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I apologize in advance for my inability to write short Dear Writer letters. I always get carried away thinking of prompts. But please don't feel constrained! If none of the prompts or likes appeal to you, ignore them. Most of all, I want you to have fun writing, so go wherever the muse takes you.

General Notes
Things I Love: banter; friends, partners, neighbors or roommates fall in love; unlikely allies; agent falls for mark; competence; goal-oriented characters; captured together; forced to share a room/bed; in vino veritas; having one another's backs; hanging out; girls saving boys; fish out of water; identity porn; undercover as a couple; unspoken or accidental declarations of love; marriage of convenience; trains; hotels; European jet-setting; stranded together; road trips; exploring unknown territory; daring rescues or escapes; laughing in the face of danger or absurdity; angst with a hopeful ending; crack premises played completely straight; 3rd person POV

No, Thanks: noncanon pairings other than the requested ones; phonetically spelled dialogue; the afterlife; fusions and mundane AUs; pregnancy/babies/kids; adultery; endlessly unresolved UST; bleak endings; soulmates; humiliation/embarrassment; noncon/dubcon; underage/overage; shovel talks; for everything that happens in the fic to be a dream; pet names, proposals and sappy "I love you"s (I prefer other words or gestures to convey the sentiment)

Crossovers: Only two fandoms at a time, please. My biggest DNW of all are crossovers where the characters never find out about one another's weirdness, or where the entire story takes place pre-canon so that there's nothing to find out. Ex, please don't let the story end with Miles thinking Bucky is just some regular guy and vice versa.

Bucky Barnes: Some WS or low-key recovery time is fine, but I rarely enjoy fics that are all about his trauma, or painful journey back to personhood, or where he's recovered into a taciturn depressive who thinks of 'Bucky' as someone he no longer is. Recovering his memory can even be a project for the fic, as long as he has his baseline personality and a sense of humor.

— I’m happy with any rating, but need plot and dialogue with sex. I've never watched Agents of SHIELD. The only MCU characters I'm not keen on are Darcy and Sharon.

Penny Dreadful
Pairing: Vanessa/Victor

This show is my shiny new obsession. I love everything about it - the atmosphere, the found family vibe, the darkness lurking behind gorgeous exteriors, the rich and varied character dynamics, everyone's struggles with their demons, both internal and external. I love Victor and Vanessa's playful/snarky vibe and off-kilter banter. How unbuttoning her dress did nothing for him, but quoting poetry to each other got him so swoony. That time she told him his bloodlessness was the essence of his appeal was delicious. I know they're meant to be sibling-esque with a playfully flirty vibe, but I ship them so hard. They've both come pretty far from their posh country childhoods; what if they had to face their shared past vs present together? A visit to their family homes? Does he follow her to that cabin in the season 2 trailer? A trip to Bath or some other vacation place that their posh names get them into but where they don't quite fit in? Undercover as a couple or marriage of convenience could be amazing. Can her powers help solve his problems? Does he help her embrace her issues or undertake to find a scientific substitute for exorcism?

Maybe they try hooking up as a clinical experiment to better understand her psycho-sexual possession, and it turns into something real. Does she help him get over his own insecurities about sex (assuming he has some; maybe he doesn't, IDK). I love Sembene being awesomely over everyone's drama and quietly getting shit done. The only character I'm not keen on is Caliban, and I hate the idea of that storyline destroying Victor and Ethan's nascent friendship. No possession sex of any kind, please, though the demon appearing only to be vanquished is okay.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairings: Bucky/Loki, Steve/Bucky/Loki

Bucky/Loki: I think they would be an entertainingly snarky and angsty odd couple. I love 'haughty scheming bastard + common sense straight-shooter' dynamics. They might be able to get each other, and/or tough love each other. They both have the capacity for charm and the potential for hot competence porn. Can they reach a healthier place together? Is the reason Steve's having such a hard time finding Bucky because he's run away with Loki? Maybe Loki cures Bucky for his own purposes and comes to like him? A deal or scheme or trick or dare leads to feelings? Maybe they team up for a project that requires their unique skills (and perhaps involves a silly trope)? Does Loki have to choose between his ambitions and Bucky? What does everyone else think about their relationship, or is it secret? Maybe a canon divergence where they met before WWII? You could also use one of the zillion prompts here.

