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Thanks so much for offering one of these ships! I know this is a crazy long letter, but it's just because I love these ships so much. My favorite fics are the ones the author obviously had the most fun writing, so please don't feel pressured to stick to the prompts, or think I'm looking for a bunch of things I mentioned to be crammed in (I'm not!). You can twist a prompt around, or use just a bit of one, or ignore the prompts entirely and try to include a couple of the general likes in your own idea. I've gotten fantastic fills for some of these before, but there will never be enough!

Things I Love
Devoted Odd Couples: having one another’s backs; enjoying one another's company; laughing at one another; fond exasperation; characters with different speech patterns; secret relationships; forced or repeated proximity; self-sacrificing loyalty

Earning Your Happy Ending: self-help; being jollied or distracted into a better emotional place; getting over some of your baggage; finding home where you least expect it; Groundhog Day loops

Competence & Resourcefulness: complementary skill sets; badassery; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity; the pen is mightier than the sword

Adventures & Journeys: exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; trains; ships; hotels; vacations gone awry; fish out of water; realm-hopping; captured (bonus points if they're tied up!) or stranded together

Eagerly Doing It: first times; sloppy makeouts!; slightly awkward but fun and satisfying sex; laughter or friendly banter during sex; inexperienced characters who are into it and not completely clueless; too desperate to properly get clothes off; rough but loving; coming in pants; shower sex; outdoor sex; switching (even with gods!); body worship; using magic to make it even better

Friends to Lovers: I love this even for pairings who don't canonically know each other; feel free to skip the meet-cute and start at a time when they've already become friends. I love multiple kinds of getting together stories, including but not limited to:
1) Where they realize they have more than platonic feelings, or have been lightly crushing for a while, and resolving that UST.
2) Start the story right the first kiss/declaration, setting it during the days or weeks that follow. The relationship does change; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Working through that transition and learning new things about one another—both wonderful and irritating—that didn't come up before.
3) Friends with benefits or 'sex before feelings' that becomes more serious during the story (I'm even cool with the FWB arrangement having started before the fic).

Do Not Wants
— romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested
— goofy crack, fusions, and alternate setting AUs (but wild canon divergences and 'crack played seriously' are very welcome!)
Things That Upset Me: the afterlife; major character death; bleak endings; noncon; dark dynamics in my ships; destiny/fate
Schmoopiness: plotless fluff; non-canonical pet names or terms of endearment; people saying "I love you" verbatim (I love when the sentiment is expressed through gestures or other words)
Sex & Relationship-Related: soulmates; D/s dynamics; shovel talks, yentas, and matchmakers; pregnancy; adultery; discussions about consent (everyone eagerly participating is confirmation enough for me)
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically spelled dialogue

— I LOVE crossovers. Feel free to write them for any of my pairings (ex. Psmith/Mike get together during an adventure in Narnia), but only with fandoms I have specified, please.
— Fics that end right after people meet make me sad. What I care most about are the relationships characters forge and how they work together, not the set-up. Starting with, "Woah, where am I?" is totally welcome, no explanation needed. You could even skip past both the crossover logistics and meet-cute to write something that starts after they've already become friends.
Do Not Wants: crossovers of more than two canons at a time; fourth wall breakage (exception for cases where people from our world knowing stories is canon, as in Atlantis); fics where none of the main characters ever find out about the others' backgrounds or magic (the reveal doesn't have to happen on-screen, but please don't end it with everyone thinking everything is normal!)

• Emeth/Tirian
• Edmund/Bacchus

General: Edmund and Tirian were my very first favorite characters, and Narnia's worldbuilding elements formed most of my narrative interests. I love everyone's competency, earnestness and courage when it counts, but also their flaws, fears, and sass. I love the same balance for Narnia itself—a land that's beautiful but rough around the edges, and with magic that isn't always neat and cheerful. I love Golden Age fics, 'Everybody Lives' AUs, and fics that diverge from canon (as wildly as you like!) at any point before the closing chapters of the Last Battle. The end of Narnia, train crash, and afterlife are my biggest DNWs.

I would like something where they get together in real life. I think they’re perfect for one another—brave, noble warriors (and all-around lovely guys) who could come to respect and love one another despite their differences. I also have a love of language and contrasting speech patterns; the differences between their versions of courtly perfection are catnip to me.

I love Tirian SO MUCH. He has such human flaws, and he started off as a hot mess of a king, but he’s such a wonderful guy, and quite resourceful and clever when you rouse him out of his decadence. And Emeth should win a prize for the level of admiration and affection he was able to inspire in so few pages. I loved the conflict he faced between his reason, his duty, his devotion, and his desire to prove himself.

