Mar. 24th, 2019

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I love love love crossovers. This is a storehouse for all the prompts that I have strewn all over the place, for use in any exchange. It might be easier to navigate this post from the view on my main journal page, where you can see the whole thing at a glance and use the cut-links.

HERE are general crossover likes and dislikes, as well as prompts for my forever fandoms, which are: David Blaize, Psmith - Wodehouse, Game of Thrones, MCU, Narnia, Narnia, Atlantis. (Seriously, SO MANY PROMPTS; any combination of fandoms welcome)

David Blaize Crossovers
The books are called 'David Blaize', but I'm entirely here for Frank Maddox. HERE are prompts for Frank with people from MCU, Lost, Narnia, Atlantis, Wodehouse and the Corfu Trilogy. If you don't ship any of the ships, gen would be great, too.

Crossover Pairing Write-Ups:
**Most of these contain ideas that can be applied to other characters or to ensembles; it doesn't have to be about the pairings (which could also be written as gen).
— Sydney Bristow/Bucky Barnes (Alias/MCU): here
— Sydney Bristow/Steve Rogers (Alias/MCU): here
— Donna Noble/Bucky Barnes (Doctor Who/MCU): here
— Bucky Barnes/Susan Pevensie (MCU/Narnia): here and here
— Bucky Barnes/Rilian AND Bucky Barnes/Tirian (MCU/Narnia): here
— Loki/Jefferson|Mad Hatter (MCU/OUaT): here

More Crossover Pairing Write-Ups
**All of the below can be found here. Just because these write-ups are shorter than the above doesn't mean I yearn for them any less! You can also write the romantic ones as gen. Whatever!
— Sark/Moneypenny (Alias/Bond)
— Pythagoras & Bucky (Atlantis/MCU)
— Pythagoras/Loki (Atlantis/MCU)
— Pythagoras & Wolfgang (Atlantis/Sense8)
— Moneypenny/Bucky (Bond/MCU)

Even More Write-Ups
**All of the below can be found here.
— Bucky & Hurley (MCU/Lost)
— Bucky & the 70s Gang (MCU/Lost)
— Bucky/Tirian (MCU/Narnia)
— Bucky/Rilian (MCU/Narnia)
— Loki & Edmund (MCU/Narnia)

The below sections are pretty redundant with the above. They are here so I have somewhere to link to from my Narnia Exchange and Yuletide letters.
Narnia Crossovers )

Psmith (PG Wodehouse) Crossovers: Psmith/Atlantis, Psmith/MCU, Psmith/Narnia )


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