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I have a LOT of feelings and I love thinking up prompts, so these letters always get insanely long. But please don’t panic! If none of the prompts or likes work for you, feel free to ignore them. I know this seems like a lot, but the fact that you’re writing one of these pairings is enough to make me so happy, so go wherever the muse takes you. As long as you’re having fun, I’m sure I’ll love it. Thank you! :D

General Notes
• I like to see characters get themselves together and work through their own hiccups, without yentas or shovel talks.
• I’ll be equally happy with any rating, though I'm more into kissing, oral, hands and frottage than anal.
• Pining is great, but not when it’s because of OOC insecurity or silly miscommunications.
• I like fics where new things happen and people talk, so no missing scenes, PWPs, pure fluff, or introspective character studies, please.

Things I Love
Banter: humorous; snarky; literary; flirty; fondly exasperated
Friends: falling in love; having one another’s backs; cheering one another up; hanging out; enjoying one another's company; quietly heroic or self-sacrificial gestures; happy and/or unexpected reunions
Journeys: trains; ships; hotels; European jet-setting; realm-jumping; visits; vacations gone awry
Forced or Repeated Proximity: partners, roommates or neighbors fall in love; forced to share a room/bed; captured or stranded together; undercover as a couple
Other Tropes: in vino veritas; fish out of water; the pen is mightier than the sword; angst with a happy or hopeful ending
Adventures: exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; bondage in non-sexual situations
Badassery: competence and resourcefulness; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity
Sex-Related: slightly awkward but lovely and satisfying first time sex (bonus points for laughter); slightly nervous inexperienced characters who are also excited, active, not-completely clueless participants
• people having a relatively nice time within the confines of the situation (i.e. no excessive brooding)

No, Thanks
Schmoop: pet names; proposals; sappy "I love you"s (I prefer other words or gestures to convey the sentiment)
Sex & Relationship-Related: noncon/dubcon; underage; soulmates; love at first sight; Dom/sub vibes; adultery; pregnancy & kids (background Aaron is okay)
Bleakness: eternally unresolved UST; major character death
Writing Things: 1st & 2nd person POV; phonetically spelled dialogue
• non-canon pairings beyond the ones specifically requested
• crack, fusions and alternate setting AUs (major canon divergences are totally fine)
• embarrassment/humiliation

Psmith/Mike (PG Wodehouse)
Every time Psmith throws himself on his sword for Mike makes me cry in a way that I don’t think Wodehouse books are supposed to make you cry. I love how awesome and dapper and clever and eccentric and weirdly heroic he is. I love how Mike, in his own delightfully ordinary way, holds his own, and how he rolls his eyes but quietly loves Psmith just as much. Their epic devotion and odd couple dynamic are the best. There’s so much they feel but don’t say, even Psmith’s incessant talking. Who is the forward one here, or do they bumble equally in their own ways? I like the idea that romance with Mike is the one area where Psmith might be slightly shy or awkward or confusing or… something. Does he try to hide his nerves/inexperience? Or not? Maybe he actually is smooth, but that’s the wrong approach with Mike.

What about an adventure outside their comfort zone (desert island, murder mystery, espionage, Narnia, etc) that forces out feelings? A Psmithian take on some aspect of college life? A wild night out and its ramifications during the bank days? A brief and very lightly angsty rift that helps you dig into their relationship before it gets happily resolved? Do they know the Drones gang? Does Psmith even have other friends? If so, what's he like with them vs Mike? Something that addresses how others view their dynamic could be a fun element to include.

While a little angst and longing is great, I’d like something in the upbeat spirit of the books. Having to keep it secret is fine, but if you could avoid un-Wodehousian anguish and depressing real life issues, without actually pretending them away, I’d really appreciate it. Or if Psmith cleverly and cheerfully uses the issues to his advantage in a way that's fun instead of a downer, that would be okay. Please set it before they met their wives, or pretend they never did.

Pythagoras/Icarus (Atlantis TV UK)
My heart hasn’t felt this full in years. They are both darling, their friendship was lovely (they make a great team!), and the storyline was wonderfully done. I love their earnestness and how their first instinct is to bottle up their pain, even as they wear their bleeding hearts on their sleeves. I love Pythagoras’s quiet strength, wry humor, detached braininess, and grumpy irritability. Daedalus was loving and awesome--I loved their weird banter, where Icarus was the responsible one--but he seemed not to think much of his son's intelligence or courage, even though Icarus was very clever and resourceful in his own way. What's it like to be the son and boyfriend of geniuses? Pythagoras is my favorite, but I love the entire final Team Jason ensemble (plus Medea). I love what a dork everyone could be and how devoted and jolly all the friendships were. I love how all the protagonists are genuinely good people, but not boring.

Tell me what happens next! It could be slice of life on the ship, a stop in a port to get supplies, a storm hits, a run-in with a myth the show never touched on… Anything! God, I love a sea quest—cramped cabins, hammocks, swimming, watching stars from the crow’s nest, deserted beaches... What about a stop on an island with a magical premise that results in emotional development? I’d love some tender, fumbling first times—not only sexual ones. Does Icarus (perhaps unnecessarily) continue to try to make up for his betrayal? Does Pythagoras need to integrate him into the group? Is combining friends weird for him? Do Icarus and Cassandra bond over being newbies? It would be lovely if you could include nuggets of their backstory while setting it after the show (how did they become friends? when did they begin crushing on each other? was what we saw not their first kiss?). But only if it works organically.

