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Thanks so much for signing up for one of these ships! These letters always run long because I get really excited, but please don't feel pressured to stick to the prompts or to put a whole bunch of things I mentioned in the story. You can twist the prompts around, or do just a bit of one, or ignore the prompts entirely and go off one of the likes. Or do your own thing that you'd have fun writing. Most of these pairings are rare enough that I'll be thrilled with pretty much anything.

Things I Love
Devoted Odd Couples: contrasting temperaments that work together; having one another’s backs; enjoying one another's company; laughing at one another; fond exasperation; characters with wildly different speech patterns
Earning Your Happy Ending: getting over some of your baggage; finding home where you least expect it
Forced or Repeated Proximity: friends, partners, rivals, roommates or neighbors fall in love; forced to share a room/bed; captured or stranded together; undercover as a couple; marriage of convenience; arranged marriage; secret relationships
Competence & Resourcefulness: high-functioning teams; badassery; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity
Adventures & Journeys: exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; trains; ships; hotels; European jet-setting; vacations gone awry; Groundhog Day
Dorks Doing It: first times; slightly awkward but fun and satisfying sex; laughter or friendly banter during sex; characters who are into it and not completely clueless, even if they're inexperienced; too desperate to properly get clothes off; shower sex; passionate make-outs; teasing; wrestling; Lost-style outdoor sex; quickies in the office’s broom closet; coming in pants; being left hanging
Alternate "I Love You"s: I'm not a fan of people sappily saying "I love you", but I adore when characters demonstrate the sentiment through actions or other words

Do Not Wants
— alternate setting AUs (but wild canon divergences are more than okay!)
— romantic pairings other than the requested ones (please pretend any conflicting canon couples amicably broke up before the start of the fic and everyone's over it, or never dated at all)
— sad endings; noncon/dubcon; soulmates; love at first sight; D/s dynamics
— pure fluff; pregnancy & kids; non-canonical pet names or terms of endearment
— 1st & 2nd person POV

— I want the requested characters to figure out and deal with stuff for themselves (ex. realizing their feelings are requited, taking a risk with a declaration or romantic gesture, overcoming some of their baggage, etc.), without matchmakers, shovel talks, or pseudo-therapist friends giving them the answers.

— I'm a sucker for heartwarming stories where angsty people have fun despite themselves, learn a couple of life lessons, and/or get over some of their baggage.

— A few of these are friends-to-lovers dynamics. I love multiple approaches. For example: 1) Where they realize they have more than platonic feelings, or have been lightly crushing for a while, and resolving that UST. 2) Start the story right after the first kiss/declaration, setting it during the days or weeks that follow. The relationship does change; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Working through that transition and learning new things about one another—both wonderful and irritating—that didn't come up before. 3) Friends with benefits or 'sex before feelings' that becomes more serious during the story.

— No hate-sex or dark dynamics, please. I really do want all my pairings to come to genuinely like or enjoy or care about each other, even if they try to hide it, and even if there are situational manipulations involved (ex. rival spies). That said, as long as they're motivated by affection, I don't need all impulses and gestures to be ‘right’ or ‘healthy’. Over-invested to the point of slightly fucked up is fine! For example, Jacob knows giving Richard immortality will make him unhappy, but he selfishly wants to keep him. Loki pretends he can’t give Bucky his memories back because he’s scared of losing him. Icarus keeps trying to martyr himself for Pythagoras.

James Bond movies
Pairing: Q/Moneypenny, Mallory&Moneypenny, Q&Moneypenny

I'd love a colleagues/friends to lovers story for Eve/Q (but I'll also be happy with devoted BFFs). I love how arch they both are, how loyal, but also how they’ll bend the rules to do the right thing. Does he make her cool things? Does she look out for him? I love Eve and Mallory, but don't want anything romantic unless something happens to make her no longer his assistant. Is he often interpersonally absent-minded but then surprises her with thoughtfulness (or does nice things that she doesn't even know about)? Is there secretly more to the secretary position than people realize? How does she feel about going from agent to administrative? Does she see it as a demotion or an opportunity?

I love Bond, but I don’t ship him with anyone in the main cast. I'm amused by the way he flirts with Eve, where they both know it isn't going anywhere, but I only enjoy him having that dynamic with her. I love Mallory, but pretending Dench!M is still alive and in charge is good, too.

— Eve training Q for fieldwork or the two of them on a mission together
— I only like matchmaking when the people trying to matchmake them find out they’ve been secretly dating all along. Ha!
— Quotidian office life overlaid with espionage setting! Holiday parties, fire drills, mandatory HR trainings, secret bathrooms around the office, the slowest elevators in the world…
— Spies planning surprise parties for one another. How does that go?
— You can also use the Alias prompts below, twisted around to fit these more canonically amicable relationships.

