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Thanks so much for offering one of these! My letters always run long because I love thinking up prompts, but I'm not married to them. You can twist them around, or use just a bit of one, or ignore them entirely and go off a couple of the general likes. And please don't think I'm looking for a bunch of things I touched on to be crammed in (I'm really not!). I just desperately want fic about these characters -- all of them equally, I really promise -- so as long as you're having fun, I'm sure I'll love it! I'm aurilly on AO3 as well. Thanks again!

General Notes
• I love canon divergences! As long as you keep the general setting/premise and character backgrounds/dynamics, feel free to pick and choose whatever plot elements you want; no need to explain what changed or tie it back to a single point of divergence.

• Handwaving the logistics and starting in media res are totally welcome. I'm just as--often more!--interested in watching characters navigate what comes after a prompted premise than I am in the premise itself. You could even exposit in passing that they were captured last week or drunkenly kissed last night or fell through an inter-dimensional portal yesterday, and focus the story on what happens next.

• I like fics where people talk and do new things, so no missing scenes, alternate POV retellings, or plotless introspective character studies, please.

Things I Love
Devoted Friendships: having one another’s backs; enjoying one another's company; laughing at one another; fond exasperation; quietly self-sacrificial gestures; unexpected reunions; falling in love; hugs; demonstrating affection without using the words "I love you"

Adventures & Journeys: realm hopping; trains; ships; vacations gone awry; fish out of water; captured or stranded together; exploring new territory

Competence & Resourcefulness: complementary skill sets; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity; the pen is mightier than the sword; daring rescues or escapes

Just Add Magic: Magical realism or characters encountering mythological, fantasy, or eldritch horror elements in the otherwise canonical universe (happy endings, please!). I'm not crazy about werewolves, vampires or zombies, but other examples include: magical paintings or books; magical or cursed artefacts; "hour inside, year outside" locations; locations that aren't always there; magic as explanation for a canon plot point; wishes unexpectedly granted; wishes gone awry; magic comes with a price; character is descended from a supernatural species (ex. selkies); something else!

Dorks Doing It: first times; sloppy makeouts; learning about what each other likes; slightly awkward sex where everyone's enjoying it (and maybe laughing a bit), even if it's also angsty; inexperienced participants who are neither shy nor passive; if you want more direction for this sort of thing, there are lists of things I like in the first three paragraphs here, but the preferences aren't a big deal and I like PG13 makeouts just as much, so there's no pressure to read it

Crossovers: On the offchance that you know one of my other fandoms, I'd love crossovers for the David Blaize or Psmith books. Please keep it to just the fandoms (and ships) listed, and please keep at least half the focus on my requested Yuletide characters. No crossovers for Oz, please.

Do Not Want
• romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested
• crack, fusions and alternate setting AUs (ex. space, modern-day, Hogwarts, etc.)
Meddling Friends: shovel talks, yentas, matchmakers, amateur therapists (I want my requested characters to figure out and act on plots and feelings for themselves)
Things That Upset Me: embarrassment/humiliation; unhappy endings; major character death; the afterlife; "it was all a dream"; UST that never gets resolved
Schmoopiness: plotless fluff; pet names; people saying "I love you" verbatim
Sex & Relationship-Related: underage sex (but references to Frank's past liaisons are okay); noncon; soulmates; Dom/sub dynamics; A/B/O; genderbending; adultery; OT3s; pregnancy
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically written dialogue (my brain genuinely struggles to process it)

Psmith - PG Wodehouse: Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson
What It Is & How to Consume: These are (short!) gently humorous novels about a devoted odd couple in early 20th century England, from boarding school to beyond. 'Mike & Psmith' and 'Psmith In the City' are both free on Gutenberg. 'Psmith, Journalist' and 'Leave It to Psmith' come after, but they aren't necessary for this request, since Mike barely appears.

Request: I'd love a friends-to-lovers story that happens alongside some kind of slice of life exploration or adventure (canon-typical is great, but bonus points for totally out there adventures), with Psmith being his clever, eccentric, weirdly heroic self and Mike being his delightfully normal self. Who is the forward one here, or do they bumble equally in their own ways? Is romance with Mike the one area where Psmith is shy or awkward or confusing or clueless or… something? Does he try to hide his nerves/inexperience? Or not? Or maybe he actually is smooth, but that’s the wrong approach with Mike? Any take would be fascinating.

Every time Psmith throws himself on his sword for Mike makes me cry in a way that I don’t think Wodehouse books are supposed to make you cry. I love how Mike holds his own with Psmith, and how he rolls his eyes but quietly loves him just as much. There’s so much they feel but don’t say, even with Psmith’s incessant talking (his dialogue is sublimely delightful to me); in what other ways can those feelings come out? If you don't ship them, a non-canon-typical gen adventure (ex. one with magic or a crossover) that digs into their friendship and shows how well they work together would be wonderful.

