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Hi fellow long fic lover! This is the exchange of my dreams! My letters are disgustingly long because I like to leave lots of info and prompts for people who like that (and then I get carried away...). However, especially for longer fic, it's so much more important that YOU are having fun and feeling passionate about what you're writing. Feel free to twist the prompts, or do just a bit of one, or even ignore them entirely and base it loosely on a general like or a nugget from the fandom/character squee. I only request characters or pairings that I'm desperate for pretty much any not-depressing fic about, so go where your interests take you and I'm sure I'll love it.

While I do prefer "getting together" over "established relationship" for shippy fic, I'm not invested in the genre tags; don't worry about how well your fic fits whichever one we matched on. I only like angst when it comes with an earned happy/hopeful ending. Thank you!

Things I Love
Devoted Odd Couples: having one another’s backs; enjoying one another's company; laughing at one another; fond exasperation; characters with wildly different speech patterns; secret relationships; forced or repeated proximity creating friendships/romances

Earning Your Happy Ending: self-help; being jollied or distracted into a better emotional place; getting over some of your baggage; finding home where you least expect it; Groundhog Day loops

Competence & Resourcefulness: complementary skill sets; badassery; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity; the pen is mightier than the sword

Adventures & Journeys: exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; trains; ships; hotels; vacations gone awry; fish out of water; realm-hopping; captured or stranded together; undercover as a couple missions (where setting appropriate)

Friends to Lovers: I love this even for pairings who don't canonically know each other; feel free to skip the meet-cute and start at a time when they've already become friends. I love multiple approaches. 1) Where they realize they have more than platonic feelings, or have been lightly crushing for a while, and resolving that UST. 2) Start the story right after the first kiss/declaration, setting it during the days or weeks that follow. The relationship does change; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Working through that transition and learning new things about one another—both wonderful and irritating—that didn't come up before. 3) Friends with benefits or 'sex before feelings' that becomes more serious during the story (I'm even cool with the FWB arrangement having started before the fic).

Dorks Doing It: first times; MAKEOUTS!; slightly awkward but fun and satisfying sex; laughter or friendly banter during sex; inexperienced characters who are into it and not completely clueless; too desperate to properly get clothes off; coming in pants; shower sex; outdoor sex; I have a list of tropes I like in the first three paragraphs here, if you want more direction (but you don't need to read it)

Just Add Magic: Magical realism or characters encountering mythological, fantasy, or eldritch horror elements in the otherwise canonical universe. No explanation needed! I'm not crazy about werewolves, vampires or zombies, but other examples include: magical paintings or books; magical or cursed artifacts; "hour inside, year outside" locations; locations that aren't always there; magic as explanation for a canon plot point; wishes unexpectedly (or unexplainedly) granted; wishes gone awry; magic comes with a price; canonical metaphors made literal; character is descended from a supernatural species (ex. selkies); something else!

Crossovers: Love 'em! I don't want Lymond crossed with anything, but you can cross any of the other fandoms below, either with each other or with Narnia, Lost or Atlantis. A crossover doesn't need to be about the requested pairings, but I would still like it to focus on at least one character I requested. There’s a long list of crossover prompts for these fandoms here, as well as general crossover likes and dislikes. Anything you see there (or linked from there) is fair game.

Do Not Wants
— romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested
— goofy crack, fusions, and alternate setting AUs (but wild canon divergences are very welcome!)
— fics set entirely pre-canon/backstory
— fics where none of the main characters ever find out about the others' backgrounds or magic (the reveal doesn't have to happen on-screen, but please don't end it with everyone thinking everything is normal!)
Things That Upset Me: the afterlife; major character death; bleak endings; noncon; dark dynamics in my ships; destiny/fate
Schmoopiness: plotless fluff; non-canonical pet names or terms of endearment; people saying "I love you" verbatim
Sex & Relationship-Related: soulmates; D/s dynamics; OT3s; shovel talks, yentas, and matchmakers; pregnancy; adultery; hatesex
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically spelled dialogue
Crossover-related: tragic, Steve/Peggy-style age mismatches; crossovers of more than two canons at a time; fourth wall breakage