Pairing: Sydney/Sark

I love how he's got such respect for her and is so maladjusted but seems to want to be friends? I love how she finds him an exasperating asshole, but sometimes an amusing (and cute!) one. I love their snarky banter and how well-matched they are in skill sets. Plus the drama about how he basically got the mom she didn't have. I'm fascinated by their different ways of being spies, where she is always incognito, but he almost never is.

This is my forever OTP, the one that first got me into fandom. However, I fell out of love with the show after season 3. I’d love a canon divergence set during seasons 2 or 3, or in-between, or just after it. I don't want years in the future or mom!Sydney, or the later season characters.

— Undercover as a couple, or as housemates, or old friends, or siblings or…
— Surprise gifts from all over the world
— Identity porn! Secret admirers/saviors!
— I love Missing Years AUs where Sark was working with/sleeping with "Julia" instead of being locked up
— Forced Proximity tropes (see general list above)
— Stranded Together: In space? In an avalanche? On Lost island? At a terrible party? Vacations gone awry? Anywhere!
— “You looked like you needed a vacation. So I arranged one for you through incredibly baroque and highly illegal means.”

Pairings: Loki/Bucky, Loki&Bucky

I think they would make for an entertainingly snarky and angsty odd couple. I love 'haughty scheming bastard + common sense straight-shooter' dynamics. They might be able to get each other, and/or tough love each other. Can they reach a healthier place together? I never get tired of "Loki fell to Earth" or "Loki banished to Earth instead of Thor" or "Bucky defrosted/escaped differently" AUs. Actually an AU where Loki wasn't the bad guy in the first Avengers film might make this pairing easier... but do whatever works for you. You don't even have to write the meet-cute; you could start more in media res.

Some random things: 1) Please let Steve & Bucky speak as properly as, say, Pepper does, not saying “ain’t” all the time. 2) Please let Bucky be a fully functional badass with a sense of humour. I like stories about him moving forward once he’s better, not his trauma or painful recovery. 3) I see Loki as Chaotic Neutral 4, not as evil or crazy. And I think he's too guarded to flirt/sleep with a lot of people (which makes it more special when he does fall for someone). 4) No Darcy, please.

— All my love for a quotidian trope done as canon divergence instead of mundane AU. Meaning, something where they're still adopted alien royalty/supersoldier (even if pretty much almost everything else is different) who coincidentally meet in a quotidian way and slowly find out about one another’s weirdness. A million prompts of this sort are here.
— I yearn for Bucky (+ Steve, if you want) in Asgard or other realms, for any reason
— Identity Porn: Does Loki not know that his crush object is the Winter Soldier? Does Bucky not know that the guy who frequents his favorite coffee shop is the villain from his superhero life? Please let them find out eventually!
— Forced Proximity tropes (see general list above)
— Stranded Together: In space? In an avalanche? On Lost Island? At a terrible party? Anywhere!
— A deal or scheme or trick or dare leads to feelings?
— Missions Together: The more isolating and entertaining (while being played straight) you can make the mission parameters, the better, but something standard would be great, too. Maybe something involving a ridiculous romcom trope (you can use them for the gen option, too)?

Pairings: Kate/Sayid, Shannon/Sayid, Miles/Richard, Jacob/Richard, Miles&Richard&Sawyer

This is my favorite show of all time. I love all the hanging out, found family, island mythology, and self-help through the power of friendship. I love fic set either on the island or during times when they're back in the real world after having been on the island (ex. Richard's tenure, the 108 days, the 70s, Oceanic Six times, or post-series; NOT pre-island flashbacks or sideways universe). Pretending away deaths is always welcome! Especially welcome is pretending away Sayid’s weird and depressing zombie state from S6. The afterlife is my biggest DNW, in any fandom, but Miles’s superpower and smokey's projections are cool. I don't enjoy any romantic combination of Jack/Kate/Sawyer—and I'm not a huge fan of Ben or Jack (though they're welcome in the background)—but Sawyer/Juliet and any of the other canon pairings are fine as part of an ensemble story. If you want more prompts or info, you can check out more tl;dr versions of my Shannon/Sayid and Richard/Miles prompts from previous exchanges (but only if you really really want to).

— Anything about how Richard and Jacob got together, or how their relationship functioned during the ~150 years. Jacob's secrets and Richard's duties. Guilt and religion and immortality and devotion and and island mysteries. Bonus points for hooking up in or around the foot, because that setting will never not be hilarious. My tastes generally run to "happy" sex, but for Richard/Jacob, you can make it as angsty and fraught as you want, with Richard being really overwhelmed and clueless... or not, if that isn't your thing.
— Canon divergence pretending Sayid/Shannon or Sayid/Kate were part of the time traveling group. Life in the 70s!
— Canon divergence about Sayid/Kate or Sayid/Shannon in Oceanic Six times, where either Shannon lived and escaped with them, or Sayid/Kate ended up together instead of with other people. An exception to my "no kids" DNW is Aaron; I don't mind if they take care of him together. Or do they run away with Desmond and Penny instead of going to LA? Or something else?
— Post-series fic about characters who lived through the series (and/or pretends other requested ones did, too). You could even make it an ensemble story where as many Lostaways as you want stick together. What do they do? Where do they go? Do they build new lives together in the real world? Or end up going back to the island, which is a nice place now?
— You could OT3 Miles/Richard/Sawyer if you want, as long as they're all equally and harmoniously in love and get together at the same time; I don't like OT3s where anyone is an addition, or where it's just a sex thing, or where anyone feels insecure, or OT3 as answer to a love triangle. But I requested gen for them, and really want gen, too, so this is just an option if you feel like it.