Bucky/Loki/Steve: I love devoted Steve/Bucky in the 40s and today as reunited supersoldier besties. I love the push-pull, opposites attract of Steve/Loki, though I usually need a canon divergence to get over the wrinkle that Steve would have a hard time seeing past some of Loki's actions. I ship it so hard even though I wouldn't want either of them to change who they are in order to make it work (like, while I'm happy to pretend Loki didn't do some things from canon, I don't want him self-flagellating for whatever he did do or fully redeemed into a 'good guy'). The same Bucky/Loki notes from above apply. At first glance, they all seem fundamentally incompatible, but I think they have things in common even though the manifestations in their behavior and outlooks are so different. How are each duo's dynamics different yet complementary? I only like OT3s when all three sides are equally into one another. I don't like OT3s where anyone is an addition or feels insecure as the answer to a love triangle. I know this is hard, and probably why I don't usually ship OT3s. I'd honestly be just as thrilled with a platonic BFF trio.

I like OT3 fic about them all getting together at the same time. Maybe they get to know one another while working on a project or adventure (in space! or not, whatever). Bucky could even be in mild recovery or still in search of his memories, if that helps put Loki more on equal footing with Steve. Complementary personalities and skill sets making a great team, both professionally and personally... OR!!! You could take advantage of the various possible time periods to establish each duo separately before bringing them together. Or, if that's too long, you could just exposit that the sub-ships used to exist separately, and start the story at a point where they might combine. A mix and match of: Steve and/or Bucky met Loki in the 30s; Steve/Bucky in the 40s; Loki with the Winter Soldier in the 70s; Loki and Thor coming to Earth together to defeat the Chitauri instead of Loki being the villain, and that's how he and Steve bond; Loki figuring out that the person Steve's looking for is the same person he's been looking for; Steve/Bucky figure out that their childhood friend/crush isn't actually dead; endless other options/variations I haven't thought of.

Alias/MCU Crossovers
Pairings: Sydney/Bucky, Sydney/Steve

All three are sarcastic badasses; something that showcases their competence and senses of humor, in addition to the romance, would make my life. Maybe SHIELD/Hydra/Avengers team up with SD6/CIA/Covenant/Irina/etc and assigns crossover partners? Rival organizations after the same prize? People going rogue to do the right thing? Does Irina’s KGB/Hydra past lead to character interactions? Or maybe Sark and Nat were in the same kiddie training program or he has a history with the Winter Soldier. A Rambaldi/Asgardian artifact sends Sydney back in time to WWII or the Cold War, and she meets Steve and/or Bucky again when she gets back? Does Rambaldi mythology intersect with MCU in some other way? Maybe an MCU baddie hires Sark the way every villain hires Sark, which brings Syd and Steve or Bucky together to take them down. Do Steve and Sydney team up to track Bucky down?

There's such a rich seam for Syd/Bucky, with themes of amnesia, brainwashing, forced to work for the enemy, being presumed dead. How about some angsty thing where 'Julia Thorne' was partnered with/sleeping with the Winter Soldier and then they meet again after he's been cured/she's been mind-wiped? Did he have a period of lucidity while with her? Is she the only person besides Steve who believes in him? Does he turn to her for help post-TWS/during season 3, either coincidentally or because of a previous history together?

Depressed Steve working for SHIELD although his heart wasn't in it/finding out he was working for the bad guys reminded me of depressed Syd who came back to life and worked for the CIA although her heart wasn't in it/discovering she was working for the bad guys. I'd love to see them find comfort in one another. She said she wanted to leave spy work, and he's been looking for something else; can they make new lives together? Maybe Natasha's efforts at setting Steve up have come to nothing, but Pepper knows a nice girl in LA with 'shared life experiences'...?