David Blaize - EF Benson
Frank Maddox

General: It's been many years since I last fell this hard for a character (maybe since Psmith?). I love Frank's cleverness, earnestness, and appreciation for everything from history to poetry and beyond. He's a fascinating blend of judgmental, whimsical, bossy, charismatic, and melancholic. I'm a sucker for his suffocating anguish, but I ultimately want him to get over it (and himself, to be honest) enough to be happy and gain a little more self-acceptance. What finally spurs him to stop repressing? Or does an accidental slip open the door to more, with David or someone else? How much self-flagellation is involved, before, during, or after? Or none at all? I also love Margery and Bags (though I prefer his characterization in the first book) and the parents, so they're welcome to appear. No het ships for Frank, please.

Frank/happiness is my OTP. I ship Frank/David, but I'm just as happy for David not to appear, and to read about Frank getting over David, moving on, and finding happiness with some nice crossover guy (without bashing David, please). Gen is great, too. Maybe a non-romantic adventure and new friendship leads him to a more hopeful place? Something that goes more into his family life? No matter what, please don't leave Frank hurt, heartbroken or back to eternal self-loathing repression at the end. If you focus on Frank/David, please let them get together for a hopeful ending.

— I love how journeys and new environments can lead to characters working through issues and making breakthroughs. Does he visit relatives in Paris? Or maybe David accompanies him to Greece and they get together?
— Groundhog Day: My favorite trope. No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other and how they deal with the situation
— Magical Realism: What if Frank holding David's hand really did magically save his life (without it being a soulmate/bond thing)? Or, even separately from David, is Frank magic somehow? Does some of his self-loathing stem from whatever is different about him? Or does he go somewhere special? I love how the narrative referred to him as a fairy tale prince; something playing with the idea of actual magic would be amazing.
— The chapter where Frank devises the plan to catch the cheaters was such fun; I’d love something that showcases his cleverness and snark and take-chargeness in action
— Greece: I cannot express how much I love that Frank loves classical archaeology. The chapter that went into how it feels so immediate and human the moment you scratch under the surface was beautiful. And yet he's simultaneously all self-loathing and disparaging about it ("the Greeks became corrupt and beastly"... oh, Frank!). Something touching on this theme would be lovely. Something interesting happens during one of his digs in Greece? Antiquity coming alive (have you ever read The Enchanted Castle by E Nesbit? Something like that would be amazing!)?
— Frank/David: Some random themes... Circumstances under which Frank's Herculean restraint might falter. Whether Frank is as cool in practice with David lessening his hero worship as he says he'll be (and whether David even does so). Continuing to work past certain unhealthy aspects of their relationship, such as the way Frank fetishizes David as this untouchably pure object (I think David's getting too old for that...), etc.
— Other Frank/David: David's always been top dog in Frank's heart. What if there's new competition that makes him stop taking his special position for granted, and maybe realizing he wants more? What if Frank is the one who "unlocks the private David" after all?
— What if Hughes comes back? While I don't want something that's all about Frank/Hughes, I am curious what what exactly was going on there. This could be an interesting side theme to include.
— Crossovers: Here are all of my Frank crossover requests. There are prompts for crossovers with Lost, Narnia, MCU, Psmith and Atlantis. I'd be just as happy with the / ships written as gen (but not vice versa). You could also write about Frank in Narnia with characters other than those requested. For the college-aged prompts, you could set it before David came to Cambridge (ie., no David in the fic) or after (ie., with David). Whatever! Or, for an even longer shot, pretend Frank and Lawrence Durrell (from 'My Family & Other Animals') are around the same age; Frank/Lawrence and/or gen where Frank hangs out in Crete with the Durrell clan?

• Loki/Bucky
• Loki & Bucky

General: I earnestly adore the idea of these two. I think they would make such an entertainingly snarky and angsty and badass odd couple, regardless of whether it's as friends or lovers. They might be able to get each other, and/or tough love each other to a better place. As long as they genuinely like one another by the end, it's totally fine (understandable, really!) if it starts out wary or slightly manipulative.