Do the two countries have different views about same-sex romance? It doesn't have to be "Calormen=repressed, Narnia=free love" (though it could); maybe Calormen has a complicated Ancient Greek-style undercurrent, or Narnia's never shaken its Victorian influences. Or some other take? Or don't even tackle that at all; it's not a big deal.

— Enemies to lovers, culture clashes, reluctant allies fall in love, secret forbidden love across enemy lines, brothers in arms, agent falls for mark... I love it all!
— What if (instead of the apocalypse, ugh), Calormen had succeeded in the plot to take over Narnia? Tirian as war prisoner or trophy or slave or sacrifice to Tash, or... Dignity despite humiliation, hurt/comfort... anything! What makes Emeth decide to help? Or does something else happen? How do they fall in love? Maybe they work together to make at least a glimmer of okayness?
— What if they had met before? How might that change have affected the later plot? We know Tirian has been to Calormen. Was it an official trip, or did he go incognito, either for fun or for espionage? Did Emeth know who Tirian was? You could include the flashbacks, or you could assume the backstory and start the fic when they meet again later on—either way!
— What if they had met in Narnia while Emeth was undercover as a merchant, and their love changes the course of the story?
— The scene where Tirian half goes to our world is one of my favorites in the entire series. What if he and Emeth went for real? What if the stable was a portal to another realm (either ours or a different one), not the afterlife, and they work together and fall in love during this adventure/quest?
— Tirian in a Groundhog Day loop in which he slowly learns how to be a better king (and prevent the apocalypse), with Emeth's help (and ends up in a romantic relationship with him as a side result)?

I love that being redeemed and growing into a badass warrior king didn't entirely cure Edmund of being a cranky, sarcastic little shit. Lifespan incompatibilities depress me, but if you can solve it, I'd be all for happily ever afters! Otherwise, I mostly ship this in a revelrous, casual way, not as a long-term monogamous relationship. But I also don't want to see Edmund unhappy, so I'd prefer them to enjoy when they get to be together, but not be pining or heartbroken when they are apart. A touch of bittersweetness or wistfulness is fine, though.

Nothing hot and heavy at points when Edmund is younger than 16, please; in these cases, PG13 kissing and cuddles and etc would be lovely. However, hot and heavy when he's older is very welcome! I realize the prompts below are heavier on concepts/worldbuilding, but feel free to background or ignore all that. I really am here for the ship, and will love anything that focuses on it... how/why they fall for one another, what their relationship is like, etc.

— Bacchus comes to Narnia for festivities during the Golden Age. One time? Multiple times? And/or they meet again on Earth, when Edmund is grown up again; how does Bacchus appear in the 20th century? Assuming they had a thing in the Golden Age, what happens during 'Prince Caspian', when Edmund is a kid again?
— Narnian traditions involving young kings/queens going through some sort of coming of age ritual to bond with the land or whatever. Bacchus shows up (or even hosts). Maybe some sort of public (or private) sex ceremony?
— The idea of the Pevensies being the only humans in Narnia during their hormonal teenage years has always fascinated me. How did they deal? I'd love something in which Bacchus helps Edmund out, either with direct physicality, instruction, or in other ways. Maybe it happens all at once when Ed goes to his first bacchanal, or maybe it's a slow build over multiple years/visits.
— Aslan loves everyone, but Lucy is obviously his favorite. What if Edmund is this god's special favorite? How come? Showing up to protect or simply visit Ed, maybe sometimes even without Edmund realizing it, sometimes even in our world? IDK, I'm just thinking something romantic in that vein, with Bacchus just adoring Edmund, and keeping an eye out for him, even though they aren't "together".
— In mythology, Bacchus is sometimes depicted as a youth and sometimes as an adult. What if both are correct, and he can decide at will (or maybe something else causes him to shift?)? This lines up well with Edmund, who also goes back and forth in age. Aslan also once gave Lucy a line about how he looked older because she was older, which... huh. Is this true for Bacchus and his faves, too? Basically, a shippy fic that plays with concepts around gods and age/appearance would be cool!
— Worldbuilding about Bacchus's relationship with Narnia, with his followers, with the multiverse, with other gods... but in the background of the shippy stuff (since I do want that most)
— Crossovers: Maybe instead of dying, Edmund uses the rings to go on new adventures to other worlds, where he meets up with Bacchus again. Or maybe he somehow ended up becoming Bacchus's immortal consort and travels between worlds with him. Perhaps they work together to repair Bacchus worship in Atlantis (BBC), since it was presented as wholly un-fun there. Or perhaps Tyrion of Westeros finally meets the 'god of tits and wine', along with Edmund (I only know the TV show). A night at the Drones Club or the garden of Blandings (no Bertie POV here, please, as I want the focus on Edmund). On Lost island?

