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Hi! Thank you for offering one of these ships! Please don’t panic at the length of this. I like to leave a lot of info for those who want it, but, except for the things I directly call out as squicks, everything in here is completely optional blather that you should feel free to ignore. I want you to write something you think is fun; don't feel the need to cram a whole bunch of things I mentioned into the fic. And even though some fandom sections are longer or some tags treated more generally, I honestly do want all my pairings and tags equally. It's just that some needed a little more explanation than others.

General Notes
I’m pretty vanilla, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be all gentle and schmoopy and perfect and missionary. Vanilla sex can be energetic, intense, or goofy, too. You can write penetrative sex if you want (no het anal, please), but I’ll be just as thrilled with manual or oral sex only. Lots of kissing is my favorite, where relevant. I generally don't care who tops or bottoms; I prefer to assume they mix it up.

I went through the tagset and picked out the ones I think could be fun to include in any of my requests, where relevant: banter; bath or shower sex; blowjobs; coming in pants; competence!; couch sex; cuddles; cunnilingus; desperate sex; drunk confessions; experienced/inexperienced; finger sucking; finger lacing; fingering; first time bottoming or topping; floor sex; frottage; hand-holding during sex; hair pulling; hair washing; hair cutting; hand jobs; kilts; lap sex; licking; licking over underwear; loss of virginity; marathon sex; multiple orgasms; multiple sex positions; nearly getting caught; outdoor sex; prostate massage; rending of clothing; rough sex; sex magic; sharing a bed; sharing clothes; superpower sex; switching; teasing; uniform kink; wall sex; gentle nips (but not biting that draws blood or anything)

A Note On Consent: A couple of “You wanna...?” or “Can I...?” or “I’m going to do X now” or “Does this feel good?” sprinkled into the proceedings is nice if you want, especially when people respond non-verbally by going for it. But more explicit discussions about consent kill the mood for me. Everyone reciprocating actions is confirmation enough for me. And please don't pre-arrange the consent in a dubcon scenario (ex. A and B having agreed months ago that if they ever came down with sex pollen, they'd take care of each other). I like it to turn out that they are at least a little bit into one another, but the awkward uncertainty of the moment is half the appeal for me.

I picked mostly plotty tropes because I like context and character/relationship development around sex scenes. If you start having so much fun with the plot or relationship build-up or worldbuilding that the sex element ends up being minor, don't worry! I'll love it.

My requested tropes fall into two general types (some fall into both, depending on the execution):
1) Let’s do this!: When it's a totally consensual scenario, I like for everyone to enjoy themselves and end up satisfied (maybe even tuckered out), even if it’s awkward or they’re secretly pining or angsting or whatever, too. A bit of laughter would be a bonus.

2) Why is this happening to us?: I have a weakness for classic "we HAD to have sex for reasons beyond either of our control" tropes. They're stuck in this together. How do they work together and support one another to get through it? Bonus points if they form a bond during the ordeal that has the potential to turn into something real later on. But I only like these tropes for sort of coincidental or circumstantial or plot-driving reasons. I really really really don't like it if the force is being actively, willfully, pointedly malicious.

Do Not Wants
• romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested
• crack and alternate setting AUs (but wild canon divergences are totally welcome! as long as you keep the general setting and character backstories, I don't care how much of the canon plot you ignore or change)
• yentas, matchmakers, shovel talks, amateur therapist friends
• bleak endings; major character death; hate-sex; anything where one half of the pairing tricks or manipulates or coerces the other into sex
Sex & Relationship-Related: soulmates; rimming; underage; Dom/sub dynamics; pregnancy & kids; pure fluff; adultery; non-canonical pet names or terms of endearment; condoms for m/m pairings (they either don't make sense or are unnecessary for these particular ones)
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically spelled dialogue

Notes on Certain Tropes
** Since I've requested similar tags across all my pairings, I thought it would be less redundant to talk about most of them in general terms here.

First Time: This is an open-ended catch-all in case none of the other tags appeal to you. Could be their first time together, and for m/m, possibly also either of their first times with a man.