Post-CW is fine, but I really love extreme canon divergences that pretend Phase 2 (or even the first Avengers movie) didn't happen, or happened very differently, or only bits and pieces did. I'm totally on board with assuming "Loki fell to Earth" or "Loki was banished to Earth instead of Thor" and/or "Bucky escaped/recovered his memories differently", and/or "Bucky never killed the Starks and isn't being hunted anymore", and/or "the Odin!Loki thing never happened and he's been handwavily forgiven" etc.

Some random things: 1) I have a pet peeve about Bucky (and Steve) saying "ain't". Can they please speak as properly as they do in the films? Cursing is fine, though. 2) Please let Bucky be a fully functional badass with at least a glimmer of a sense of humour, as he seemed to me in TWS and/or CW. I like stories about him trying to move on and build a new life, not ones that are all about his painful recovery. I like self-help and emotional healing through partnership and activity more than caretaker/woobie hurt-comfort. 3) I see Loki as Chaotic Neutral 4, not as totally evil or crazy. And I think he's too guarded to flirt/sleep with a lot of people (which makes it more special when he does fall for someone). 4) While I like everyone fine, I'm most invested in the characters and relationships introduced in Phase 1. No Darcy or Sharon, please, and nothing from the TV shows, as I'm not familiar with them.

— I yearn for Bucky in Asgard or other realms. His impressions of the place and of Loki, any background friendships he makes (with Sif? with Heimdall? with Frigga--who isn't dead, dammit!), how his skills or perspective might help Asgardians with a problem or adventure... I honestly don't care how/why he's there. Feel free to start in media res and/or handwave the reason.
— The Convergence left wounded Loki stranded on Earth, to be found and taken in by Bucky, who's in hiding post-TWS
— I love canon setting versions of tropes that are usually written as mundane. For example, they're still superheroes/aliens/whatever, but they met as Craigslist roommates or at a bar. How do they end up finding out about one another's true nature and background?
— Identity Porn: Does Loki not know that his crush object is the Winter Soldier? Does Bucky not know that the guy who frequents his favorite coffee shop is the villain from his superhero life? Please let them find out eventually!
— Missions Together: Maybe something involving a ridiculous trope? Or not?
— Stranded Together: In space? In an avalanche? On Lost Island? At a terrible party? Anywhere! How do they bond and work together to get out of the situation?
— Other Forced Proximity Tropes: Arranged marriage, undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience (but not "fake boyfriend for the holidays")... I'm into these tropes for the domesticity and getting to know each other that happens during the arrangement. As long as it's for a real reason with stakes, I don't care about the set-up; handwave away. You could even set it after the project ends and they're feeling wistful in a way that makes them want to make a move for real. Gen takes on these tropes are also welcome!
— A deal or scheme or trick or dare leads to feelings?
— Sex pollen! But no pre-arranged consent, please; I like it best when it's fraught in the moment and they find out only afterwards that it was totally consensual and they like each other. Or maybe the experience helped at least one of them to realize they liked the other? Or you could even start it the next day and make it all about the awkward aftermath (that's my favorite part!).
— What if Bucky had been the one to coincidentally find the Aether, and thus get drawn into Asgard drama? What if he had been able to harness it and use it, and completely change the story, instead of being damseled?
— Crossovers: In addition to the two officially requested Bucky/Lost crossovers below, I have a ton of crossover prompts for Bucky and/or Loki, either written out or linked here. Anything you see involving either of these characters is fair game! I'll be just as happy with any of the requested / crossover pairings written as gen (but not vice versa), so don't let a lack of shipping them put you off. I also ship Steve/Bucky, so you could write that pairing into a crossover, if you want.

