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I love love love crossovers. This is a storehouse for all the prompts that I have strewn all over the place, for use in any exchange. It might be easier to navigate this post from the view on my main journal page, where you can see the whole thing at a glance and use the cut-links.

HERE are general crossover likes and dislikes, as well as prompts for my forever fandoms, which are: David Blaize, Psmith - Wodehouse, Game of Thrones, MCU, Narnia, Narnia, Atlantis. (Seriously, SO MANY PROMPTS; any combination of fandoms welcome)

David Blaize Crossovers
The books are called 'David Blaize', but I'm entirely here for Frank Maddox. HERE are prompts for Frank with people from MCU, Lost, Narnia, Atlantis, Wodehouse and the Corfu Trilogy. If you don't ship any of the ships, gen would be great, too.

Crossover Pairing Write-Ups:
**Most of these contain ideas that can be applied to other characters or to ensembles; it doesn't have to be about the pairings (which could also be written as gen).
— Sydney Bristow/Bucky Barnes (Alias/MCU): here
— Sydney Bristow/Steve Rogers (Alias/MCU): here
— Donna Noble/Bucky Barnes (Doctor Who/MCU): here
— Bucky Barnes/Susan Pevensie (MCU/Narnia): here and here
— Bucky Barnes/Rilian AND Bucky Barnes/Tirian (MCU/Narnia): here
— Loki/Jefferson|Mad Hatter (MCU/OUaT): here

More Crossover Pairing Write-Ups
**All of the below can be found here. Just because these write-ups are shorter than the above doesn't mean I yearn for them any less! You can also write the romantic ones as gen. Whatever!
— Sark/Moneypenny (Alias/Bond)
— Pythagoras & Bucky (Atlantis/MCU)
— Pythagoras/Loki (Atlantis/MCU)
— Pythagoras & Wolfgang (Atlantis/Sense8)
— Moneypenny/Bucky (Bond/MCU)

Even More Write-Ups
**All of the below can be found here.
— Bucky & Hurley (MCU/Lost)
— Bucky & the 70s Gang (MCU/Lost)
— Bucky/Tirian (MCU/Narnia)
— Bucky/Rilian (MCU/Narnia)
— Loki & Edmund (MCU/Narnia)

The below sections are pretty redundant with the above. They are here so I have somewhere to link to from my Narnia Exchange and Yuletide letters.
Narnia Crossovers: Narnia/Atlantis, Narnia/Game of Thrones, Narnia/MCU, Narnia/David Blaize
**The afterlife and everyone dying are my biggest DNWs. Please either pretend away the end of The Last Battle, or set the fic well before it.

Narnia/Wodehouse: See Wodehouse crossover section below

Narnia/Atlantis (UK TV):
The Oracle told Jason that our world and the Atlantis world were simply two of many. Is there a portal linking Narnia to Atlantis? Do Friends of Narnia help the Atlantis characters with a quest? Or magic (Susan's horn, perhaps?) sends Atlantis characters to Narnia? Characters from both canons teaming up for the fleece quest or a missing season 1 episode? Something about prophesy/fate? Parallels between what it means to be 'touched by the gods' in different worlds? Has Jason slowly forgotten our world the way the Pevensies forgot it during the Golden Age? What are the Friends of Narnia's reactions to meeting fabled characters and seeing the stories go down a little differently? Does some mythological element in Narnia actually originate in Atlantis, or vice versa? Or contrasting interpretations of the same mythological element in both worlds (ex. why are the maenads in Narnia a fun crowd, while the maenads in Atlantis are not?).

If you diverge from canon or set the fic before Icarus's introduction, I could happily ship Pythagoras with Tirian or Rilian. I could also see him being buddies with Shasta, Puddleglum, Jill or Eustace (at any age). Also Edmund and Icarus as friends, bonding about betrayal and redemption. Or Icarus&Lucy. I'd also love a fix-it divergence where Medusa is cured in a non-fraught, happy-ending way. I ship her with any man except Hercules.

Narnia/Game of Thrones (TV):
I haven't read the books. GoT characters I love most include: Bran, Shireen, Gendry, Davos, Sam, Bronn, Oberyn, Tyrion, Brienne, Podrick, Varys, Lord Commander Mormont, and the Tyrells. But I'd also like to read about crossover characters out-maneuvering or defeating the less 'nice' characters. Something that makes parallels or equivalencies between concepts in both fandoms would be cool. Like, something in Narnia is made of Valyrian steel, or Edmund breaks a White Walker's staff because it's made of the same stuff as the White Witch's. Gen would be amazing, but I could ship Lucy/Bran, Edmund/Shireen, or Lucy/Gendry. (I have a hard time imagining the GoT kids as adults, so I’m picturing PG young love.) Or Tirian/Margaery!

I yearn for Edmund & Bran as BFFs. Does Bran teach the novice king some of Ned's nuggets of wisdom? Would Bran get in trouble for possessing the citizenry? Do Narnian characters figure out how to prevent the zombie apocalypse? Perhaps Susan's horn brings GoT characters to Narnia. Or Sam reads of a spell that brings people to Westeros. Or Gendry sailed all the way to Cair Paravel. Lucy & Bronn as unlikely BFFs? Shireen blunders into London (I reject what happened to her, lalala)? Something about Eustace and dragons? I love canon divergences in general, so feel free to go AU after any point in the show. Pretending away character deaths is always a win!

