Brienne&Podrick; Gendry/Arya(+HotPie); Davos&Shireen; Tormund&Jon; Danaerys’s inner circle (any subset); Tyrion/Sansa

Do Not Want: Ramsay Snow. I haven’t read the books, so please keep it to canon and characters that have been featured in the show.

Concepts/Themes That Fascinate Me: Children of the Forest; White Walkers and wights; weirwood trees; dragons; warging; the Wall; weird seasons; the Faceless Men; the Braavos coin; all the different ways of being undead (stuff like Jon doesn’t count as the afterlife to me); Stone Men; Valyria and its steel

General Prompts:
• My kingdom for a canon divergence where THAT never happened to Shireen. Did she find an old book in the Castle Black library with a spell that whisked her to another realm before any of it happened? Helping the young rulers of Narnia (any canon rulers) with a problem? Being found by Bucky, and being totally confused in this new world together? ANYTHING.
• A Red Priest/Priestess (or Sam, with the use of a spell from an old book) summons a hero, who ends up coming from another realm; the hero could pop out anywhere in the world and doesn’t necessarily have to interact with the spellcaster at all or ever find out how/why they got there
• Crossover characters use their experience from home to find a way to stave off the zombie apocalypse
• Crossover characters come and help defeat the more villainous GoT characters (or at least take them down a notch)

Potential Crossover Ships
**I would be super excited about any gen friendships/partnerships or age-appropriate het between characters I love.
Lost/MCU: Miles/Bucky; Pepper/Sawyer; Steve/Richard; Bucky/Richard; Loki/Jacob; Loki/Richard(/Jacob)
Lost/Narnia: Tirian/Juliet, Tirian/Shannon, Susan/Richard, Rilian/Juliet
Game of Thrones/Narnia: Tirian/Margaery; Gendry/Lucy
MCU/Narnia: Bucky/Tirian, Bucky/Rilian; Loki/Tirian


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