Lymond Chronicles
Francis Crawford/Christian Stewart

General: I will never be over them, and all their beautiful potential. I yearn for a canon divergence AU about Francis and Christian getting together and being okay after the first book. Adventures together in the time between the first and second books? Or pretend the rest of the books didn't happen; what kinds of hyper-competent hijinks would they have gotten up to? How would their friends and family react to them as a couple? Do Francis and Christian even care what anyone thinks? The more UST (that gets happily resolved, please), the better, especially if it's Francis being all anguished.

The first book is far and away my favorite. Francis is so much more FUN in it—more random poetry and foreign quotes and clever pranks and self-satisfied snark and insufferable show-offness and lucid drunkenness—while still being deliciously anguished and righteously angry. And they have so much fun together, despite all the drama and angst. I love their secret visits and correspondence and music. I love the way they conspire so dangerously, but at the same time, she's the only person he seems to truly relax around. I love how her blindness never stops her from being ridiculously capable. I love the way he understands how she wants to be treated, and quietly helps her get what she wants out of life. I love their equal amounts of self-sacrificing love for one another, and the way she sees right through him, and is somewhat over his bullshit.

I love all the characters and dynamics from the first book, so anyone else you want can appear. Instead of bashing or hurting Tom, please pretend their engagement amicably fell apart, or else never existed. Canon ships that don't involve Francis or Christian are fine to include in the background. I don't need a whole explanation for how Christian is still alive, unless you're excited to write about that; I'm perfectly happy starting the story post-Game of Kings with the assumption that her wounds weren't that bad (or never even happened!).

— The books skipped over the first year of Francis's reinstatement into Scottish high society. Tell me more about how that went! Even with the trial going well, I assume it would have been at least a little bit awkward at first. What if they'd gotten the formal reintroduction they had so wistfully wished for? Their meetings in the book were always so (necessarily) isolated; how would they, as a unit, interact with the ensemble?
— Are they capable of settling into normal life, or would they quickly give up and run away for more adventures?
— One (or both?) in a Groundhog Day loop? No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other, and how they deal with the situation.
— Canon divergence about a totally other (Christian-involved) way that the truth about Francis's heritage came out, and the two of them dealing with it together?
— The chapter with the pseudo-scavenger hunt for the glove was amazing, as was the part where he writes to her via Agnes. Something involving another puzzle Francis sets up, that Christian has to solve? Or that someone else sets up they have to solve together?
— Something where magic is real. Like Johnnie Bullo's work not being a con, or Druids, or... IDK. Francis and Christian dealing with the ensuing adventure while also dealing with their feelings.
— Undercover as a couple in France or London? Arranged marriage or marriage of convenience that turns real? I love these tropes for the forced domesticity and day-to-day deepening of the relationship. You can handwave the reason for it, if you're stuck.
— I think Sybilla shipped it (Agnes and little Mary probably did, too... Mary and Francis's secret BFFness was too cute); while I don't like matchmaking, I do enjoy trope subversions where people try to set them up, not realizing the people are already secretly dating.
— More reputation-saving quests or diplomatic shenanigans? Basically, any kind of canon-typical plot, but with the two of them working together while getting together.

Psmith - PG Wodehouse

General: Every time Psmith throws himself on his sword for Mike makes me cry in a way that I don’t think Wodehouse books are supposed to make you cry, even while I'm laughing my head off at the amazing dialogue. I love how Mike holds his own with Psmith, and how he rolls his eyes but quietly loves him just as much. Mike has his own self-sacrificing streak, too. These two!

There’s so much they feel but don’t say, even with Psmith’s incessant talking (his dialogue is sublimely delightful to me); in what other ways can those feelings come out? Who is the forward one here, or do they bumble equally in their own ways? Is romance with Mike the one area where Psmith is shy or awkward or confusing or clueless or… something? Does he try to hide his nerves/inexperience? Or not? Or maybe he actually is smooth, but that’s the wrong approach with Mike? Any take would be fascinating.