Any Narnia characters interacting with Loki, Thor, Bucky, and/or Steve. Parallel themes of funky aging, time passing, portals, kingship, loss, memory, self-loathing, treachery/redemption, warriors, magical eternal winters, sibling rivalry, etc. Are there links between Asgard, Narnia and Earth? The time shenanigans make it possible to line up any canonical time periods you want, but you can also diverge from either canon at any point you choose. Thor and Loki repairing their relationship during an adventure in the Narnian world? Bucky bonding with Rilian over brainwashing chairs? Reepicheep pledging his sword to Steve or Thor? Puddleglum&Thor on an adventure together? Does Loki fall off the Bifrost into Golden Age Narnia, and bond with Edmund over sibling betrayal and redemption? Thor and Tirian fighting together and learning to be less rash? I could ship Thor/Tirian, Bucky/Tirian, or Bucky/Rilian (prompts for Bucky/Tirian and Bucky/Rilian here).

Narnia/David Blaize:
Frank/Tirian: Frank finds himself in Narnia, in a canon divergence that pretends most of The Last Battle never happened. Do they nip the Calormene plot way in the bud? Or, what if Tirian has been regularly astrally projecting to Frank the way he did to the Friends of Narnia that one time; both he and Frank have always secretly thought they had an imaginary friend (or are going nuts), but one day they meet, either because Tirian comes here or Frank goes there. Partying together with Bacchus? Frank courted by this real-life fairytale prince from a place without homophobia? Tirian having hero-worship about yet another visitor from England?

Frank/Edmund: My biggest asks are a) for Frank to find out about the magic and b) pretend the Benson books took place later, and/or fudge inter-dimensional timelines so that Frank and Edmund are around the same age during the story. Does Edmund go to Marchester or Cambridge? How does Frank discover Ed's secret and the reason why Ed doesn't think anything so terrible about m/m relationships? What is post-Narnia teen/early adult life like for Edmund, who's been de-aged? Is he also frustrated (sexually or otherwise)? Or maybe it's Frank's parents' house that Edmund burgles to get the rings, and that's how they meet and go off on adventures instead of Edmund dying. Or maybe Frank finds himself in Narnia during the Golden Age and helps the Pevensies with something? How does King Edmund, who probably doesn't have a ton of attractive humans around, react to having Frank there? Does Frank help Ed remember his life before? I'll be thrilled with anything, but bonus points if Frank interacts with magic (ie., either magic in our world, or Frank travels to Narnia).

Psmith - PG Wodehouse Crossovers: Psmith/Atlantis, Psmith/MCU, Psmith/Narnia
**The way Bertie remains the same age in books published from 1925 through 1960, please similarly adjust Psmith's and Mike's birthdates within 1900-1940 so that they're the same age as the crossover characters. Other than Psmith/Mike, please don't ship any Wodehouse character with anyone else (Psmith&Mike's canonical friendship would be wonderful, too, if you don't ship it).

Wodehouse/Atlantis (UK TV):
Assume Psmith and Mike fell into a portal similar to Jason's, and start the story at some point after they've washed ashore in Atlantis. Can they help the Atlantis characters out with a season 1-type 'myth of the week', a canon divergence to save Medusa, or the fleece quest? Are they taken in by the main trio, or by Daedalus and Icarus? Is Jason confused because these guys are from his world, but were born 100 years before him? How does Psmith react to someone as clever as Pythagoras? I'm sure Psmith and Mike's education left them well-versed in Greek mythology. What is their reaction to meeting Atlantis characters and learning that the reality of the stories is a little different from myth? Are they stressed out about their new friend Icarus's fabled fate?

Assume Psmith and Mike got into the Narnian world, at any point in Narnia's timeline. Whom do they meet, what do they do, and how can they help? An adventure during the Golden Age? Do they run into the Pevensies again afterwards? Do they help Rilian (and Puddleglum?) get the country back together after Jill and Eustace have left? Do they help Tirian avert the issues with Calormen and save the world? Or simply partying with fauns and stuff? Or perhaps Edmund is a Sedleigh or Cambridge chum? Please let the Wodehouse characters learn Ed's secret! Can they use their combined skills to accomplish something? Does Psmith somehow get his hands on the rings? Or does Edmund take them on adventures with the rings (instead of dying)? Maybe Tirian has often astrally projected to Mike the way he did to the Friends of Narnia that time; they've each thought they had an imaginary friend (or are going crazy), but the story starts when one day they meet, either here or there. Perhaps Edmund and maybe one of his sisters is the impostor du jour at Blandings during Psmith's tenure there. What are they doing there and how do Psmith and/or Mike figure out their secret (please let them find out! and please excise canonical love interests)? No train crash/end of Narnia or afterlife, please.

I'm most interested in Steve, Bucky, Thor and/or Loki meeting Wodehouse characters. Perhaps Psmith and Mike meet Steve and/or Bucky while in NYC and/or during WWII. It's canon that Mike played a cricket game in Brooklyn! Parallels between BFF duos? Teaming up to fight bullies? Does Peggy (who might be a cousin?) introduce Mike or Psmith to Steve and Bucky for help with some WWII drawing room espionage in England? Can MCU characters help Wodehouse characters deal with difficult aunts? Are any of the four MCU characters the impostors du jour at Blandings? Maybe Thor and/or Loki got banished during the early 20th century or visited on a lark? What mischief do they get up to with the Wodehouse boys? A visit to the clubs? What are Psmith's or Mike's reactions to finding out they're mythical alien gods and supersoldiers (please let him/them find out!)? I think Thor&Mike would get along beautifully. What about a team-up or battle of wits and silvertonguedness between Psmith&Loki (if a battle, please let Psmith prevail)? Or a visit to Asgard! How do Psmith and Mike like it there?
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