Friends to Lovers OR Developing Relationship: This is another open-ended catch-all. I love these lots of ways. 1) Finally resolving their UST. 2) Start the story right after the first kiss/declaration, setting it during the days or weeks that follow. The relationship does change; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Working through that transition and learning new things about one another—both wonderful and irritating—that didn't come up before. 3) Friends with benefits that turns into more.

Friends with Benefits: How/why does it start? What’s the arrangement like? How does it affect their interactions outside of the bedroom? How often do they get together? Where do they have their assignations? Do other people know, or is it a secret? How/when do they realize they want more? How do they deal with that?

For Science!: I saw this in the tag set and thought it had loads of potential to be amazing+hilarious (+maybe feelings?). Interpret it as strictly or as loosely as you like, in whatever way makes the most sense for the characters and canon. I wish I could think of some prompts, but seriously, I will love anything you think would be fun.

Awkward Sex OR Awkward Sexual Situations: I have a pretty bad embarrassment squick. I'm looking for something dorky and endearing, in a way that works out to be lovely in the end and that maybe they can laugh about later. I’m thinking things like they accidentally poke each other in the nose, or someone comes too soon, or someone tries something new that doesn’t work as expected or leaves the other person going, “Er, what are you doing?” But don’t limit yourself to these examples! I'm even worse at prompting the "situations" variation, but I'll be thrilled with anything that isn't too embarrassing.

Sex Pollen: This got merged with “drug-induced sex”, which is a squick if someone has purposefully drugged someone else. I like the sex pollen trope because it's a situation that accidentally happens. But as long as the general effects are the same, it doesn't have to be literally sex pollen. Magic or alien stuff or weird science gone awry or anything else would work, too. You could even handwave the cause and start in media res. I like when A is more lucid than B, but I also like it when both of them are equally affected. I love the awkward aftermath, too. I’m a sap who likes them to turn out not to have minded, and maybe even be interested (even if perhaps they hadn’t thought about it before).

Something Made Them Do It OR Fuck or Die: I only like these when the cause is something goofy, ritualistic, coincidental, impersonal, etc. Ex., ancient pagan rites require it, or magical illnesses for which the only cure is sex, or captured by aliens who want to study them for science and honestly cannot understand why the subjects think it's a big deal, or captured by people whose customs dictate that prisoners must have sex before they can leave, or virgins cannot complete the task at hand (because of reasons) and therefore need to get that taken care of. I am really squicked by dark versions of this, like where sadistic bastards force people to fuck simply for their amusement or in order to hurt or humiliate them.

Sex In Captivity: I love forced proximity tropes. I like it when they are victims together (not captor/prisoner, please!!). I am not at all into bondage that happens solely for sexual reasons, but I find it really, um, interesting when people have been shackled to the cell wall or tied up by their captors because of plot reasons, and then the cellmates do it around/despite the restraints. Sorry, that was ludicrously specific, but again, totally optional! I stupidly forgot to nominate "Stranded Together", but if you want to write something like that, I'll love it, for any of my pairings (not just the ones I requested captivity for) and for similar reasons. Stranded in another realm, at sea, at an airport, in another time, in space, in the wilderness... Anywhere! Bonus points for showing how they competently get out of captivity or the stranded situation (all the characters listed here are pretty competent, even if some of them are ridiculous). Separate bonus points for stranding them on Lost's Island.

Marriage of Convenience OR Arranged Marriage: Forced intimacy and domesticity. Forced civility allowing people to have a real conversation. Characters struggling internally as they start to fall for each other, and feeling unsure about how the other person feels or if it's just part of the act.... That sort of thing. I vastly prefer it to be a real, legal union, and to happen for a compelling reason with stakes, like someone is going to be deported or extradited, or political reasons (basically, NOT ‘fake boyfriend for social situations’). Where relevant, and if you're into it, I love when the ancient customs or whatever require them to have sex before they have feelings (or before feelings are known), and the attending awkwardness. I am even fine if they have to do it in front of other people (why am I so mean?!); this also apples to “Something Made Them Do It” and “Fuck or Die” above. For some reason, this doesn't set off my embarrassment issues, IDK.