A romance would most likely have to be a secret relationship, per the time period. While a little longing and guilty hesitation are nice (and a touch of quietly understood, low-key forbiddenness does add a certain frisson), I’d prefer to avoid anguished coming outs and serious, un-Wodhousian discussion of social issues. Maybe they just... get away with keeping it secret, without having to overly discuss that that's what they're doing? Other kinds of angst are fine, though (bad things happened off-screen, pining, hurt/comfort, boarding school awfulness, righteous anger, etc.) as long as it turns out okay by the end.

— Adventures! Teaming up for drawing room espionage, or a Scooby Doo-style mystery, or survival on a desert island? Perhaps as part of it, Psmith ends up in the soup and Mike has to save him, instead of the other way around?
— One (or both?) in a Groundhog Day loop? No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other, and how they deal with the situation
— A wild night out during the bank days and its ramifications. Maybe they made out while drunk? The story could even start the morning after.
— Dealing with complications from a magical element they encounter (see General Likes), and maybe sorting out their feelings in the process?
— A briefly angsty patch that helps you dig into their relationship/lives before it gets happily resolved? Maybe Psmith feels a little ultimately unjustified jealousy if Wyatt returns? Something else?
— Angst with a Happy Ending: Maybe something terrible or traumatizing happened to Psmith before his arrival at Sedleigh, and all his blather and new identity etc. is a sort of mask for how messed up he is... but Mike eventually figures it out and makes it all better. Or something terrible happens to Mike, and Psmith goes above and beyond to make things right.
— Angst with a Happy Ending: Themes of romantic boyhood attachments/boarding school boyfriends being a thing guys expect to grow out of after they graduate, except Psmith and Mike realize they... don't? Maybe some pining, or doomed set-ups, or assuming the other might want to be over it, or "it's a far far better thing I do...", etc. before a happy ending.
— Does Psmith even have other friends? If so, what's he like with them vs Mike? If not...? Touching on how others view their dynamic could be a fun side element to include in any of the above prompts (while still being fully focused on them, so no Bertie POV here, please).
— Sex pollen! But no pre-arranged consent, please; I like it best when it feels fraught in the moment and they find out only afterwards that it was totally consensual and they've been crushing on each other. Or maybe the experience helped at least one of them to realize they liked the other? Or you could even start it the next day and make it about working through the awkward aftermath (that's my favorite part!).
— (okay, I know this is super specific but...) Something that contains a scene in which Lord Emsworth overhears them fucking in the potting shed or somewhere, but the situation and double entendres are such that he thinks they're innocently gardening or something, so that the reader gets the porn that is happening, with nary a shocking word written. Maybe it's part of a larger story where Mike visits Psmith during his time as secretary at Blandings (in an AU in which they never met the women they ended up marrying) and hijinks ensue as they try to hide their relationship, per the time period, or... IDK. Regular porn, outside of this scenario, as part of a larger story, is great, too.
— Crossovers! With Narnia, Atlantis, Lost, David Blaize, MCU or Game of Thrones (TV only). Prompts here. You could focus on either Psmith or Mike, or both of them together, but no matter what, please don't put either of them in a crossover romance (a bit of jealousy sparked by misunderstanding is fine, though!).

MCU/Lost Crossovers
• Bucky & Hurley
• Bucky & Juliet

General Lost Notes: This will always be my most favorite show. I love the setting, the action/adventure, the humor. I love the theme of broken characters getting over their baggage via self-help and forced proximity friendships/romances. I love the exuberant lunacy of it all, and how the characters mostly rolled with it. Nothing set in the sideways universe, 108 Days, or during characters' pre-island flashbacks, please. While the afterlife is a massive nope for me, Miles's superpower and Smokey's projections are cool. (Notes about Bucky are in the Bucky/Loki request above.)

Instead of aging Lost characters up to match real life release dates, can you please pretend Lost happened alongside the MCU movies (ex. TWS and the Lost finale happened within a few months of each other, or CW and the Lost finale happened at the same time, or some other intersection)? While I've left some premise prompts below, I don't actually care how Bucky gets to the island. Feel free to start with Bucky already there in order to focus on his deepening friendships with Lost characters.

