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Hi! Thank you for signing up for one of these fandoms and writing for me! :) I'm making an attempt to rein in the tl:dr in this letter (not sure I succeeded). I'm not wedded to any of these prompts, and I was thinking you could play any of them as tricks or treats, as you like. If none of them strike you, you can twist them around, or just do part of one, or ignore them entirely and go off one of the likes. Or your own idea entirely! I promise I'm really easy to please.

General Notes
Likes (general prompts that could be either Treats or Tricks, for any fandom):
— Adding magic or supernatural elements is always welcome! Like, everything else is the same as canon, but someone is descended from fairies, or finds a genie, or there's magical realism... Anything!
— I'm all for picking whatever bits of canon you like and ignoring others. Pretend people didn't die, or didn't make that destructive choice, or there were no repercussions, or it all worked out so they no longer have to be on the lam, or they stayed longer in Narnia, etc. I'll roll with whatever, no explanation needed.

No, Thank You:
— romantic pairings other than the requested ones (if a requested pairing requires breaking up a canon one, please pretend the canon one broke up with no hard feelings before the start of the fic, or never dated at all)
— soulmates, matchmaking, pregnancy & kids, noncon/dubcon, D/s vibes, pure fluff, pet names
— crackfic, fusions and alternate setting AUs
— bleak endings, permanent major character death, the afterlife (ex. ghosts, heaven, whatever was going on with Caspian at the end of Silver Chair)
— embarrassment/humiliation
— where everything is revealed to have been just a dream or is mindwiped away at the end (basically, I need everything to 'count' and be 'real')

General Prompts for Treats:
— I love anything about friends being friends or siblings being siblings (learning new things about each other, laughing at each other, getting fondly exasperated with one another, saving one another, falling in love, loyalty, slice of life)
— I'm a sucker for dorky heartwarming stuff. Anything in which people getting over a bit of their baggage, or angsty situations that are resolved by the end, or characters teaming up to do something nice for each other would be great.
— I love getting together stories, whether it's resolving pining/UST, or else a story that starts right after the first kiss/declaration and is about the transition from friends to more, where they learn new things about each other (both wonderful and irritating). I also love friends with benefits or casual sex that becomes more.

General Prompts for Tricks:
— I'm all for spooky stuff, or unsettling stuff, or ambiguously creepy endings. Or dark things that get happily resolved by the end. But please don't write grimdark for the sake of grimdark.
— I'm terrible at coming up with prompts for tricks, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading that kind of fic just as much. Anything you come up with that doesn't hit my Do Not Wants would be great.
— Some Random Ideas: pranks; murder mysteries; supernatural mysteries (whether the elements are truly supernatural or more of a Scooby Doo style); magic gone awry; temporary bodyswap leading to characters learning more about each other (I mean like Freaky Friday; I'm not a fan of gender changes unless it happens as part of bodyswapping with another specific character); falling into a parallel universe

— I love crossovers (but not fusions/AUs). But please don't feel pressured to write one. I have a round-up of all my crossover prompts here. Feel free to mix and match, or write a given prompt about a different fandom or character I love. Whatever!
— I love sending people to other worlds. In addition to combinations of the below canons, I like Atlantis and Game of Thrones (TV only). Anything where requested characters get to know basically anyone from those canons would be great. Asgard and Lost island count as other worlds to me, too.

PG Wodehouse
Requested Characters: Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson, Bertie Wooster

Notes: My only ship is Psmith/Mike (and I ship it hard!!), but their canonical friendship would be just as lovely if you don't ship it. However, whether or not you ship them, please set it before they met their wives or pretend they never did. Other than that pairing, please keep all Wodehouse fic gen (even in a crossover). I love all the supporting characters in all of these books, so anyone else is welcome to play a large role. While Jeeves is obviously always more than welcome, he isn't required in a Bertie fic... it could be fun to see Bertie muddle through on his own or with his buddies. While it's cool if you want to do a 1st person Bertie narration, you don't have to; it could be fun to get an outsider POV on him.

— Bertie or Psmith or Mike in a Groundhog Day Loop
— Psmith as the sleuth in some sort of Scooby Doo style mystery, with Mike as his Watson figure
— Any crossovers between series that we didn't get: Psmith&Bertie, Psmith&Uncle Fred, Bertie at Blandings. Do they run into each other at the Drones, at Goodwood, at Blandings, or...?
— There is some kind of magic in the garden at Blandings, and when Angus MacAllister or Lord Emsworth meddle with something, things happen
— Madeleine Basset was not wrong about whatever claptrap she's always spouting, and Bertie has to deal with it
— Someone has cursed Mike's wicket
— Lord Emsworth gets possessed in some ridiculous way. Baxter suspects! Psmith has the cure!
— Mike or Psmith get a Snow White-style sleeping curse put on them
— Eton, Sedleigh, Oxford or Cambridge has a house or college for people who want to study magic
— Dark Drones Club, either in a magical or more regular-world way. The latest inductee doesn't know what they're getting into (could be Bertie, Psmith or Mike).

Requested Characters: Edmund Pevensie, Tirian

Notes: The afterlife is my biggest DNW. Please set it before The Last Battle or pretend the end away so that everyone remains alive in both places. I like gen fics focused on Edmund&Lucy, Edmund&Susan, all four Pevensies... Edmund&anyone, really, but there's no one I ship him with, not even in crossovers. However, I love Tirian with just about anyone. I ship Tirian/Jill, Tirian/Emeth, Tirian/random-crossover-people (ex. Bucky, nice game of Thrones people). I love his friendships with Eustace and Jill, and would love to see him with Edmund and/or Lucy. I love basically all the 'nice' characters in the Narnia books, so anyone is welcome to play a huge role. One exception: I like Peter as part of the foursome, but am less interested in him on his own or with just one person.