A romance would most likely have to be a secret relationship, per the time period. However, if you could not dwell on the social issues and angst about that, I’d appreciate it, because, while a little longing and hesitation are nice (and a touch of quietly understood, low-key forbiddenness does add a certain frisson), I’d like something in the generally upbeat spirit of the books, without un-Wodhousian seriousness or self-loathing or anguished coming outs. I don't want to read about either of them in love with anyone else, so please set the story before they met their wives, and/or pretend they never did. Nothing set when they are much older than canon, please.

— Adventures! Teaming up for drawing room espionage, or a Scooby Doo-style mystery, or survival on a desert island? Perhaps as part of it, Psmith ends up in the soup and Mike has to save him, instead of the other way around?
— One (or both?) in a Groundhog Day loop? No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other, and how they deal with the situation
— I love friends to lovers stories that start after the first kiss/declaration. The relationship does change during the days or weeks that follow; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Working through that transition and learning new things about one another--both wonderful and irritating--that didn't come up before.
— Friends with benefits that becomes more serious by the end of the story
— A wild night out during the bank days and its ramifications. Maybe they made out while drunk? The story could even start the morning after.
— Dealing with complications from a magical element they encounter (see General Likes), and maybe sorting out their feelings in the process?
— A briefly angsty patch that helps you dig into their relationship/lives before it gets happily resolved? Maybe Psmith feels a little ultimately unjustified jealousy if Wyatt returns? Something else entirely?
— Do they know any of the Drones chappies? Does Psmith even have other friends? If so, what's he like with them vs Mike? If not...? Touching on how others view their dynamic could be a fun side element to include in any of the above prompts (while still being fully focused on them, so no Bertie POV here, please).
— (okay, I know this is super specific but...) Something that contains a scene in which Lord Emsworth overhears them fucking in the potting shed or somewhere, but the situation and double entendres are such that he thinks they're innocently gardening or something, but the reader gets the porn that is happening, with nary a shocking word written; maybe it's part of a larger story where Mike visits Psmith during his time as secretary at Blandings (in an AU in which they never met the women they ended up marrying) and hijinks ensue as they try to hide their relationship, per the time period, or maybe it's just a farcical PWP one-shot... whatever!
— Crossover with David Blaize, Atlantis, Narnia or Lost: if you happen to know one of these, there's a slew of prompts, as well as general crossover likes/dislikes here.

Oz - L. Frank Baum: Button-Bright, Polychrome
What it is and how to consume: There's so much more to Oz than 'The Wizard of Oz'! The entire, wonderfully cracked out (yet oddly practical-minded, and played beautifully straight) series is free on Gutenberg. There's no reason to read them all or in order. Button-Bright and Polychrome appear together in Road to Oz and Sky Island. Button-Bright also stars in The Scarecrow of Oz and Polly stars in Tik-Tok of Oz. They appear in smaller roles in other books, too, but 'Road to Oz' and 'Sky Island', and (to a lesser and optional extent) 'Scarecrow' and 'Tik-Tok', are all you'd need for this request.

Request: These darlings! They're both always getting lost! An adventure that digs into their characterizations and deepens their dynamic would be wonderful. Incorporating worldbuilding about literally any place or concept in the books, or culture clashes between life in the sky/life in the US/life in Oz would be amazing, if it fits.You could keep it whimsical, or go angstier than the books, or tackle canon concepts more seriously, or explore the darkness lurking under the surface. I only know the Baum books, so please keep it to canon from those. I'm fond of almost everyone (except Scraps, sorry!), so anyone is welcome to appear in the background; however, bonus points for less written characters such as Trot, Shaggy Man, Tik-Tok, Glinda or the Ork.

I love all the books, but 'Sky Island' is my favorite for these characters (my faves). I like Button-Bright when he's smarter and a more active protagonist than he was in 'Road to Oz'. Polly similarly has a lot more oomph in 'Sky Island', and I loved her parting promise to always look out for him. But I enjoy their characterizations in regular Oz canon, too (especially Polly's, as an ethereal and whimsical delight). Or you could do a blend. There are so many inconsistencies in the books, so don't stress about canon compliance.