Undercover as a Couple: Everything I said about the marriage ones applies here, too, especially about forced domesticity and stakes. I like for people to keep their heads and stay focused on the mission, even if they’re drowning in feelings inside. Having fun with their cover. Letting the truth come out under the safety of a lie. Etc etc.

Jedediah/Octavius (Night at the Museum)
Tropes: First Time; Friends to Lovers; Enemies to Lovers; Developing Relationships; Friends with Benefits; Secret/Forbidden Relationships; Awkward Sex; Awkward Sexual Situations; Sex Pollen; Fuck or Die; For Science!

I love these two more than is healthy. For almost all of these, you can set it when they're already friends, or you can do a pre-series or canon divergent scenario where they get over their loathing in some other way. Please set the story before the last movie or in a canon divergence that pretends it away (it's so depressing!). And please try not to focus on how they are made of wax/aren’t real. I’m not looking for a Pinocchio-style fix-it; I just don’t want to talk about it. If you include background characters, I’m more interested in seeing the other museum inhabitants (or Rebecca!) than the guard characters. I really dislike the monkey. Bonus points for worldbuilding in the Roman or Wild West dioramas, or making use of the wider museum or Upper East or West Sides.

Prompts: (these are just super optional extra fandom-specific ideas I had; see general trope info section above)
Sex Pollen: Maybe something from the hall of biodiversity infects them, especially since they are so small?
Fuck or Die: What if something goes wonky with the tablet and people have to screw or else... IDK. Or maybe the magic behind the tablet requires a sex sacrifice?
Forbidden/Secret Relationship: Pre-series or canon divergence where they’re sleeping together even though the rest of their groups are still at war? Angst and sneaking around and stress and stolen moments, etc.

Icarus/Pythagoras (Atlantis)
Tropes: First Time; Friends to Lovers; Developing Relationship; Friends with Benefits; Awkward Sex; Awkward Sexual Situations; Sex Pollen; Fuck or Die; Something Made Them Do It; Sex In Captivity; For Science!

I absolutely adore how everything went down in canon, but I’d also love to read canon divergent ways they might have gotten together or hooked up for the first time. Or maybe assume the Icarus episodes happened after the events of this fic, and the kiss we saw was not their first kiss.

I could get behind Pythagoras as a (not completely clueless or timid, please!) virgin. Or maybe he's read erroneous scrolls on the subject or had one or two experiences that for whatever reason have left him awkward or insecure or just... having an odd idea about how a specific thing is supposed to go? And maybe Icarus figures it out, and they work through it together? Is Icarus a bit - or a lot - more experienced (which perhaps Pythagoras knows, and is intimidated by?). Or something else that goes more with your own characterization ideas? I will buy any take on them you want to sell, honestly. I just love them.

Prompts: (these are just super optional extra fandom-specific ideas I had; see general trope info section above)
Something Made Them Do It OR Fuck or Die OR Sex Pollen OR Sex In Captivity: Ideally (for me, not for them), this is their canon divergent first time together, before they've gotten any feelings out in the air. Seeing them work through this angsty situation together and come out stronger would be amazing. Sex-oriented sacrificial rites to appease a god? Something they have to do for the adventure/myth of the week? Randomly chosen to fuck the way people were chosen to face the Minotaur? Angsty aftermath?
Friends With Benefits OR For Science! OR Friends to Lovers: I'm thinking of these as more happily quotidian and consensual canon divergent ways they could have gotten together.
First Time OR Friends to Lovers OR Developing Relationship OR Awkward Sex OR Awkward Sexual Situations: These work well if you don't want to be mean to them, or if you want to write canonical post-series stuff. I will be just as happy with that, too!

Psmith/Mike (PG Wodehouse)
Tropes: First Time; Friends to Lovers; Developing Relationship; Friends with Benefits; Awkward Sex; Awkward Sexual Situations; Sex Pollen; Fuck or Die; Office Sex; For Science!