Atlantis BBC
• Icarus/Pythagoras

General: This ship filled my heart fuller than it's felt in years. Their friendship was lovely (they make a great team!), and the romance arc was wonderfully executed. I love how earnest they both are and how their first instinct is to bottle up their pain, even as they wear their bleeding hearts on their sleeves. I love the contrasts between them, both physical and temperamental. I love Pythagoras’s quiet courage, detached braininess, awkward bluntness, and waspish sarcasm. I love Icarus's dry banter and dynamic with his dad, where he was the responsible one, but could still be talked into shenanigans; he's very clever and resourceful in his own way, the practical everyman of the group.

While the more serious season 2 was 'better' in some ways, I did miss how jolly season 1 was, as well as seeing the main trio's sassy, dorky and playful sides. Something that blends both seasons' tones and characterizations would be amazing, if possible, or pick either one. I love the entire final Team Jason ensemble (plus Medusa, Korinna and Medea). Jason/Ariadne is fine to include in the background, but I wasn't a fan of Hercules/Medusa, even though I loved them individually (Jason/Medusa was my het OTP). This lovely show is on Hulu!

— Canon divergence that assumes they didn't have to flee, Pasiphae died for real, Jason took the throne, whatever. What is Pythagoras's life like as the new king's BFF/advisor while also learning how to date Icarus? Or maybe it's some other canon divergence you create? Either way, I’d love some tender, fumbling first times—I'm not only thinking of sexual ones—as they transition from friends to lovers.
— What about a stop on an island with a magical premise or adventure that results in a personal or relationship breakthrough (kind of like the stops in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, if you know that book)?
— Much as I loved canon, I want to read a million other ways they might have gotten together! As long as you keep basic pre-canon character backstory facts intact (ex. Jason as Pasiphae's son raised in our world, Pythagoras as daddy-killing Samos expat mathematician, etc.), feel free to change everything else about the canon plot. Maybe they got together much earlier, during a missing myth-of-the-week?
— Sex pollen! But no pre-arranged or lucid consent, please; I like it best when it feels fraught in the moment and they find out only afterwards that it was totally consensual and they've been crushing on each other. Or maybe the experience helped at least one of them to realize they liked the other? Or you could even start it the next day and make it about working through the awkward aftermath (that's my favorite part!). Ideally, this is a canon divergent way they got together or happened offscreen before they kissed in the finale.
— Fuck or Die/Ritual Sex: Ideally (for me, not for the characters), this is their canon divergent first time together, before they've confessed their feelings. Sex-oriented sacrificial rites to appease a god? Something they have to do for the adventure/myth of the week? What happens afterwards?
— I wanted a happily ever after for Medusa. What if Icarus and Pythagoras (and Daedalus and Jason, if you want) had found a way to save her? How does the project help get them together?
— Crossovers: The Oracle said our world and the Atlantis world were simply two of many, which makes it sound less like time travel and more like another dimension whence stories happened to seep. Do Pythagoras and Icarus (and anyone else you want) get to go to another world entirely? Or crossover characters blundering into Atlantis and working on something with our heroes? Is Lost's island a stop on the quest?

David Blaize Crossovers
I could not be more ridiculously invested in Frank Maddox. I love his cleverness, earnestness, and appreciation for everything from history to poetry and beyond. He's a fascinating blend of judgmental, whimsical, bossy, charismatic, and melancholic. Although his self-loathing anguish is super compelling, Frank/happiness is my ultimate OTP. I do like Frank/David (and there are two options below where I'd be fine with that pairing as endgame), but I like variety more. So, for this exchange, I'd love a story in which Frank gets over David (and himself, to be honest), moves on, has his own adventures, and finds some happiness and self-acceptance. All that repression must leave him so sexually frustrated; can someone please help him out with that? The first book is free on Gutenberg, but the set that includes the sequel costs only pennies on the Kindle store.

Frank/Edmund Pevensie (Narnia):
My biggest asks are a) for Frank to find out about the magic and b) pretend the Benson books took place later, and/or fudge inter-dimensional timelines so that Frank and Edmund are around the same age during the story. Does Edmund go to Marchester or Cambridge? How does Frank discover Ed's secret and the reason why Ed doesn't think anything so terrible about m/m relationships? What is post-Narnia teen/early adult life like for Edmund, who's been de-aged? Is he also frustrated (sexually or otherwise)? Or maybe it's Frank's parents' house that Edmund burgles to get the rings, and that's how they meet and go off on adventures instead of Edmund dying. Or maybe Frank finds himself in Narnia during the Golden Age and helps the Pevensies with something? How does King Edmund, who probably doesn't have a ton of attractive humans around, react to having Frank there? Does Frank help Ed remember his life before? I'll be thrilled with anything, but bonus points if Frank interacts with magic (ie., either magic in our world, or Frank travels to Narnia).

