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I had so much fun with this exchange the first time and am so glad it's back. I'm not fussy about which tags go with which characters. Write whatever you think will be most fun for a tag+character/duo combo that I've requested, and I'm sure I'll love it. You could even incorporate more than one tag. I tend to write overly long letters (sorry!), but any prompts I suggested are incredibly optional. The tags I have a write-up for are just the ones I have extra thoughts about, not the ones I necessarily want most.

Thanks for writing for me!

General Notes
• I like characters to work through their own issues and get themselves together, without yentas or shovel talks, or amateur therapist friends
• If a requested pairing requires breaking up a canon one, please pretend they broke up offscreen before the fic started with no hard feelings, or that they never dated at all.
• I like pining, but not when it's because of insecurity or silly miscommunications.
• I like people to talk and do new things, so no missing scenes, PWPs, pure fluff, or plotless character studies, please.

No, Thanks
• romantic pairings other than the ones specifically requested
• crack fic, fusions and alternate setting AUs (huge canon divergences are totally fine, though!)
Schmoop: pet names; proposals; sappy "I love you"s (I prefer when characters convey the sentiment through actions and gestures rather than words)
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically spelled dialogue (I don't mean to be difficult, but my brain genuinely struggles to process it)
Sex & Relationship-Related: noncon/dubcon; underage; One True Love/soulmates; love at first sight; Dom/sub dynamics; seme/uke dynamics; adultery; hate-sex; pregnancy and kids; love triangles
Things I Can't Handle: embarrassment/humiliation; major character death; the afterlife; it was all a dream

Notes on Certain Requested Tags
Groundhog Day: I'm a complete sucker for individual journeys of self-discovery and self-help adventures in which people learn life lessons, get themselves over their baggage, figure out their priorities, etc. There's no need to explain how/why it's happening or how/why it stops, unless that's something that excites you. Handwave away! You can even focus on just one or two iterations from the middle of the loop; you don't necessarily need to give me the whole start and end. My only caveat is that I get a little creeped out if the loop person spends the entire time obsessed with making someone fall in love with them (but it can be the focus of some iterations). As long as the loop person is dealing with something else in addition to the romance stuff, I'll be totally happy, whether it's personal issues or saving the world or solving a mystery, etc. Or maybe the non-loop person gets to solve the mystery, as a way to even the playing field in terms of agency? Or maybe two people are in the loop, which perhaps they don't initially realize? IDK. I love all kinds of twists on the trope, so go wild.

Friends to Lovers: I adore getting together stories. However, I also love stories that start right after the first kiss/declaration. The relationship does change; it isn’t simply friends + sex. Navigating that transition and learning new things about one another—both wonderful and irritating—that didn't come up before. If they aren't canonically friends, you can start the story at a time when they are established friends, expositing in passing what their backstory is, so the fic can focus on getting together. Or you can show the whole progression from strangers to friends to lovers.

Forced Proximity: Sticking people together in situations that force them to work together and bond is my favorite thing, especially when it ends up creating an unlikely but devoted odd couple (romantic or just friends). Hence why I love Undercover as a Couple, Arranged Marriage, Marriage of Convenience, On the Run, etc. However, I like it best in reasonably high-stakes situations, like diplomacy, espionage, immigration, missions, unbreakable cultural traditions, ridiculous yet strangely urgent Wodehouse plots, etc. I don't really like quotidian social scenarios like 'fake boyfriend for the holidays'. I'll take anything for 'stranded together': at sea, remote parts of a foreign country, a cave, back in time, snowed in at a lovely but remote house, barricaded together against the zombie apocalypse... Bed sharing (or tent sharing, whatever) would be a lovely inclusion in any of these.

Realm Hopping: see this post for a boatload of crossover prompts. In addition to any combination of the fandoms below, I'm familiar with the worlds in Atlantis (BBC), Game of Thrones (TV show only), Lord of the Rings (I haven't read the other books), and Oz.