Miles/Richard (Lost)
Eleventh-hour OTP on my favorite show! I have a weakness for stoic/snarky and straight-shooter/cryptic pairings, especially when the two sometimes switch roles. I'd really like something set after the series end. I love Miles’s sarcasm and how he always just rolled with the crazy island shenanigans. He’s a good person but has a cold-hearted mercenary streak, plus his abandonment issues. Richard seemed perfectly savvy when he was recruiting Juliet; I don’t think he’s clueless about modern life. However, there might be small joys or challenges in day-to-day life that are new to him (not pop-culture centric, please). If you want to assume Richard had an even more complicated (read: sexual) relationship with Jacob and has to get over angst about it before moving on, go for it. I like the idea of the Lostaways continuing to have adventures—up to you what kind, could even be a crossover with some other fandom I like—but I also like the idea of them rebuilding their lives in a more quotidian way. They could even realize they aren’t cut out for real life anymore and go back to Hurley. Richard’s ex-immortality and Miles’s super-power are fascinating to me.

I love the found family aspect of this show. I love the message of everyone learning to let go of the baggage that was holding them back from being their best selves. I love all the cracked out mythology elements. I love all the hanging out scenes and how they made the best of their insane lives. Miles/Richard as part of the larger group that got away at the end would be nice, if you want. Feel free to ignore any canon deaths you want. Miles&Sawyer's friendship is my favorite thing (but please ignore Cassidy and Clementine). I like Kate, but don’t want anything related to the Love Rhombus (Sawyer/Juliet in the background is okay; my only Kate ship was Kate/Sayid). I’m not that keen on Jack, Widmore or Eloise. No sideways, universe, please!

Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Whale|Frankenstein/Jefferson|Mad Hatter

I squealed when my two favorite characters turned out to be dimension-hopping bros! What was their first meeting like? What if they originally met and became friends through Jefferson’s realm-jumping, rather than Rumple being involved? Or not? Untold pre-curse adventures? Partnerships between science and magic? Angst about Gerhardt? Or maybe something that starts during or after the curse. Picking up the pieces of their relationship post-curse? Or do they only get together then? Do they leave Storybrooke together, via a hat, or on a roadtrip exploring our world? Something playing with how both of them seemed annoyed by their reputations in the stories of this world? Jefferson was so tortured during the curse, and Whale was so suicidal after; helping each other heal could be lovely.

(I’m about to go on for a bit, but I swear I’ll be just as happy with solely pre-curse stuff)… I was always curious about the concept of identity and the mental/emotional impact of the curse. How do you reconcile memories that actually happened with the ones that were implanted? How do you reconcile traits the curse gave you with the person you used to be? For example, if every day was the same for 28 years, and he didn't have sex on that 'day', then Snow might be the only person Victor has actually slept with, despite the reputation. Jefferson had two sets of memories the whole time; how much of what we saw was his curse self manifesting despite himself? Some of these concepts might have been addressed in canon (I have no idea) but not for these guys; you could explore applications of canon explanations to them, or write your own thing that contradicts canon.

I love all the possible contrasts between and combinations of: earnest, reclusive, second son, scientist Victor; snarky, mercenary, adventurer-thief Jefferson; snarky, arrogant horndog (but still a caring doctor and decent guy) Whale; and desperate, crazed Jefferson. I'm not that into Papa!Jefferson, so minimal Grace|Paige, please. Or ignore her existence entirely. I stopped watching in late season 2, right after August ‘died’, because it became clear that the characters I liked best (Whale, Jefferson, August, Ruby, Graham) probably wouldn't be back. But I'm still obsessed with this pairing. Neither was plugged into the main plot, so hopefully my canon limitations won't be too hard to work with? (fingers crossed)

Loki/Jefferson (MCU/OUAT)
Pairing: Loki/Jefferson|Mad Hatter

Is Loki tied to how Jefferson started jumping? Is Jefferson tied to how Loki learned how to travel between realms? Did one of them get stranded somewhere? Both stranded together? Reluctant allies trying to get home? Any ties between this ship and canon stuff that happened to either of them? Jefferson’s quite the con artist; did he ever pull one over on Loki? Jefferson was stealing stuff from many realms for Rumple; did he ever try to steal from Asgard? Loki trying to steal magic from the Enchanted Forest? UST-y rivals after the same magical artifact? Maybe Jefferson was lost to the curse and Loki angstily searched for him, and the story's about how they reunite afterwards.

A lot of what I wrote in the Jefferson/Whale section above applies here, too. I like Loki as snarky, emotionally guarded, damaged, self-serving, trickster asshole or Chaotic Neutral Type 4 (which is why I think he’d be great with Jefferson), not evil or insane. And I don't buy him as someone who flirts with/sleeps with a lot of people (which makes it that much more special when he does fall for someone). It’s fine if they start out as rivals or manipulating one another, as long as they genuinely like each other by the end. Or they can like each other from the start. Whatever feels right to you!

I don’t want a same actor crossover, so please ignore Jefferson’s resemblance to Bucky. Since I stopped watching in late season 2, I’d prefer something that doesn’t feature the larger OUAT plot too much. Crossovers where characters never find out about one another make me sad; please don’t let the story end with either one thinking the other is just some regular guy. You can even skip past the meet-cute, if you want, and focus on when they're about to get together, or about to reunite after having already been together.


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