If you've never heard of these books, 'Mike & Psmith' and 'Psmith In the City' are both free on Gutenberg and the Kindle store. They are short and funny and delightful and slashy and will make your day, I promise. Just skim through the cricket parts. ♥

Is romance with Mike the one area where Psmith is slightly shy or awkward or confusing or clueless? Or maybe not, but smoothness is the wrong approach with Mike? Or is Mike the one who gets everything taken care of? Where have they gotten their ideas about sex from? Are their ideas correct or misinformed or mismatched? Some completely other characterization take that you prefer? Anything, seriously! Just... please please set it before they met their wives, or pretend that never happened.

It would necessarily have to be a secret relationship, per the time period. However, if you could background the social issues and angst about that, I’d appreciate it, because while a little longing is nice, I’d like something in the generally upbeat spirit of the books, without un-Wodhousian anguish or angsty coming outs or internalized homophobia.

I know some people find Wodehouse + sex intimidating to write. If it makes it easier, I'll be just as happy with something rated more on the light M side. Or you could even get around it with the power of farce; for example, Lord Emsworth POV as he overhears them fucking in the potting shed, but the situation and double entendres are such that he thinks they're innocently gardening, even though the reader can tell in exquisite detail the porn that is happening, with nary a shocking word written.

Prompts: (these are just super optional extra fandom-specific ideas I had; see general trope info section above)
Office Sex: Secretly doing it in Mr. Bickersdyke's office? In the bank's broom closet? Not an office, but furtive hookups in the cloakroom of the Senior Conservative or Drones clubs could be fun, too.
Sex Pollen OR Fuck or Die: However you can manage it will be great. I am not at all opposed to adding some magical realism. Maybe one of the MacGuffins everyone is always after in the Wodehouse books is magic and creates the situation? They’re so martyr-ish about one another already. Of course they would come to the other’s rescue, no matter how awkward.

Bucky/Loki (MCU)
Steve/Bucky/Loki (MCU)

• For either ship: First Time; Developing Relationships; Friends with Benefits; Secret/Forbidden Relationships; Sex Pollen; Fuck or Die; Something Made Them Do It; Sex In Captivity; Awkward Sexual Situations; For Science!
• For Bucky/Loki only: Arranged Marriage; Marriage of Convenience; Undercover as a Couple; Awkward Sex

Some random things I enjoy include (this is even more optional than the rest, so please ignore if you don't enjoy these things, too): virgin!Steve who isn't clueless or timid; Bucky working through lingering internalized homophobia; Bucky's first time with a guy; Loki as the top (simply because he bottoms in 90% of fic, and I like variety); Loki who isn't a master seducer/flirt.

I will love whatever canon divergence you need to make it happen. For example (but don't limit yourself), I love "Loki fell to Earth" or "Loki is just Thor's sorcerer little brother, not the Avengers villain" or "Bucky and/or Steve were defrosted/escaped differently" and other AUs in that vein. Or keep canon intact if you want. Anything goes! I like Chaotic Neutral Loki best, where he is still an obnoxious, damaged trickster--not totally evil or crazy, but also not weepy or redeemed. The main things I ask are a) no Jotun-raised Loki, b) for the guys to come to genuinely appreciate or like each other on some level by the end, even if it's grudgingly or repressed and c) a Bucky who is fully functional and in possession of a personality and sense of humour; pre-WS AUs are welcome, too. I have a pet peeve about Steve and Bucky saying "ain't" all the time; can they speak as properly as they do in the films?

I prefer threesomes where everyone is equally into one another, even if - especially if! - the three sub-dynamics are different and they like/want each other for different reasons and in different ways. So, the three pairings used to go out or have UST, or some combination, at separate times before the story started, and now they've realized they should come together. I also like when there isn't really history and they're getting together now all at the same time, like during a mission or forced proximity trope. Or skip over how/why they got together and focus on their developing poly relationship. I also like when it's just a casual thing; it doesn't have to be a whole ~relationship~. Or you can use the scenario tags to make sex happen this one time without buildup. Basically, there are lots of ways I love it, and I think it's possible to do it without making Loki feel like a third wheel. However, I'm not a fan of threesomes that 'solve' a love triangle, or where an established relationship invites a third to bed.