Home Exchanges: This is one of my favorite tropes. Sadly, MCU was the only fandom it made sense for on its own. However, it would be awesome as a crossover mechanism between fandoms that share a time period. I have prompts that could be used for any fandoms here (Control+F for 'home exchanges').

Psmith – PG Wodehouse
Requested Tags: magical realism, realm hopping, vacations gone awry, stranded, Groundhog Day, friends to lovers, undercover missions, truth revealed through alcohol
Characters: Psmith and Mike. I’ll be equally happy with romance or their canonical friendship.

• Psmith is my favorite character of all time (he's so brilliant and lovably eccentric!), and they are my favorite epically devoted odd couple. As long as it's in the upbeat spirit of the books, I’ll love anything you write about them. The only issue that might come up is ‘Psmith, Journalist’. I’ve tried many times, but my brain shuts down at phonetically spelled dialogue, so I literally can't get through it. I've read a synopsis, though.
• Bonus points for Psmith or Mike throwing themselves on their swords for each other like in the books. Separate bonus points for Mike helping to save the day, in his own straightforwardly Mike way.
• Undercover Missions, Vacations Gone Awry, Stranded, Realm Hopping: I'd love to see how their relationship and partnership would function under higher stakes adventures than they canonically faced together and/or in a different location. I love trips to the South of France or places like that, but watching Psmith try to rough it in less posh environments if/when things go awry could also be fun. Something about trains? I love trains. They could become spies for a war effort, perhaps engaging in some drawing room espionage. Or else you could come up with some typically Wodehousian reason to have to go undercover in order to accomplish something (not as a couple, as this doesn't make sense for the time period).
• Booze: A wild Cambridge or Drones party and its ramifications?
• Magical Realism: What would the Wodehouse universe would look like with a bit of magic in it? Maybe it's like the Great Britain of 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell', but 100 years later. Or more of a Marquez-style matter-of-fact portrayal of magic or folkloric elements as ordinary in the otherwise canonical setting.
• Please set fic before they met their wives, or pretend they never did. It's fine if they have agreed offscreen to keep it secret because of the time period; however, I don't want angsty coming outs or serious discussion of depressing social realities. But I also don't want to pretend they were able to make out in public, if that makes sense?

Requested Tags: realm hopping, undercover as a couple, undercover missions, arranged marriage, stranded, Groundhog Day, marriage of convenience, coming of age, AU - Different First Meeting
Characters: Edmund, Tirian
Gen Groups: Edmund&Lucy, Edmund&Susan, Jill&Eustace (plus, optionally, Tirian, Rilian or Puddleglum), the Pevensie foursome

• While these characters are my absolute favorites, I love almost all the ‘nice’ people and creatures. The above characters' friends are totally welcome to play equally large roles (Tumnus, VotDT shipmates, HHB characters, etc.) for extended, canon divergent or additional adventures. I’m less keen on Jadis, Aslan and 'Magician’s Nephew' characters (I’m most interested in that book for the realm hopping concepts that were introduced), but even they are okay as cameos. I love Peter as part of the group, but am less keen on him on his own.
• Setting it before the Last Battle or in an 'Everybody Lives, Nobody Dies' canon divergence would be perfect. No Problem of Susan issue fic, please. I'm happy pretending she and the others never had a rift.
• Undercover and Stranded: Edmund&Lucy or Tirian&anyone on a mission together? Stranded underground or in the wood between the worlds?
• Coming of Age: Weird Narnian rites of passage at a certain birthday? Going through a tetchy, rebellious stage? Creatures who aren't used to humans being confused by teen behaviour, and trying to rationalize it or help in weird ways?
• Realm Hopping: I mean non-canonical realm hopping. Make up a new adventure, please! Maybe Edmund and one of his sisters use the rings to go on new adventures. Or there are portals directly linking Narnia to another world. Or send Narnian humans to our world or other worlds (I yearn for Tirian in England). If you send a Narnian elsewhere, please let it be a human, since I don't want to stress about talking animals or marshwiggles or whatever being mistreated.
• Shipping: I can ship Tirian/Jill, Jill/Eustace, Lucy/Emeth, Jill/Emeth, Tirian/Emeth, and Susan/Tirian. Other than those, I'm mostly thinking of platonic interpretations of the typically romantic tags, and only het, please.