Frank/Bucky Barnes (MCU):
Please pretend the books happened in the 30s/40s so that Frank and Bucky are the same age (but don't pretend Frank was born in the late 20th century, please). Do they meet during the war (maybe they run into Hughes, too?)? Falling in love while in captivity and being experimented on together? Does the desperation of war get them over their internalized homophobia enough to act on their feelings? Getting over their painful secret crushes on David and Steve by falling for each other (Bucky never having been attracted to Steve is just as welcome)? Frank as a Howling Commando? Bucky and Frank crushing on one another while using their combined smarts to lead a project (and eventually relieving some of that tension)? Random note: I have a pet peeve about Bucky (and Steve) saying things like “ain’t”; can they please speak as properly as they do in the films? Cursing's fine, though.

Frank/Loki (MCU):
As long as they genuinely come to like and care about one another by the end, I'm up for anything. An example could be a canon divergence where Loki fell to Earth or was banished or simply visited, set during the early 20th century. Is he taken in by Frank? Do they meet in some other way? Does he take Frank to Asgard? Bonding over mutual self-loathing, even though it stems from different reasons? Do they help one another get over some of their various issues? Playing pranks on people? Do they work through a project together? I don't see Loki as straight-up evil or crazy or blameless woobie; I like a balance where he's a selfish schemer, and can be a dick, but somewhat sympathetic. I think he's too guarded to flirt or sleep with a lot of people--which makes it all the more special when he does fall for someone.

Frank/Richard Alpert (Lost):
My main ask is for Frank on the island! Like, a canon divergence in which his ship sinks on one of his trips to Greece. Start at some point after he's washed ashore. Frank exploring the island and its mysteries? Does Frank help Richard set up the first settlement of Others? Does Smokey try to tempt/corrupt Frank? Does Jacob give Frank a magical but ultimately unhealthy 'gift' like he gave Richard? For what it's worth, I also ship Richard/Jacob, and like the idea of Smokey's unrequited desire for Richard (and/or maybe Frank?); I don't mind ships co-existing in this case (or Jacob/Frank instead of Richard/Frank, or even R/J/F OT3), if you want. Does Richard feel confused or self-loathing about his attraction to Frank? And vice versa? Can they get over their hang-ups together? How does Frank react to Jacob, this pseudo-god figure who probably doesn't care who people love, and the fact that Richard is so devoted to him, too? Does this create tension? Are there class or hero worship or religious or other issues that they overcome together?

Frank/Pythagoras (Atlantis BBC):
Assume that during one of his trips to Greece, Frank fell into a similar wormhole as Jason did, and start the story after he's arrived in Atlantis. Frank knows all about Greek mythology and could probably help the Atlantis characters solve a problem (ex. the fleece quest, or a missing season 1 episode, or a canon divergence). Is Jason confused because Frank is from his world, but was born 100 years before him? How does he react to meeting the people and seeing the stories go a bit differently? Does this experience show him that he was wrong about Ancient Greece becoming "corrupt and beastly"? (see more below)

Frank/Icarus (Atlantis BBC):
Pretty much the same as above, except maybe it's Daedalus & Icarus who take Frank in? Or they meet in some other way? Is Frank stressed out because he's dreading his new friend's fabled fate? Please pick only one of these pairings; no OT3. I'm generally a hardcore Icarus/Pythagoras shipper, so, for either of these requests, you’d have to pretend they never had or never will have feelings for one another. Or maybe the story happened before Icarus/Pythagoras got together, and this is just a nice fling that amicably ends when Frank has to go home again, but they've both grown from the experience (I'm fine with the happy ending being Frank going home and being ready to make a move on David, if you want).

Frank & Psmith OR Frank & Mike (PG Wodehouse):
Not an official sign-up request, but as another option... I'd love a crossover that facilitates Psmith/Mike and/or Frank/David. That said, as long as at least one of my in-canon pairings is endgame, I'd be cool assuming pre-David Frank hooked up with pre-Sedleigh Psmith or Mike (perhaps when students traveled to each other's schools for cricket matches?). How does that backstory affect my actual ship(s) later on, when they are all at Cambridge together (because of course they were!)? For example, is there stoically repressed yet misplaced jealousy that leads to feelings revealed? Or maybe none of them met before Cambridge. Whatever!