Bucky & Hurley: Bucky on the island, post-series finale, please! The image of these two together on the beach (or in the foot, or in the lighthouse, or playing golf, etc.) just makes me smile SO HARD. Hurley could jolly anyone into a better headspace. Post-finale, with so many friends dead and being thrust into this role he didn't ask for, Hurley also needed someone to jolly HIM into a better headspace, poor dear; it could be fun to see them working together to overcome. What adventures do they have together? While Ben is welcome as part of the ensemble around Hurley, I'd prefer not to focus on him too much. I love Rose, Bernard and Desmond, though! And Bucky with Vincent!

— Does post-TWS Bucky somehow wind up on the island, just in time to help Hurley settle into his new role and fix things on the island (ie. right after the series finale)? Healing through active projects!
— Maybe there were comics or whatever of Cap (and Bucky?)? If so, I feel like Hurley would be such a fanboy of Bucky's.
— Bucky and Hurley learning about and dealing with more of a conceptual worldbuilding crossover. Are any Lost concepts (ex. time travel, donkey wheel, Constants, gods, etc.) connected to MCU concepts (ex. Infinity Stones, Hydra, Kamar-Taj, inter-realm wormholes, etc.)?
— Have some of Hurley's friends come back for a visit so that Bucky can meet more of the gang?
— Maybe post-TWS, Bucky ended up on that flight to Guam and was the only other passenger to survive Smokey's massacre. He runs into Hurley & Co right after the finale and spends awhile with them?
— Maybe Bucky is involved in how Desmond got home again (background Desmond/Penny and Rose/Bernard are obviously welcome)? Maybe Hurley's new island protector powers can help with Bucky's triggers?
— Maybe Hurley visits his mom post-finale (I love her!), to let her know what's up, and brings his new bestie, Bucky?

Bucky & Juliet: I nominated Juliet, but I'd be just as happy with something focused on Bucky&Miles or Bucky&Sawyer or Bucky&Left-Behinders ensemble. Basically, I want Bucky making friends with any/all of: Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Jin; and Richard, too. Gen is fantastic, but if you want to ship Bucky/Miles, Bucky/Juliet, or Bucky/Richard, go right ahead (but only one of those ships, please). Including background Sawyer/Juliet is fine if you're not going to ship her with Bucky. Feel free to ignore any canon character deaths you want. I also ship Steve/Bucky, if you want to incorporate that.

— Bucky in the DHARMA commune, as a member of the secret time-travelers club. Experiencing some island mysteries, wearing a jumpsuit, sharing a yellow house with someone nice, getting a Sawyer nickname, maybe the Communists taught him Korean... You get the idea. Maybe before he went to Michigan, Dan was able to help Bucky's triggers?
— Maybe the Winter Soldier was one of the soldiers on the freighter, the only one to survive (I mean, Lost DOES have a Hydra Island! and Widmore WAS on that council with Fury!) and he flashed to the 70s, too? Does the island cure him? Temporarily or permanently?
— Maybe Hydra sent him to the island in the 70s on a mission? Maybe he fell off the train and onto the island, which time-warped him to the 70s, no Winter Soldier stuff happening to him at all. Maybe he returns to the present (with or without) the others and finds Steve again?
— Does Richard know Bucky from way back in the 30s/40s, and they meet again at some later date, possibly along with all the others (ie., 70s or post-series)?
— Instead of or in addition to, the 70s, you could also write something where Bucky befriends Sawyer, Miles, Richard, and/or Juliet post-finale (just pretend she didn't die?). Maybe he meets up with them post-series/post-some MCU canon divergence? If he knew them before, does he recognize them? Or is he brainwashed again? Do they take the escaped Winter Soldier in and make him one of their misfit found family trying to readjust to normal life (or take him in again)?
— Do the Avengers recruit post-series Hurley, Sawyer, Miles, Richard and/or Juliet (oh, and you could include Frank, too, if you want) for a project that could use their particular skills/experiences, and that's how Bucky meets them? What's the project and how do they work together and bond?
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