— Does Button-Bright visit Polly on the rainbow? Does she recruit him for help with a problem in the sky? I'd love to learn more about her home and day-to-day life.
— How did Button-Bright lose his umbrella and end up in that popcorn snowdrift at the start of 'Scarecrow of Oz'? (obviously, Polly was involved)
— Either a canon divergence where Polly gets stranded in Philadelphia before Button-Bright moved to Oz, OR post-series Button-Bright gets so lost that he (and somehow Polly) ends up back in our world. What happens next? Is it a short visit, or do they stay long enough to grow up a bit? How does Polly like or adapt to our world? How do they work together to get back to Oz, or do they stay?
— Captured or stranded together; forced proximity, and working together to rescue themselves
— I'd love an exploration of the carefree pros and melancholy cons of immortal childhood. Does Polly, who's already thousands of years old, help Button-Bright adjust to the concept when he moves to Oz? OR what if something (a spell, a fruit they shouldn't have eaten, it doesn't matter) has left them both temporarily aged up to ~19? What happens next? Suddenly experiencing hormones? Gaining new perspectives? Changes in their dynamics with other characters? Wistfulness if/when they get de-aged again?
— Polly and Button-Bright are the only ones who can save their friends from the latest peril. How do they work together to do it?
— Gen would be wonderful, but I'm also open to shipping them... Does Button-Bright not even realize that what he feels is a crush? Or is it Polly who has been crushing on oblivious Button Bright? Is love between a sky fairy and a dopey American kid frowned upon? Please keep it super innocent--hand-holding, first crushes, hugs, confused feelings, chaste kisses, sweet gestures, huddling for warmth... Basically, nothing hot and heavy unless you're aging them up to 18+, please!
— Some examples of what I meant by 'canon concepts': the colors in each quadrant of Oz; the fairy family tree; portals/ways of getting between Earth and fairyland, and how the two planes of reality coexist; the Truth Pond; Glinda's book of records; anything else!

David Blaize - E. F. Benson: Frank Maddox, David Blaize
**Thank you, from my very depths, to whoever recced this in response to my Psmith pimping post at the Yuletide comm (who are you? let me love you!). I tried it, and now I'm obsessed!

What it is and how to consume: Two novels about canonically USTy friendships at boarding school and Cambridge in early 20th century England. There’s lots of deliciously sublimated longing and self-loathing shame about said longing, but the angst is balanced by fun school shenanigans. The first book is free on Gutenberg, but the whole set costs only pennies on the Kindle store. The set includes an Alice In Wonderland-style prequel about wee David that has nothing to do with the other two books (and isn't necessary for this request; I haven't read it).

Request: I'd like a friends to lovers story that happens alongside some kind of slice of life exploration or adventure (canon-typical is great, but bonus points for totally out there adventures). I'm a sucker for Frank's suffocating anguish, but I also want him to get over it enough to be happy. Does something spur him to finally go for it, or does an accidental slip open the door to more? Or something else? How much self-flagellation is involved, before, during, or after? Or none at all? No matter what, please don't leave Frank hurt, heartbroken or back to eternal self-loathing repression at the end! I'd love to see him take steps towards some self-acceptance. I also love Margery and Bags (though I prefer his characterization in the first book) and the parents, so they're welcome to appear. You could also write a crossover (see options below); if you do, David is not required to appear. Nothing set when they are much older than canon, please.

♥♥FRANK♥♥ I love his cleverness, earnestness, and appreciation for everything from history to poetry and beyond. He's a fascinating blend of judgmental, whimsical, bossy, charismatic, and melancholic. David is great, too. I love how confused and earnest all his thoughts and feelings are as he slowly grows up. I'd be interested to see any of the following themes explored within the story's plot: circumstances under which Frank's Herculean restraint might falter; whether Frank is as cool in practice with David lessening his hero worship as he says he'll be (and whether David even does so); continuing to work past certain aspects of their relationship, such as the initial master/servant stuff, the way Frank fetishizes David as this untouchably pure object (I think David's getting too old for that...), etc. Unless you're doing a crossover, I really want Frank's desire for David to be requited, so please don't write David as asexual (same goes for all my ships, actually).

— I love how journeys can lead to characters discovering and working through new sides of one another and their relationship. What about a trip to NYC? To Paris? David accompanies Frank to Greece? To another world?
— Frank in a Groundhog Day loop: No need to explain how it starts or why it ends (handwave away!); what I care about are things people learn about themselves and each other and how they deal with the situation
— What about a Paolo and Francesca-type scenario (I mean the reading/hookup part, not the death/hell part)? Or you could assume that happened yesterday and make the story about the aftermath. Or do both, if you're inclined!
— Dealing with complications from a magical element they encounter (see General Likes), and maybe sorting out their feelings in the process?
— What if Frank holding David's hand really did magically save his life (without it being a soulmate/bond thing)? Is Frank magic somehow? Does some of his self-loathing stem from whatever is different about him?
— David was extra lovingful of Frank when he was dying. Assume he said or did something while on morphine to reveal feelings/desires, and focus the story on what happens after he's better. Does David's brush with death jolt him into making a move? Does Frank angst about whether or not David even remembers what happened? Something else?
— The part where Frank devises the plan to catch the cheaters was such fun; I’d love another story showcasing his cleverness and snark and take-chargeness in action
— Crossover with Psmith, Atlantis, Narnia or Lost: if you happen to know one of these, there's a slew of prompts, as well as general crossover likes/dislikes here.
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