Requested Tags: vacations gone awry, undercover as a couple, undercover missions, home exchanges, realm hopping, stranded, AU - Canon Divergence, marriage of convenience, identity porn, woke up married, secret relationship, AU - Different First Meeting, accidental marriage, friends to lovers, on the run/runaways, Groundhog Day
Romantic Pairings: Loki/Thor, Bucky/Steve, Bucky/Pepper, Bucky/Jane, Pepper/Loki, Bucky/Loki
Gen Pairings: I’d be equally happy with gen versions of the ships listed above. Also, Pepper&Thor, Pepper&Loki, Steve&Loki, Bucky&Thor
Characters I Don’t Want: Sharon, Darcy; characters who only appear in the comics, Daredevil or Agents of SHIELD (I haven’t watched/read those)

• Pepper, Bucky and/or Steve in Asgard! Preferably without the other Avengers around, so there's more room for them to bond, either with each other and/or Thor and Loki. Other Thor-franchise characters like Frigga, Heimdall, Sif, Selvig, etc are of course welcome in the background. Earth’s ambassador(s)? In Asgard to get information for a project? Heimdall beamed them there to save them? On vacation just to hang with Thor and shenanigans happen, leading to feelings? Getting drunk and accidentally married because they didn't know they were doing a local custom?
• Forced Proximity, Missions, Vacations, etc: The more out-of-the-box and isolating the setting or mission specs, the better, but no pressure if you can't think of how. I love jet-setting around Europe or going undercover at a posh beach resort or longer-term deep cover as something unexpected and ridiculous. Assigned as someone else's security detail? Or Fury forces people to take a damn vacation. I'm also a huge fan of 'agent falls for mark'.
• Jane: Acting as Steve's and Bucky's Q on a mission? Finding on-the-run Bucky and secretly taking him in? Maybe one of the romcom tropes could get them together, like they get fake married to help keep him safe, or she's helping him destroy remnants of Hydra, which requires undercover as a couple.
• Pepper: A canon divergence where Bucky escaped differently/Thor fell elsewhere on Earth/wounded Loki ended up on Earth after the Convergence/something else, and she secretly took him in?
• Thor and Loki (separately and together): Their tense teamwork, brotherly bickering and underlying fondness in Thor 2 were the absolute best. More of this, please! Pre-canon life in Asgard? Scenarios that force them to work together, see a new side of one another and repair their relationship? Adventures in a canon divergence in which they didn't have a terrible falling out? You can erase much of Loki's canon villainy if it makes selling the pairings easier.
• Bucky and Steve (separately or together): Please let Bucky be fully functional and in possiession of a personality and sense of humour for most of the fic. What interests me is seeing how he moves forward once he's overcome his trauma—not the trauma itself or painful recovery. Handwaving past the search/recovery stuff or using an insta-cure is more than fine. I'd love to see them to work through some of their issues, settle back into their friendship and/or deal with their attraction, whether it's during a mission that goes to a tropey romcom place, or attempt at relaxation or normalcy, or something intense like stranded together in another world. Please let Bucky and Steve speak correctly (as correctly as, say, Bruce or Natasha do), not saying “ain’t” all the time.
• Home Exchanges, Identity Porn, Different First Meeting, Canon Divergence: I love characters meeting and getting to know one another in a quotidian trope instead of how they met/might meet in canon, but it's not a mundane AU. I have a million prompts that could be applied to any of the non-Thor/Loki pairings here (control-F for 'coffee' to find the beginning of the section). You can easily swap different characters into the prompts.
• Realm Hopping: MCU/Atlantis, MCU/Narnia, or MCU/Game of Thrones could be fun; you could swap out Narnia characters for MCU characters in the prompts linked here. Any gen friendship is great, but I could also ship Bucky/Medusa as tragically unwilling former killers, or Pythagoras/Jane counting the stars and being nerds, or Pythagoras/Loki as slightly bitchy geniuses.
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