While both guys and their friendship are welcome, please pick only one pairing. It's up to you exactly how the seasons/movies line up, but please pretend Alias happens during MCU's timeline instead of aging Syd up. I adore Jack and Sark, so if they find their way into the story, yay, but no pressure. Without bashing him, I'd love a canon divergence where Sydney/Vaughn never got together or where she gets over him. I moved to a place without a TV after season 3, and by the time I moved back, everyone told me Sark and Irina had largely stopped being in it, and babies, etc, so I decided not to finish. But those three seasons are my second favorite show ever! Espionage + Indiana Jones = perfection, I loved Sydney's duality as hardcore badass and super sweet literature student, all the friendships and father/daughter stuff was the greatest, and I loved the mild scifi element. Something that diverges from canon in seasons 1-3, or set just after season 3 and/or during the missing years would be amazing. The only MCU characters I'm not keen on are Sharon, Darcy, Sousa and Thompson. I haven't seen Agents of SHIELD or Daredevil, and I'm not familiar with the comics. Please let Steve and Bucky speak correctly (as correctly as the other Avengers and Sydney do), not saying "ain’t" all the time, even in the 40s.

Lost/MCU Crossover
Pairing: Miles/Bucky

Sorry this is so long, but it's so random that I feel the need to explain. I think they would be entertainingly dry and cool together. Miles is so chill and practical. He's a good person, but he's also got an ice-cold, mercenary streak. I love how he always just rolled with the island shenanigans and was the sarcastic voice of reason. I think he would tough-love Bucky out of his own head in a fun, constructive way. I got the feeling Miles's abandonment issues led to him pretending not to care about things because he was scared of rejection. As someone with a history of looking out for under-appreciated people, maybe Bucky could show him exactly how awesome and valued he really is.

I like stories where Miles remains platonic lifemates with Sawyer and/or Richard. Instead of his recovery being the center of attention, what if Bucky became just another member of this group of traumatized misfits trying to reintegrate into normal life, all helping one another? But Bucky/Miles on their own or with other characters would be equally lovely. My big asks for Lost fic are 1) no sideways universe 2) minimal Ben and no permutations of the love triangle and 3) it doesn't take place entirely during a character's pre-island flashbacks. A story set in the 70s and/or post-series would be fantastic. Feel free to pretend Lost happened more recently instead of aging the characters up.

What if Miles randomly meets the escaped Winter Soldier? Like, he's this homeless guy or they're both looking for fake identification. Does Miles help Bucky get over himself enough to reach out to his friend Steve? What if Richard knew Bucky from way back when? What if the Winter Soldier was sent to the island on a mission? It could be literally in the 70s, or he could arrive from some other time and flash into the 70s. Maybe the freighter was SHIELD/Hydra; I mean, Charles Widmore WAS on that council with Fury, and Lost DID have a Hydra island. Bucky as a jumpsuit-wearing member of Dharma's undercover time travelers club could be amazing (with Juliet! ♥). And/or he and Miles meet again in the future. Maybe the island heals Bucky in the 70s (does it wear off when he leaves?). Or maybe, since the island's a nice place now, Miles takes him to Hurley (also ♥) to see what can be done. Or, maybe instead of SHIELD or Stark paying for Bucky's high-tech cure, it's Penny/Desmond (♥ forever). Or, you know those fics where Bucky does superhero work with the other Avengers? Well, what if they find out about Miles's superpower and recruit him for a mission that requires their specific combination of skills? Or maybe it's a more quotidian story where they meet once Bucky's all better, as neighbors or in therapy or something cooler than that; Steve thinks Bucky's paranoid but Bucky is convinced there's something up with this guy...

If you get halfway into a story that's sending characters on fun adventures or creating a found family scenario, and you realize it's not shaping up to be super shippy... don't worry. As long as Bucky becomes BFFs with a couple of the characters mentioned above (except Widmore), I'll be happy. Just please leave it gen in that case (Miles/Richard would be okay, but that's it). I generally dislike kidfic; however, I have a rare weakness for Bucky + kids, and he and Claire might have interesting recovery parallels. Feel free to include them (plus Kate) in the background of a larger 'Bucky joins the Lostaways found family' fic.
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