Pairings: Pythagoras/Icarus, Jason/Medusa

Jason/Medusa: I fell for them hard during a recent rewatch. They had such a lovely, easy-going, high-functioning dynamic. I loved the episodes where she saved the trio (or herself!) with non-action-girl smarts. There was an epic quality to Jason/Medusa, what with him knowing her story in advance, the awful destiny linking them, him being the only one who could look at her and live... What if he had been able to change things? Can they bond about being new in town? Does he tell her his realm-hopping secret? Does she figure it out herself? Slice of life or some super tropey thing that gets them together? Any canon divergence that ends with this pairing instead of how things actually went would be beautiful (nothing against Jason/Ariadne, but I'm hardwired to ship friends-to-lovers over love at first sight). I loved Korinna, and her friendship with Medusa and the boys, so she is more than welcome! Can we ignore Hercules's crush or pretend he moved on to the baker's daughter or whatever one episode after they met? I don't want Jason&Hercules drama.

Pythagoras/Icarus: My heart! What about canon divergences where they got together before what we saw? Friends with benefits? Something set post-series on the Argo? A post-series canon divergence where they stay in Atlantis, and maybe everything is fine, giving them the leisure to manage the transition from friends to more in a less quest-y way? More weird mythological adventures they face together? Canon-typical tropeyness? Literally anything would be amazing, but if you want more prompts, I have a more detailed request here (there's no reason to read it unless you really really want to). Jason/Ariadne are fine to include in the background a post-series fic.

The above basically covered it!

Loki (MCU)/Pythagoras (Atlantis): I think Pythagoras would be able to hold his own with Loki (he's got a mouth on him, especially in S1), which, along with his smarts, might earn Loki's respect. The Oracle said Atlantis was another realm, not time travel, so what if Loki fell off the Bifrost or was banished into Atlantis? Who takes him in? Easy answer is Pythagoras, but a different scenario than Jason had would be cool, too. Pythagoras seems fine being the skinny, brainy shadow behind the main hero while Loki... doesn't. Can Pythagoras shift Loki's opinion about this role? Can Loki (even if it's grudgingly) help the main Atlantis cast with a myth-of-the-week? Does Pasiphae try to get him on her side? Please pretend Icarus doesn't exist or that they were never interested in each other rather than breaking them up. If the story doesn't seem to be going to a shippy place, you can write gen, too. I just want to see these two interact.

Bucky (MCU) & Pythagoras (Atlantis): Similar to Wolfgang&Pythagoras below

Wolfgang (Sense8) & Pythagoras (Atlantis): Wolfgang being taken in by the Atlantis characters and befriending them would be so lovely. Does the sensate thing work differently or turn off while he's here? What do the Atlantis folks think of what's going on with him (please let them find out!)? Can his skills help the Atlantis gang with something? Bonding with Pythagoras about their shared daddy issues? Pythagoras impressed by Wolfgang's resourcefulness? Does Wolfgang figure out Jason's secret? What's Jason's reaction to having someone from his world/time?

Loki (MCU)/Jefferson (OUAT): I love these snarky, tragic, realm-hopping assholes, and would love them even more together. I don't know how to shorten this request, so I'll just send you here for my usual write-up and prompts.

Sark (Alias)/Moneypenny (Bond): Such stylish, pretty spies, and so much arch sarcasm and ultra competence. They'd probably be tasked to kill one another, but would find it such a shame. I love "agent falls for mark" scenarios. Or maybe they chase one another around the world only to end up in bed? Maybe they both get something out of it in addition to a good time (like, spy things). Perhaps MI-6 brings him in as a consultant the way SD-6 did that one time. Do they meet coincidentally while doing regular life things, and only find out after they've fallen for each other who the other is? You can line up the movies/seasons however you like, but please pretend Alias canon happens alongside the Craig movies, instead of aging Alias characters up.

Bucky (MCU)/Moneypenny (Bond): I love stories where Bucky gets jovially tough-loved and actively distracted out of his angst. I think Eve would be good for facilitating that, and I think he would appreciate her many talents. More shaving/haircutting scenes? Do they somehow get partnered on a mission together? How do they divvy up responsibilities? They're both such badasses; I bet they'd work beautifully together and have some fun. Does she find and shelter him? Is she keeping him secret from MI-6, or is a friend from work in the know, too? Was he the man in her bed? Was Spectre related to Hydra, and Bucky's quest to destroy it brings them together?


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