— Ignore the train crash/end of Narnia, please! Edmund and whoever you want use the rings to go on adventures. Do they go back to Narnia? To Charn? To Atlantis (from the BBC show)? To Westeros (I only know the TV show, though)? To Wonderland? To a land you make up? Exploring the Wood Between the Worlds? Tell me about their adventures. Is it fun, or does something go creepy/weird?
— Anything where Edmund is put upon and cranky about it, especially while in Narnia. What ridiculous business is he forced to deal with today?
— Edmund or Tirian in a Groundhog Day loop
— Another creepy island that the Dawn Treader stopped at, or else a canon divergence extending or twisting their time on one of the ones covered
— Edmund and Lucy as spies together (possibly undercover as a couple that remains platonic?)
— Any kind of Narnian holiday or party with Bacchus
— Creepy or wacky Narnian rites of passage for young rulers
— Arranged marriage or marriage of convenience . Does Narnian tradition dictate that Edmund has to marry one of his sisters, so he does, but it's super awkward?
— Tirian in England!
— So, in my General Notes, I said I don't want anything too dark or that ends bleakly. For some reason, Narnia is my one exception to this. For this exchange, go ahead and write something super fucked up, if you want (but NOT everyone dying and the afterlife).

Requested Characters: Loki

Things I Ship: Bucky/Loki, Thor/Loki, Pepper/Loki. But gen versions of any of these would be just as good (especially since two of them are insanely random). I also love stories about Frigga&Loki's relationship. I love Steve&Loki becoming friends or reluctant allies, and am even up for romance, as long as Loki remains prickly and morally ambivalent. There are a lot of ways to write Loki. If it helps, I usually see him as Chaotic Neutral Type 4. However, if you usually write him a bit differently, I'd much rather you go with what you believe in than force something else. As long as he isn't completely insane or evil, I enjoy a lot of different takes on the character. That said, no matter what canon divergences you make I do always want Loki and Thor to be adoptive brother princes; I'm not into Jotun!Loki. If you include Bucky, please write him having or quickly regaining his memories and a personality (and not saying "ain't" all the time). I don't really enjoy PTSD recovery fic.

— It's Loki, so... Any kind of trick or prank would be great. Playing pranks on the Avengers? Teaming up with Pepper or Bucky to play a prank on someone else? Loki surprised to find out that Steve isn't such a boy scout after all? Maybe he just means to play a semi-innocent prank and it spirals completely out of control?
— People trying to be nice to Loki, and him constantly undermining their attempts, either unknowingly or on purpose because he's messed up like that
— Some creepy adventure Thor and Loki had in Asgard or another realm during their youth? Their secretly fond brotherly bickering in Thor 2 was the best, so anything that gives me more of that would be lovely.
— There's a lot of fic about Odin's A+ Parenting. What if Frigga was the jerk with an agenda? Or else something nicer about the two of them teaming up and doing magic together.
— Bucky and Loki as bickering badasses teaming up together (and possibly falling in love).
— I yearn for Bucky, Steve and/or Pepper in Asgard
— Arranged marriage, undercover as a couple or marriage of convenience would be amazing for any of the ships here
— I love post-Thor AUs where Loki falls to Earth and has to deal. Does Pepper take him in? Something else?
— Any kind of identity porn. Does Loki not know that Bucky=Winter Soldier or that Steve=Captain America? Do Pepper, Steve or Bucky not know that Loki=shapeshifting trickster? Bonus points if it's a superhero version of a trope that's usually written as mundane. For example, they're still superheroes/aliens/whatever but they meet because they are Craigslist roommates or frequent the same coffee shop, and have no idea that their friend or crush object is their nemesis's secret identity.
— I love post-Avengers AUs where Loki is handwavily forgiven and becomes friends with people. Anything in this kind of setting that uses something from my list of Likes for one of the listed duos would be great.

Lymond Chronicles
Requested Characters: Francis Crawford

Things I Ship: Francis/Christian is my only ship. If you include her, please pretend away what happened to her. However, I know I'm the only one who ships this, so anything about their friendship would be just as great, I swear. But you don't have to write about him with Christian. I also really love Francis's platonic relationships with Will, Richard and Sybilla. I've read the whole series, but the book I know and like best is the first one.

— Post Book 1 fix-it fic where Christian/Francis got the introduction they wanted. What happens? Do people try to matchmake them, only to find out they've matchmade themselves?
— Francis and little Queen Mary were adorable. Something about the two of them hanging out?
— Francis and Richard on an adventure (magical or regular) in their youth that portends how different they will be in the future
— Slice of life of Francis and Sybilla being entirely too clever for their own good, and how the two of them together are exhausting for everyone else, or perhaps inefficient sometimes
— Francis and Christian (or Will) as spies together in England or France or Spain (if Christian, could be undercover as a couple)
— Slice of life (or 5 Things fic) of Francis and Christian (or Richard or Sybilla) being happy and whole after the first book
— Francis and Will dealing with Bullo, who was actually doing alchemy, for real
— The English have magic on their side, so Francis (and anyone you want from the list above) try to figure out how to fight it. Or Francis finds a magical aid to the Scottish cause.
— Bonus points for Francis (and Christian) quoting poetry or singing or being over the top erudite
— Francis wanders into Avalon (on his own or with anyone you like). What happens there? Is it nice or creepy? Possibly he comes out a long time later, as often happens when people visit Fairyland.
— There was that awesome line at the end of the scene where Francis interrogates little Philippa about how Gideon's cattle multiplied during the night. What if Francis had actual magical powers that could do this or other things?
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