I don’t want matchmaking or interventions, but does getting an outsider POV on one pairing’s angst or happiness or whatever cause someone from the other pairing to decide to do something about his feelings? Ex. Maybe Frank reexamines his stance on 'beastliness' when he finds out that Mike, whom he thinks is great, has a thing with Psmith (I don't care if he ends up with David; the main thing is that he becomes more comfortable with himself). Or maybe seeing Frank so miserable in his repressed pining for David makes Mike decide to go for things with Psmith. A shippy fic set against a backdrop of university slice of life and shenanigans? Anything!

Psmith - P.G. Wodehouse
Characters/Pairings: Psmith/Mike

General: I would like a friends to lovers story, please! Every time Psmith throws himself on his sword for Mike makes me cry in a way that I don’t think Wodehouse books are supposed to make you cry, even while I'm laughing (Psmith's dialogue is sublimely delightful to me). I love how Mike holds his own with Psmith, and how he rolls his eyes but quietly loves him just as much. I love what quiet heroes they both are, while also being delightful little shits. 'Mike and Psmith' and 'Psmith In the City' are free on Gutenberg!

Who is the forward one here, or do they bumble equally in their own ways? Is romance with Mike the one area where Psmith is shy or awkward or confusing or clueless or… something? Does he try to hide his nerves/inexperience? Or not? Or maybe he actually is smooth, but that’s the wrong approach with Mike? Any take would be fascinating. I don't want even a hint of future other pairings; please set it before they met their wives and/or pretend they never did.

A romance would most likely have to be a secret relationship, per the time period. While a little longing and guilty hesitation are nice (and a touch of quietly understood, low-key forbiddenness does add a certain frisson), I’d prefer to avoid anguished coming outs, self-loathing internalized homophobia, and serious, un-Wodhousian discussion of social issues. Maybe they just... get away with keeping it secret, without having to discuss the inherent unfairness? Other kinds of angst are fine, though (bad things happening to them, pining, hurt/comfort, boarding school awfulness, etc.) as long as it turns out okay by the end and retains a sense of humor.

— Sorting out their feelings while dealing with some sort of adventure? Could be drawing room espionage, a Scooby Doo-style mystery, survival on a desert island, or...? Adventures in Narnia or Atlantis or Westeros (I only know the TV show). Perhaps as part of it, Psmith ends up in the soup and Mike has to save him, instead of the other way around?
— One (or both?) in a Groundhog Day loop? No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other, and how they deal with the situation
— A wild night out during the bank days and its ramifications. Maybe they made out while drunk? The story could even start the morning after (I'm all about the awkward aftermath).
— A briefly angsty patch that helps you dig into their relationship/lives before it gets happily resolved? Maybe Psmith feels a little ultimately unjustified jealousy if Wyatt returns? Something else?
— Angst with a Happy Ending: Maybe something terrible or traumatizing happened to Psmith, and all his blather and new identity etc. is a sort of mask... but Mike eventually figures it out and makes it all better.
— Or something terrible happens to Mike, and Psmith goes above and beyond to make things right.
— Themes of romantic boyhood attachments/boarding school boyfriends being a thing guys expect to grow out of, except Psmith and Mike realize... it isn't happening? Maybe some pining, or doomed set-ups, or assuming the other might want to be over it, or "it's a far far better thing I do...", etc. before a happy ending.
— Does Psmith even have other friends? If so, what's he like with them vs Mike? If not...? Touching on how others view their dynamic could be a fun side element to include in any of the above prompts (while still being fully focused on them, so no Bertie POV here, please).
— Sex pollen! But no pre-arranged consent, please; I like it best when it feels fraught in the moment and they find out only afterwards that it was totally consensual and they've been crushing on each other. Or maybe the experience helped at least one of them to realize they liked the other? Or you could even start it the next day and make it about working through the awkward aftermath (that's my favorite part!).
— (okay, I know this is super specific but...) Something that contains a scene in which Lord Emsworth overhears them fucking in the potting shed or somewhere, but the situation and double entendres are such that he thinks they're innocently gardening or something, so that the reader gets the porn that is happening, with nary a shocking word written. Maybe it's part of a larger story where Mike visits Psmith during his time as secretary at Blandings (in an AU in which they never met the women they ended up marrying) and hijinks ensue as they try to hide their relationship, per the time period, or... IDK. Regular porn, outside of this scenario, as part of a larger story, is great, too.
— Crossovers: Psmith/Mike getting together while on an adventure in Narnia, Atlantis, Asgard (MCU), Westeros (I only know the TV show), or Lost's island? Or people from those places blunder into early 20th century London and Psmith/Mike take them in? Also see the David Blaize prompt above.


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