Prompts: (these are just super optional extra fandom-specific ideas I had; see general trope info section above)
Friends with Benefits OR Secret/Forbidden Relationships: For a variable definition of ‘friends’. They could just be vague acquaintances when it starts. Or drunkenly sleeping with Thor’s brother a few weeks ago, and now it’s turned into an ongoing booty-call thing. Why aren't they telling anyone else? Angst about that?
Arranged Marriage OR Marriage of Convenience: Maybe the only way to keep Bucky from being extradited or executed is to send him to Asgard to marry Loki? And Loki agrees in order to keep from going to jail himself?
Undercover as a Couple: It could be a mission of their own devising, or one that Frigga or Fury sends them on.
Sex In Captivity: Has Thanos captured them? Jotuns? Red Skull? Nameless terrorists?

Bucky Barnes/Susan Pevensie (MCU/Narnia)
Tropes: First Time; Friends to Lovers; Competence Kink; Undercover as a Couple; Marriage of Convenience; Sex In Captivity

I was surprised and delighted to see this in the tagset! I received a beautiful fic about them last year, but this is a good pairing that deserves many more. My main ask is for the magic or whatever to arrange or handwave matters so that they are/appear as adults who are about the same age (ie, in their 20s) at the time they sleep together. I don't want anything underage, and I don't want anything tragic like Steve/Peggy where she's old and he isn't. Realm-hopping is my FAVORITE thing. If you can work some of that in, I'll love you forever. Like, they take the rings and go places, or they meet in Narnia. But no pressure if you get a totally different, non-realm-hopping idea that excites you. I swear I will love pretty much anything.

I like badass Bucky who has a personality and at least a slight sense of humor. I'm way more interested in how he moves forward once he's better than I am in his trauma or painful recovery. I like book Susan who sometimes makes mistakes or gets scared or snippy, etc., but who is still practical, capable, and brave when it counts. I'm less into completely flawless, preternaturally unruffled Susan. You can let Susan rise above the tragedy of the train crash or you can ignore The Last Battle to have Narnia continue and keep everyone alive with her. You could even ignore that she and her family had a rift at all. Edmund is my favorite, so he is welcome to make an appearance. However, the afterlife is one of my ultimate DNWs. I have a pet peeve about Bucky (and Steve) saying "ain't" ; please let them speak as properly as they do in the films (cursing's fine, though).

Getting them in the same place/age together might be the hardest part, so most of my prompts focus on ideas for that. However, they’re just completely optional background ideas that absolutely do not need to be in the story; my interest is in what happens AFTER they meet and the relationship they have, not HOW they meet. I’m more than happy to skip past the crossover mechanics and start in media res, after they’ve already met. Time is wonky between our world and Narnia, so do whatever you want with that to make it work. I will roll with anything.

Maybe Bucky fell off the train and into Golden Age Narnia when Susan was in her 20s? Does the horn bring Bucky through time and across realms to Susan's aid? Do they take the rings and go traveling to other realms together? Maybe Schmidt (sort of like Uncle Andrew) used Bucky as a guinea pig, accidentally sent him to the Golden Age with the Tesseract, but didn’t know it worked because no time passed? Ancient Narnian (or whatever country they're in) rules say he will be cast out or killed unless he is bound to someone, so they get married? Maybe she met Steve and/or Bucky in NYC during VotDT, and runs into Bucky again years later, either in another world or when he's the Winter Soldier? Maybe he met her in the 50s and escaped/was cured long enough to be with her (if only temporarily)? Is Bacchus involved in some way?

Prompts: (these are just super optional extra fandom-specific ideas I had; see general trope info section above)
Competence Kink: Amazing marksmen bonding over how good they are with weapons?
Undercover as a Couple: Spy missions to Calormen during the Golden Age? In addition to stories set in other worlds, I love stories where Susan gets to use her Narnia skills in our world. Spy missions here? Maybe she travels with the rings after the crash and ends up in the present day?


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